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Reviewer: 8 of 12
Date Posted: 6/3/2002
Rating: 5 / 5
Location: NSW, Australia

What can I say, but... wow?

That really was something quite special. I can't think of how else to say it.

The animation was good (a little rigid in parts, but hey, I couldn't do better), the writing and storyline was very funny, and there was great attention to even the smallest details.

I must admit, the G rating surprised me, considering the violent death of many an ensign (particularily the one in the turbolift) but they just added to the fun. Next time I watch it, I'm going to have to keep track of how many ensigns actually died... I even noticed a few extra deaths that could have been easily added!

Voices for the most part, especially for Beta and Pinchard, were great. A few of them, most noticably Barf and Piker, I thought could have been better. Macula was very hard to understand at times. And for those curious, JC does make a cameo as himself (i.e. the director) during the bloopers in the credits.

Overall, it was great. I laughed a lot, the jokes were good, I still don't understand fully how they beat the Macula vessel... you'd honestly make the Star Trek writers proud. :)

Look forward to the sequel. Rumour has it that Measley Cruncher has a much bigger role. ;)

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