Is my vision that bad?

I am. It just looks better on me.

Tyler Christopher Davis the I Sr.
Oh yes, and why don't I join starfleet too and follow all your little rules. Allow me to bow to the superiority of humanity.

Would you want to look like a race that both the Dumbminion and the Bored are after?

I'm trying to find one that isn't already taken.

Well, you look fine on the *outside*, but on the *inside* you're just gross!

It's low-maintainance

Edric O
Aren't there enough aliens who look identical to humans?

Why don't the bored assimilate inferior species? Why ruin something that's already pretty darn good!

I took Modern Art in school.

Bill Harris
Because *I* have good taste.

Magic Orco
Well, you've got something to do for the next 47 minutes.

Magic Orco
...-Title theme-puzzling-solution-moral talk-credits. Same ol', same ol'.

Lt. Brad Gentry
An alien without facial bumps?! Never!

I can, but being different gets more scripts to focus on me.

I lived on Easter Island for 8 years and nobody said a thing.

Designation: Adele
Mimic THAT? I'd rather kiss an android's bottom!

Because deep down I just really don't like you people.

This face makes me more aerodynamic

Gul Teral
Are you crazy, what if it got stuck that way?

I am. I just do it better than you humanoids.

Save Ferris
I am. I'm doing Frasier right now. Can't you tell?

Cmdr. Solomon
I am trying to mimic a human face! Learn some sensitivity!

Cmdr. Solomon
Why do all of you humans think aliens should look like you? What are you some kind of speciesist bigot?

Donald Holt
I get paid double time during makeup

I am. Am I not an exact copy of the Elephant man?

Show me one I'd want to mimic.

I lack the skill. What's your excuse.

My mother always told me to "save face."

Mike Howell
My mother warned me not to, or my face would stick

Mike Howell
Because I want to look mysterious, not goofy.

Shannon Dybvig
Last time I tried I got all bent out of shape....

Fred Shedian
Do you know how ugly your species looks?

Rachel Papciak
Even a shapeshifter has his standards.

Designation: Adele
I think "choose not to" better suits the situation.

Designation: Adele
And blend in with the rest of SevTrek characters?

Nice bed-side manner, mutant boy.

Mark Kennedy
Why can't you mimic a pronounceable name? Huh,Sidding?

i am the very model of an ideal constable, i shape shift by will and can turn to mineral or vegtable....

I don't do "primitive".

Cmdr. Solomon
Yeah, and then I'd look like every other alien in the galaxy.

ScottE Bemeup
I am currently mimicking 47 human faces.

ScottE Bemeup
Mimic them? I can barely stomache them.

john butler
Dunno, but at least I can mimic a personality

Too many foreheads to choose from

Michael Burke
Because I confuse the crap face with the orgasm face

Kristin Johnson
Do YOU have Major Tequila?

Joseph Zollo
My superior brain couldn't withstand supporting the face of a creature with such low intelligence.

I am. I just happen to be mimicing the best looking human ever.

Suicide is not an option.

I have enough trouble just looking at you guys.

The Penguin Weekly
Let's just say Kira melts more than just my heart.

I'm the only Sev Trek "outsider" character who *doesn't* want to be human!

I was trying yours, but I can't morph your mouth - it's a constantly moving target

John Midgley
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...and your ego is big enough already, Doctor!

John Midgley
I can do a pretty good imitation of Clayton Endercott the Third

John Midgley
I did, but my face is biodegradable.

Gul Teral
I can mimic a bird so well, that I can fly, and you are talking about copying ugly bags of mostly water.

"That's simply just too much of a stretch."

Adam Norget
Why couldn't your mother?

Human Faeces don't appeal to me.

Why can't you mimic a decent actor?

valerie p
Ever hear of a poker face?

Why can't you get some tact?

The minority directive.

You humans really are only skin deep!

Robbie Wilkinson
Why would i wanna look like you morons?

Ooooh, my head!
Heathen! Don't you recognise modern sculpture when you see it?

Ooooh, my head!
Odour, do the Carsalesman neck trick. Odour, do a spinning top. Odour, do a human face. Get the message?

Jason Vines
The goal is actually to improve my looks.

Let's see, wrinkles before forty, or eternally smooth skin, do the math.

Mr Blank
It's easier to shave this way.

Derek Jameson
Have you look at yourselves in the mirror lately?? YEEECH!!!

