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The alien in the viewscreen is not any particular alien but something I whipped up for this cartoon. However, I did like one entrant's interpretation as the "Incredible Hulcan".
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Counsellor Tryhard's annoying habit of pointing out the painingfully obvious! Now I'm sure she has a lot of fans and I'm going to attract a lot of heat, but really, was Counsellor Troi of any practical use on the Enterprise? Somehow, an annoyingly smug know-it-all (no, not Wesley) stating things everyone else already knew did not constitute a vital bridge crew member in my book.

I was almost disappointed by the lack of reaction to my Deanna bashing cartoon. In fact, the tone of most of the punchlines indicated most of you agree with me. Hmmm. Here is the one email I received that believed a counsellor was an important part of a starship crew.
To give this page a bit of balance, here's an email from a concerned Star Trek fan who thought my criticism of Deanna was a little harsh.
"To the question: 'Is Counselor Troi useful?' Considering the stress that people in a military starship have to endure, it's likely that a therapist would be useful, and she has those skills. Or, well, she seems to take on that role when officers are unable to cope with relationships, or particular situations that arise from their missions. Also, given her empathic abilities, she's able to access the emotional responses of enemies, new contacts. That's helpful to a captain deliberating on what his/her next step should be."
So is a counsellor an important and integral part of the crew, or an annoying git taking up valuable bridge space? You'll have to decide for yourself!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Christopher Michael, with a punchline that captures Counsellor Tryhard's tendency to point out the painfully obvious, her uselessness as part of the Sev Trek crew, her slowness on the uptake and the rest of the crew's annoyance at her (symbolic of OUR annoyance at her). Here are some of the other funniest entries...


You're about to detect the back of my hand.

Chris Cole

It's the viewing audience, you twit!

THE Idiot Slayer

So, you finally discovered that we all hate you

Leanne Olson

And you guessed this before or after the torpedo hit our ship?

Mark Kessler

Yes, I get them every time you're on the bridge.


Counsellor, I'm detecting feelings of redundancy!


That must happen to you everywhere.


And I'M detecting delusions of adequacy.

Dan Evans

I should've had you transfered to Forager when I had the chance!


Beta, is there still space in that torpedo casing where we put Measly?

Joey Martin

Maybe there aren't bathrooms on his ship, either.


Well, we ARE talking to the Incredible Hulcan.


And you wonder why I'm losing my hair.


You'll be feeling great pain in a minute

Jason R. Rose

You know, we had evolved past aggression until we met you.


The real question is from whom?

Scott Martin

You're improving. Mr. Beta, next slide, please.


Don't you ever get tired of saying that?


HOW? It's the bloody screen saver


Beta, give her a cookie.

Han Solo

Your presence seems to do that to people.


Be careful - they killed Cuss for her un-usefullnes.

Christopher Robin

Even Beta is starting to get annoyed!!


Beta, perhaps you should deactivate your emotion chip, you're white with anger.


Aggression is too strong a word. We simply don't like you.

Scott Martin

And it's all directed at you.


So much for MY emotions-- what do you read from the ALIEN?


No wonder Barf dumped you and married the slug woman.


He's not aggresive, he's jovially challenged

Joseph Nunweek

Yes, the writers get very cranky when they have to have you in their scripts!


Yes, but what is the alien thinking?

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