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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Wesley Crusher! The ensign boy-wonder you love to hate! The only mistake they did when they took him off the show was do it several seasons too late!

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Riff, out of 277 entries. Although there were quite a few punchlines about acne, this one captured the spirit I was looking for... a deep and abiding hatred for Wesley Crusher! Here are others that rated well...


We've decided to have a less annoying engsign...Steve Urkel

Charles Martin

You've been a geek for seven years, Measly. It looks you'll never grow out of it.


You keep saving the ship - you're making the rest of us look bad.

Matt Nelson

We're planning to replace you with an even MORE annoying character, like we did your mom for awhile.

Jess Thomas

We told you not to put that tribble in Worf's bed. . .


We know you have been genetically altered to be a super annoying being!

Matt Nelson

Ever hear the phrase "what goes around comes around?" We've decided to let you go around for awhile.

Maria Spano

Sev Fleet's Insurance Company won't insure the Enterprize while you're on board.


We need a Sevfleet representative on Acnon 3 and for obvious reasons you get the job.

Andreas Meyer

When we left him on a planet, he always found his way back.

Robert Albright

You should know, Measley. Even the computer's not speaking to you anymore.

Francis Miranda

I hope he gets transferred to Forager so he doesn't come back in 70 years.

Scott King Walker

Sev Fleet policy won't let us beam you out into space.

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