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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week, we look at Janeway’s hair. Yes, with Voyager, Star Trek has finally returned to a captain with a full head of hair. And how! Just what makes Janeway’s hair tick?

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Riff, out of 77 entries. Here are others that rated well...

Chris Cole

I'm afraid so. Unless we can devise a "stunt" setting for our phasers, the Captain's hair will soon overtake the entire ship!

Seth trekker

It would seem logical the only way to see the view screen from the science Station is to wear a hair net captain

Danny Davids

Excellent! Begin hair replication immediately to replace our shields!

Mike Soria

Fascinating, I believe we've found a replenising substitute for ablative armor. Now we must determine how the vacuum of space can be prevented from causing frizzies and split ends.


When B'Elanna said 'don't leave the color on more than 5 minutes, she MEANT it!'

Henrik O A Barkman

When your aiming gets better, you can go for a smaller target.


Captain, when will your blow dryer be fixed?

Tommi Hares

Hmm.. if we can't make her bald, we can't get the ratings up! Keep firing!

Anthony Friesen

Retune phasers to Maximum Hold!

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