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Reviewer: Christopher Kovacs, MD
Date Posted: 7/15/2002
Rating: 5 / 5
Location: Canada

Chuckle-groan-laugh-a-minute feast!

OK, I'm biased because I did help with the script and my name is in the credits... but believe me, this is a VERY funny movie. Forget Star Trek Blooper films or Shatner's Trekkies movie, buy this one for the guaranteed laughs. John Cook's script and direction and Andrew Simpson's animation make this a chuckle-groan-laugh a minute feast (the more devoted the Trekker, the more the laughs, I'll bet!). There are many levels to humour in this, and on the third and fourth viewing you'll be laughing about things you missed the first time around. And if you somehow get through the whole movie without a chuckle (is it possible?), you'll definitely fall out of your chair during the bloopers. Kudos to Wally Fields for his amazing impersonation of Picard/Pinchard which makes the movie work so well!

To be balanced and fair, there are a few things that didn't quite work as well...a few moments of herky-jerky motion and pauses in some character's movements, the soundtrack is limp at times, some of the voices are flat (not surprising since they were all done separately and not in a studio together), the voice of Heavily Cruncher is much too young for the character, and probably everyone will be thinking of the obvious jokes that weren't in there but could have been if only THEY had written the movie. But these are minor detractions to a wonderful debut effort of the team of Cook and Simpson, starring the incredible Wally Fields. With contributions from the Sev Doctor, and I know what they are!

Buy this movie. You won't regret it. And if you buy this movie, you'll help guarantee that there will be a sequel and even more laughs to come. -- I'm looking at a draft script of the sequel that John sent me a while back to review, and I'm thinking, this just HAS to get made! Don't let that script languish as a text file only, please. BUY THIS MOVIE.

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