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Reviewer: Bill Severing (Corsair)
Date Posted: 6/4/2002
Rating: 4 / 5
Location: Louisiana, USA

The wait is over....

I was excited when I heard that John was going to go forward with the Sev Trek Movie. I love fan films and thought this one would be great (though I would have liked "Send in the Clones" hint...hint). John, Andrew Simpson and the rest of the participants do not disappoint however, with clever dialog chock-full of "in jokes" from the series and from John's regular Sev Trek cartoon Strips. And mostly dead-on impersonations of the cast by Wally Fields (luv ya in Stone Trek too Walls). Marcos Kleine's music was so good in the test clips I heard, that I made sure to order the CD soundtrack as well, since I like experimental music as well. To steal a line: Laugh? I thought I'd die...

Technically, for a fan film, it's better than I've seen, in some cases. Some moire effects in some scenes were annoying, but may have been due to the conversion from PAL to NTSC (which is the version I had to purchase). But, considering the budgets involved in "Big Studio Productions", this film does better than some of those I've seen as well.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that all those involved, from John right through Marcos Kleine, start getting phone calls from some larger concerns, you've proved your mettle folks!

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