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The idea for this week's strip was submitted by Rob Bos.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Exploding consoles!! Isn't it strange how Star Trek's consoles are always the first things to explode in a space battle (and always a nameless ensign is unfortunate enough to be sitting directly in the path of the explosion).

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Out of a whopping 1570 entries, the winning entry was written by Sir Richard, with a wordplay on the saying "easy come, easy go" (it seems a lot of winning Sev Trek punchlines lately have been word plays). Here are some of the other funniest entries...

Kevin McKinnon

Arm two of our consoles and launch them at the enemy.

Capt. Jirk

Ah, to be young again... those were the days.




That's why captains don't have consoles.

Scott Iskow

Beam the console directly to sickbay!

Les Sanders

Let that be a lesson to all of you...stop putting your drinks on the consoles!

Billineum Falcon

I suppose Mourn will want to lead us in a moment of silence

Scott Martin

How did we survive OUR ensign years?

Jay Berryhill


Ken Prescott

Our consoles explode more reliably than our torps!


Look, it was funny the first time it happened, now it's just annoying!

Goku Webslider

ensign deathwish, please report to console #666!


It's OK. Everyone knows that Ensigns have nine lives.

Bruce Saunders

Ensign Expendable this! Ensign Expendable that! What about me?!?

Tyler Stevens

We need to leak this technology to the Domino!

Matt Nelson

Oooooo... That's gonna leave a mark.


Don't worry, the voles will get rid of him.


"Holy exploding consoles, old man!"


Damn, he was going to take a phaser shot for me in scene 12

Jay Berryhill

Don't cry for him. His death may very well have saved this episode


You know, after a while you become immune to something like this.

Captain Jirk

Y'know, they just don't make ensigns like they used to...


Well, an ensign a day keeps the doctor in sickbay.


I give him a 9 for style and a 3 for originality.


Shame. Only the red die young.

Captain Scott

This is why we cannot have carpet in here.


Captain to storage bay three, take another one out of stasis

Mike Ash

I'm glad I just have this little keypad!


I love being a regular!


Okay, get a new console. The ensign comes attached.

Dark Core

Damn, and the warranty expired yesterday.

Tyler Stevens

Lock onto our enemy's consoles! We're going to hit them back!


why can't the writers be more creative... how about a transporter accident


Well, at least I can see the screen better.

Jay Berryhill

Make sure he didn't pocket any props before you drag him outta here

Jay Berryhill

Great, the interview process all over again

Jay Berryhill

Wow, what are the odds?

Karen Richardson

Dammit! We really needed that console!


23rd century and Star Fleet can't make a good fuse?!


I knew we should have installed those airbags!

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