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Sev Note: Noone seemed to notice what the Sev Trek version of Chocolatay's tattoo really is. I know it's a little obscure and blurry so here is a close up of his tattoo.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Chocolatay's Tattoo!! This idea was pitched to me a while ago by Francis Miranda. I shelved it for a while until this week when Francis convinced me to use it while chatting on ICQ (if you want to nag me about something, my ICQ number is 3129698, but don't send me punchlines that way - use the entry form). So here is the Sev Trek interpretation of Chocolatay's tattoo!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Nameis (hmm, I don't think that's their real name). Here are some of the other funniest entries...


Our maturity ritual involves crushing beer cans with your forehead.


Permission for self-indulgent nostalgia, Captain?


"Insert brain here."

Christopher Michael

*ahem* Are you refering to my dermally-inlaid icon of cultural expression?

Goku Webslider

Ever picked your nose and wondered what to do with it?


You first touched me there. I haven't washed it since.


"This side up."


At least my feature doesn't pull small planets out of orbit.


Not without a dramatic pause followed by intense overacting.

Captain Scott

Well, its a bulging vein actually. The stress from being on this ship with a bored, a bee hive hairstyle, and who knows what else has got to me.

Captain Scott

It's a postage stamp. I figure it will get me back home before you do.


My spirit guide's not housebroken yet.


It's a "Made in the Alfalfa Quadrant" sticker.


Not without spoiling my aura of mystery.

Bob Clemmons

Two-blocks tried a mind meld after fixing the copy machine.


If I didn`t have some distinctive feature I`d end up in as much trouble as Hairy Chin

Ernie Oporto

They have to put the TM symbol somewhere.


Why? Is this another character building episode?


It's from my early years as an insignificant ensign. Where are your scars?


Everyone in the Sev Trek universe has to have a unique forehead.


Didn't you see the episode 'Tattoo?' No? Well, that's OK. No one else has either

Admiral Drake

I use it to cover my unsightly acne scars

Nova Falcon

Actually Its a Rocktajino Stain


It's not a tattoo, it's actually a hair deflector grid.

Brian Mc

It's for luck: so far I'm the only one who hasn't been mutated or killed, so it MUST be working...

Lieutenant Saber

All my alien friends kept teasing me about my plain forehead...

Roger Wilco

Don't worry Captain, its just a rub on.


Finally! I've had a story set aside for just this occasion.


I think we should discuss it when we get stranded in some hostile alien environment.

Kane Slasher

Want to hear the whole story or just the moral of it.

SF 47

Well Captain, your lipstick sure is permanant.

Mike Wille

My brain is leaking.

JP Paulus

So, Captain, can you tell me "Where's Waldo?"

Scott Martin

Two words: forehead envy.


I had to get something to cover that acne scar.


It was either this or lots of characterization.


Ever try putting on eyeliner when the inertial dampers go offline?


If you stare at it, you see a 3-D image!

Tim M.

It's the new Sev Fleet "bar code"

Tim M.

It's a map to get back to the Alpha Quadrant


Can you explain that hair of yours?

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