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Complete List of Reviews

Tony Gagnon, 8/19/2002 (spoilers)
"Quite funny, it was great to see a lighter side of Star Trek." Read full review

Genie, 8/15/2002
"Hilarious!" Read full review

Allan K, 7/24/2002 (spoilers)
"Excellent" Read full review

Christopher Kovacs, MD, 7/15/2002
"Chuckle-groan-laugh-a-minute feast!" Read full review

Jamieson Kovacs, age 6, 7/15/2002 (spoilers)
"Really funny!" Read full review

Caileigh Kovacs, age 8, 7/15/2002 (spoilers)
"Really cool!" Read full review

Robert Underwood, 6/28/2002
"Best Parody I've Ever Seen!" Read full review

Tony Sutcliffe, 6/25/2002
"Someone nominate this for an oscar!" Read full review

Conny Person, 6/21/2002
"Really good" Read full review

Search Master, 6/10/2002
"An absolute riot" Read full review

Jos Truyen, 6/10/2002 (spoilers)
"Wanted: more, more, more ..." Read full review

Alexander Branson, 6/9/2002 (spoilers)
"An excellent all-round achievement, which is a must for any Star Trek fans!" Read full review

EofS, 6/5/2002
"Not just parody, intelligent parody" Read full review

Terry lowther, 6/5/2002
"A Laugh Riot" Read full review

Jett Girl, 6/5/2002
"So good, it'll make a vulcan laugh" Read full review

S. Burnett, 6/5/2002
"This is a must-see for anyone who has ever watched Star Trek" Read full review

Rob Cowell, 6/5/2002
"Awesome, no other word for it" Read full review

ProfessorVod, 6/5/2002
"Couldn't stop watching it!" Read full review

Trace, 6/4/2002
"Hilariously funny and great animation!" Read full review

coltrek, 6/4/2002
"Can't wait 'till Sev Trek IX comes out" Read full review

Bill Severing (Corsair), 6/4/2002
"The wait is over...." Read full review

Fizbop, 6/4/2002 (spoilers)
"Had moments where I was rolling on the floor laughing " Read full review

Jane Sloan, 6/3/2002
"Sev Trek is Great!" Read full review

8 of 12, 6/3/2002 (spoilers)
"What can I say, but... wow?" Read full review

John A. Lang, 6/3/2002
"Extremely funny" Read full review

VulcanGal27, 6/3/2002
"47 Thumbs up!" Read full review

Malte Kirchner, 6/1/2002
"The best fan movie ever!" Read full review

Maria Spano aka aussietrekker, 5/31/2002
"Two Thumbs Up!!" Read full review

Iain, 5/31/2002
"It was great, very witty. Loved it!" Read full review

Robert Hamilton, 5/31/2002
"Non-stop funny from start to finish!" Read full review

Tim Hansen, 5/30/2002
"This witty parody made my stomach hurt I laughed so hard" Read full review

Michelle Erica Green, 5/29/2002 (spoilers)
"Offers hundreds of laughs as well as some pointed commentary..." Read full review

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