So what -You're in love with a woman who need her forehead ironed

Spazzy kitty
Dunno... Wanna talk about it over drinks?

kes the sweet lil ocampa
At least I'm consistant...or is that persistant?

You haven't heard the worst of it, I've got a date with my clone(TM) in five minutes!

Robert Leu
I dated one of the writers. It didn't end well.

I don't want to put a valuable person near my console!

I just don't think I could handle a Klingoff

instead of just killing me off, the writers are just giving it to me slowly and panfully.

Grogan Inochi
As an ensign, I gotta settle for something!

i'm the Quality Controller...if they're attracted to me then they're defective.

I'm an ensign, at least I'm still alive to date someone.

I try and think out of the Box

I'm trying to forget the time I fell inlove with your daughter! - oh wait I don't remember that!

Itīs the writers idea of continuaty

You sure have a lot of nerve for an ex-con married to a Klingon!

Well, it's better than having a wife who'll actively try to kill me.

Spazzy kitty
I dunno... subconcious fear of commitment?

And your lookin' mighty fine today...

Juan Deer
I figured they'd be single.

don't blame me, I only got into the Docters dating class to impress ten out of ten

I've been trying to out do you since you turned my girlfriend into a cow!!

Opposites attract

Sinkau Baylan
The alien babe thing worked 2 centuries ago!

Sinkau Baylan
The writers are letting me choose my means of death now!

Mike Stoll
What can I say, I like to boldly go where no man has gone before

Take another look at the Bored drone...

I love you, man!

Mark Reading
Hey give a geek a break!

Bruce Finklea
I just like variety. What can I say?

I don't know, but I think I love you.

Darth Bob
Oh, and a klingons soo much better, right?

William Leroy
Beats me. I guess it's for the same reason that I can get promoted in alternate timelines only.

kes the sweet lil ocampa
well, i figure if i go out with people who have personailities, maybe some will rub off on me.

I'm an ensign, thus I must date anything that can kill me!

Win some, loose most.

Thomas j. Evans
It's been a slow week!

eric zuiderduin
did you know i actually still need a shapeshifter for my addressbook

Gee, do you think I'm ready to date a human female now?

J.R. Cortez
Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations!

It was either that or explodig console duty

Ooooh, my head!
I know, Tomb. Twoblocks is more of a babe magnet than I am!

Matthew Riley
Remember that transdimensional chain letter I got back at DS9?...

Everyone else outranks me.

Dan Finnegan
Well, ensigns aren't allowed to be choosers!!!

Somebody's got to love them!

I'm trying to move up the dating chain!

Joseph C.
I think that each time I die, I lose a few more brain cells...

Joh Hanysh
I've been an ensign for seven years, you tell me

NCC 1701
This from the man who has dated slugs, alien ships and a Klingoff?

I don't know what's wrong with me. I go to grab a bite, and next thing I know I'm in love with the coffee machine.

They're intending the series to become a sci-fi soap

They were INTERESTING! What can I say...opposites attract

I understand it's weird, but the Bored drone, I mean.... come on!

My brain gets reset along with the ship at the end of each episode.

Jack Hammerfist
I'm trying for a Purple Heart!

Sinkau Baylan
They say women are attracted to men in uniform. They just didn't say what kind!

Sinkau Baylan
I'm dating girls so outrageous that Libby won't believe me when we get back!

Personality incompatibility. They have one and I have none!

Jack Hammerfist
I'm practicing for REAL women!

Now that's not fair, what about the terrorist and the girl who made my skin luminescent?

Sinkau Baylan
It's good to come home to something less dangerous than your job.

Sinkau Baylan
Uh...trial and error?

Maybe it's my pickup line, "I'm Hairy, and I'm a Sevillian!"

Maybe It's my pickup line, "Hi I'm Hairy, wanna see my toenail collection?"

I don't get it! Kneelicks said this cologne got him all the girls he's had!

I can't help it Tomb, I'm a FREAK magnet!

Shannon Dybvig
Instead of being disposable I'm indisposed.

I majored in Gym Quirk at the academy.

The girls on this ship expect me to stay alive AND get promoted!

I guess I'm just not ready to settle down yet.

you forgot the half Klingoff woman. Whoops.

It's better than the Doctors relationship lessons.

David Cervera
I dunno, but it's been like this since I went to high school back in Sunnydale.

Alex Cain
The Doctor says it's something called "puberty."

Alex Cain
They never taught me this at the Academy!

Alex Cain
Sooner or later, I'm bound to get it right!

I don't know, but it will be a great country music song when we get home.

I heard that romances between crew-members never work out.

Parasite, You've fallen in love with an alien ship and a half-klingoff engineer... What gives?

ScottE Bemeup
You're just jealous because I get more dates than you do.

ScottE Bemeup
I try not to judge a book by its cover.

John Fassbender
An ensigns torture is never done.

8 of 12
Would you believe bad eyesight?

I need someone that would make my character look interesting.

Richard Coveney
Just lucky I guess

being an ensign yourself, you can't blame me for wanting to continue my DNA by creating children.. cause i might die any moment

I was killed and resurrected several times, infected with alien-cells, sucked through the dimensions.... And you worry about my girl-storys??

If one of them works good enough, I may even get my own spinoff!

I have no skills, no personality, no life! This was the only way to keep my name on the credit-role.

Having a death wish does have its toll.

The Great Wizzard
I'm an Ensign. Go figure.

Your pick-up lines aren't working.

Marina Chester
Tell me about it. I used to be so picky!

Marina Chester
I know what you mean...I used to be much more discriminating!

Kneelicks' matchmaking skills are as good as his cooking.

I see what you mean. Do you think my standards are too high?

They all seemed O.K on the internet.

Brett Webb
I pick them so I can get more screen time.

John Midgley
It's not as dangerous as dating a Klingon

Ensign Walkonpart
I'm just not ready to commit.

I dunno. have nice eyes.

What can I say? I'm easy.

David Perek
Were you expecting something normal from the only ensign to make it through 7 seasons!

The Penguin Weekly
Persistance is futile.

The Penguin Weekly
It's the uniform I tell you!

The Penguin Weekly
Would you believe Sevspace?

Ann E. Nichols
You ever read about QUIRK's love life?

Ann E. Nichols
Is there's something wrong with my taste in women?

Ann E. Nichols
I'm so dull none of our women will have me.

Ann E. Nichols
It's a substitute for having a character to develop.

Gul Teral
It's the only distinctive character-trait I have!

Ben Harmer
Hairy: I guess I have a thing for things with little to no life.

Less competition

Hector F
The only other girls around are a klingon, the captain and one with pointy ears!

Mom says I need to get out more.

I'm gonna have to fire my dating agency!