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As well as a comic about Captain Quirk, it was also a chance to draw the Gorn (probably called the Goon in Sev Trek, although suggestions are welcome).
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Kirk's fragile, easily ripped shirts! If Kirk isn't hitting on some green alien babe, he's busy getting his clothes ripped off. Is it due to all the dangers he constantly faces or is his tummy just too big to be restrained within a shirt?

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Allan Lawrie (with yet another clever turn of phrase - I've been very pleased with the latest batch of winning entries). Here are some of the other funniest entries...


Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Kami Richards

Oh no, I've violated the Polyester Directive


I DO have the right to bare arms, you know!

Richard Marks

Good thing trousers... aren't made... of the same stuff.

Brian Mc

I'm too embarrassed to order my REAL gut size!


I just roll with the paunches.


I had to pull a few strings to get my command!

Jeffrey Contompasis

Just wait 'til you see "The Full Quirky"


Pessimist - I see it as half unripped!


So I have something to plug my ears with during that annoying fight music.

Christopher Michael

The transporter's discontinuity compensators will fix it when we beam back.

Christopher Michael

It got caught on the staples in the Goon costume.

Art DeBuigny

Quirk to Snotty, We've lost containment!

Alan Coholan

Ahh...Without the restraint of these tight shirts I can speak fluently again.


Flab is Fab!

Paul S. Gibbs

That's why our next round of uniforms will have a LOT more layers!

Aidan Samuel

Can't you see I'm with a lady

Dr. Davin McLeod and his nurse

Resistance is Textile!


I would show more but we are a PG program


I'm... a growing... boy!


Spook, you're making a warp core breach out of a misaligned antimatter pod!


Well we ARE competing with Baywatch!

Daniel Krem

It must have shrunk in the wash.

Billineum Falcon

My plan is to gross the Gorn out.

Billineum Falcon

It's not ripped; it's structurally impaired.

Art DeBuigny

Must have been that last donut.


Are you trying to make me angry, Spook? You won't like it when I'm angry...


I'm too sexy for my shirt...


I order them pre-ripped now; saves time that way.

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