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Cussís birthday!?! This strip was inspired by that Voyager episode where Kes has her 2nd birthday. Excuse me, HOW OLD?! What I donít get is how she grows so quickly to adulthood at 2, and yet stays exactly the same for the next 3 years (I know, I know, limited make-up budget and wrinkly women donít bring ratings, Captains excluded).

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Scott King Walker, out of 274 entries. Here are some of the best of the other punchlines...


Well, She took "Lying about your age" too far and it stuck.


Yes, but at this rate, she'll outlive this show by 5 years!

Danny Davids

Isn't it great? I'll never have to worry about the "seven year itch"!


yeah..i make it a rule not to date girls with ages greater than my IQ


It's not all perks man, I spent my first date with her, burping her

Robert Euston

They don't call her baby face for nothing!


She hit an early growth spurt

Eric Luckie

So that's why her phaser says "Playskool"on it!


Enjoy it while it lasts. I sense a mid-life crisis coming up.

Lim Ken Vi

Yeah, next year she qualifies for senior citizen's discounts.


Yeah, when I said 'She's a BABE', I MEANT it!!


" Yeh but she's built like a four year old "


Kids today ... they grow up so fast!

Les Sanders

Sure, we thought a two-year-old adult would add some credibility to the series.

Matt Nelson

Yeah. The writers are having kittens about how to make her age convincingly.

Matt Nelson

I know.. Soon it'll be nothing but hot flashes and grouchiness.. Sheesh, middle age.


Actually, she's three.. But you know how women are about their age.

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