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Worf’s fighting skills (or lack thereof). For such a great warrior, Worf (or Barf in the Sev Trek universe) sure seems to lose a lot of fights (even Dax beats him). Can you explain why?

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by David Masters, out of 243 entries. Here are others that rated well...

"Bah! You just wait until we get to the head butting fight!"
Ron Franks
Our foreheads are so big they are hard to miss
Danny Davids
It's the PRUNE JUICE, I tell you! The PRUNE JUICE!
Francis Miranda
I have to collect damages from my insurance company!
Mike Dewey
Hey, we like to fight....nobody said anything about winning.
Kevin Rudolph
We do not discuss it with outsiders.
David Masters
Warriors? I said we were great worriers!
Missy I.
Because I'm in constant pain from the wedgies these Sev Fleet Uniforms give me!
I suffer from "Forehead Envy".
Matt Nelson
Hey, I'm a lover not a fighter baby!
Scott H.
You'd lose too if you had fifty pounds of plaster of paris and latex on your head!!!
Francis Miranda
This is the producer's revenge for my coming out in the Sev Trek X Generation feature film.
I "won" you by "losing" to you, did I not?
Trill Spots
Why do you think I wear a red uniform?
Joey Jones
Dux, if you're so smart, why do your looks always have to save you?

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