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Reviewer: Malte Kirchner
Date Posted: 6/1/2002
Rating: 5 / 5
Location: Germany

The best fan movie ever!

Review courtesy of

No one wanted to believe in such a conversion, when John Cook and Andrew Simpson announced the ambitious project months ago to produce a Sev Trek movie. Since many computer-generated movies appear in the cinemas, everyone knows how much work it is to produce such a movie. Such productions without the support of large companies appear unreliable. But those who didn't believe in the movie are now told better. Shortly the film will be internationally available on VHS cassette. Several reviewers around the globe (including the German StarTrek-Index) had the opportunity to see the film, before it will be available for sale.

To convert a two-dimensional comic strip to a three-dimensional film is a daring venture. Andrew Simpson solved this skillfully. The figures appear in such a way as one would imagine them three-dimensionally. The movements are liquid, sometimes even quite complex. But sometimes the animation reaches its limits. Fast motion such as combat scenes work a little in slow motion. Sometimes a character does not run quite so coordinated. But these anomalies remain unimportant. Remarkable against it are the complex scenes. For example, the sickbay with its mirrors.

The successful conversion to 3D leaves enough space to concentrate on the plot, which is as good. The movie is similar in length, allocation and action to a typical TNG episode. Unknown aggressors, shape shifters and the prime directive are all well-known items from the series. But like all other elements in the movie, they are also used for parody. Emergencies are solved short hand with "More Technobabble". Thus in an amusing way, Sev Trek expresses directly what was used in TNG and more still in the later series often gladly as a time-filling item.

Brazilian Marcos Kleine is responsible for the music of the film. His music sounds partly like Trek but he also sets his own accents. The entire movie is underlaid with music. This is another similarity in style with TNG.

The voices of the characters are very well acted. In particular, Pinchhard and Gaudy reminded me remarkably of the real actors. If one considers that most of the voices come from only one person, voice imitator Wally Fields, it is very impressive. Only some exceptions and the part of the female voices were taken over by others.

"Sev Trek: Pus in Boots" is great. Few films made by fans can maintain that... so far actually none. It is an unfortunate fact that even if they decide to create a second movie, the production time will be similar to "Pus in Boots" with several months, if not years. But "Pus in Boots" makes one desire to see more. One should always avoid superlatives in reviews, but the new Sev Trek film earned itself a superlative... it is the best fan movie ever!

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