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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The Bored with a twist! Here's a case of merchandising gone too far!

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Other Punchlines

Thanks to the following people for suggesting the name Bored
* James Rigert
* Nick Frame
* Jeff Forsberg
* Damien Valentine
* Booker
* Brian Butchko
* Brian Blalock
* R. C. Laven

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Tyler Stevens out of 776 entries. Thanks to everyone who emailed me suggestions for an alternative Borg name. There were many who suggested The Bored, but special mention must go to Matt Nelson who relentlessly campaigned for The Bored over other names. I must mention Hiro Protagonist also, who wrote a punchline to the Measley comic strip a few weeks ago about the Borg and Rubiks cubes. His punchline gave me the idea for this strip. Here are some of the best of the other punchlines...


These toy company tie-ins have gone too far!

Dark Reign Mercenary

I know the producers are trying to improve the toy sales, but this is ridiculous!

Jason Kinch

Kill one Bored Queen and they go loony.

Andrew Babb

I think they're taking this 'futility' business a bit far...


This is child's play!

Andrew Babb

Oh no, a twentieth century pigmentally differing 3-dimensional square Bored spaceflight warp vessel!

Brian Blalock

Cuss is still a little young for fingerpainting.

Lord Fledrinnian

It appears we have a problem that can't be solved in the 47 minutes allowed for this episode!

kevin rudolph

I did't know we bought out another toy line.

Andrew Schleit

I need solutions, Mr. Twoblocks!

Brian Garver

They've given up assimilating and gone straight to annoying.


Two white center squares? Get us outta here; it's a TRAP!

Jason Kinch

They're more evil than we ever thought!

Jeffrey Contompasis

Ignore it. It's just a passing fad.

Chris Cole

Great camoflage for hiding in the Jelly Bean Nebula!


Lock on color panels. Set the transporter to rearrange...


Thats just an early model that hasn't been painted yet


Beta's paradox program worked! We're safe!

Steve Jung

Careful, they may be toying with us.

Chris Cole

I told them not to assimilate Kneelicks as a ship's decorator!



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