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Special thanks to Joshua Benner for submitting the idea for this week's strip. Thanks also to Emil Butchko who suggested the alternative Sev Trek name of Subplot.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The mysterious changing sex of Subplot the cat! In one season of TNG, Spot the cat was male. The next season, "he" gave birth to kittens. They "canne change the laws of physics" but maybe they CAN change the laws of biology!

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Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Art DeBuigny, out of 649 entries. Here are some of the other weird, sick and strange entries...

Jason Kinch

She just had a bad case of hemmorhoids.

Christopher Michael

He tried to use the warp core as a scratching post.

Amzhogol the Devourer

He got hit by an anti-continuity beam


Don't worry Gaudy, no one who watches Trek pays attentions to details like this anyway


Didn't you know that everytime the Enterprise gets a refit so do all the minor cast members?


The correct term is "Gender challenged"

Matt Nelson

Look, if your mom and dad didn't teach you the difference, I'm sure not gonna.

Brian Garver

My experiments were a success! GWAA HAA HA!


Yes, but he requested a salary increase. Meet SubPlot-A.


We are politically correct, not anatomically correct.


Measly tried a version of the famous Shrodinger cat experiment.


Our ratings shrunk!

Tyler Stevens

THAT cat was a stunt double.

Tyler Stevens

When you're the only cat on board, nature will find a way.


Actually, he adopted them. You remember Pickhard said the producer was having kittens over the ratings...


We used frog DNA to fill in gaps in Subplot's genes

Matt Nelson

No, she's just a cross-dresser.

Lord Fledrinnian

The recent budget CUTS have been more extensive than you realize!


Darn that Measley and his experiments!


So, how come an entire race of Klingoffs can change their foreheads, but my cat can't change it's sex?

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