What, and put Mike Westmore out of a job? No way!

Why can't YOU get a decent haircut?

You've seen department store mannequins, haven't you? Realism isn't cool anymore!

Did you ever stop and think, maybe i dont want to?

Todd Eyrich
Have you ever tried modeling with play-doh?

Why can't you mimic a human. period.

If /you/ had the ability to pick your face, would /you/ want a human one?

I do have some self respect, you know!

You humans expect too much out of me, really!

Laziness. Pure laziness.

Gordon S McLeod
I was raised with nothing but funhouse mirrors to look at.

I got stuck between a male and a female face

Kent Backman
Sorry, I don´t do requests.

Schidzo's got style, I've got streamline.

Kent Backman
I´m a shapeshifter, Doctor, not a performer.

You first

I prefer the the more streamlined model.

It's a distinguishing feature (from all the other foreheads)

Because I don't make monkeys, I just train them!

Tim Goodchild
I can, I just wear a lot of makeup though...

Petréa Mitchell
Hey! Don't argue with art!

Odour, why can't you mimic a human, Odour why can't you mimic a human - there how does that suit you

Dan Finnegan
Doctor, some things are best left undone

Save Ferris
Hey, I've seen Jim Carey. His face shape shifts more than mine !

Save Ferris
It's not really a question of can't. It's more "why the heck would I want to!?" !!

Because I LIKE the "crash test dummy" look.

I'm kinda out of shape I know

I'm not a detail guy.

James Eaneman
I'd look like I got hit with 'da ugly stick...

Isn't THIS shape shifty enough for you?

Jeff Sanders
Because I would be sore for a week

I did, in a previous life... I was Jim Carey.

How do you believe I'd go out with Major Tequila with YOUR face ?

I maybe a shapeshifter but I do have taste

Alex Cain
Don't I have enough problems already?

Alex Cain
Because last time I tried, I ended up looking like Cher for a week.

Alex Cain
Because last time I did, some joker mistook me for someone who gives a damn.

Alex Cain
You all look alike to me.

Everytime I try, my mirror breaks.

The last time I did everyone started calling Captain Schidzo "Benson".

Tom Harfst
"Why? Still looking for a date, Doctor?"

Eww! Why would I want to?

It's hard to mimic all those zits.

My smooth exterior balances my rough interior.

otherwise I look like René Auberjonois

Tom Frauenhofer
Same reason you can't mimic fresh breath...

Because they're too damned ugly!

Jon Alessi
Oh I can, I just use this mask to keep the women off me.

Ron Keller
Its not a matter of "Can't", its a matter of "Won't".

The Great Wizzard
I don't want to hurt you, so... ach, what the heck, you're ugly!

Dennis Jacobs
Why screw with perfection?

Simply put, I haven't seen any good faces to copy.

How else would you know I'm an alien?

The Great Wizzard
I really AM smooth as an android's bottom!

Ann E. Nichols
All those enlarged pores, hairs, wrinkles, acne scars -- not to mention the choice between oily shine or dry flakes...

because i'm a flounder, a god. it's beneat me to look excatly like human. you should be honored that i'm taking solid form..

This way, Me and Barf don't get mobbed by fans when we're out of make-up.

Hey, it's hard enough getting face time on this series as it is!

Why can't you convincingly mimic a doctor?

why does it matter? you humans are so obsessed about outer appearence! i have no desire of becoming a slave of humanoid obsessions!

Oddly enough, I was about to ask you the same thing.

Don't hate me for being so beautiful

I can, "Oooh! Look at me! I'm a human face! Aren't I clever! Bla bla bla!"

Bill Harris
Don't you mean 'Why would I want to mimic a human face'?

Hey,I'm still grateful they didn't stick me with weird looking forhead bumps

Ard Hendriks
Not enough facial bumps.

The Great Wizzard
In this series, the viewers are considered so stupid that they need to view who is a human and who not.

The Great Wizzard
Today is "Casual Day"

The Great Wizzard
You have a face, I have a character

The Great Wizzard
Look in the mirror, and you'll see the ugly answer.

The Great Wizzard
We flounders have some asthetic senses.

I cannot mimic the universe's worst mistake.

I'm afraid of zits

Since I have no character, If I'd do that I wouldn't be able to maintain my individuality

Why didn't I think of that before?!

Can't or won't?!