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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Picard romances!?! Hes bald. Hes ancient. Lets face it, hes a grumpy old codger! But somehow Picard still manages to have more romances than Riker. Please explain!

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Francis Miranda, out of 468 entries. Here are some of the best of the other punchlines...

Marc Boffardi

That's because 'Resistance is futile'.


You asked me about violating the Prime Directive, and I told you. You asked me about the Pickhard maneuvoer, and I told you. I'm not telling you my secret about women -- the line must be drawn HERE!

Michael McCormick

I've been meaning to tell you, you've had Klingoff spinach stuck in your teeth for the last five years.


I made it so.


Oh, come now. I hear that Measley has a crush on you...

Art DeBuigny

That's because I don't go around asking women to pull my finger


That's only because they can show MY romances on TV without changing the ratings!


My frequent use of the word "Engage" shows them I'm not afraid of commitment.

Admiral Mark

Earl Gray. It attracts women like flies.

Mike Soria

$12 million per flick--you figure it out, camera-boy!


Slipping one of the writers a $20 now and then helps.

Starship Voyager

At least Tryhard's still here! Mine are all either transferred, dead, or whisked off with Q!

Francis Miranda

It's in the hair. Why do you think Schidzo had his hair shaved off?

Francis Miranda

I studied James Quirk 101 at the Academy.

Francis Miranda

Well as they all say "Stout is out and skin in in!"


You've obviously never employed the Pickhard manouvre!

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