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Sev Trek TV - Round 224

Quack: Cheaper than a Fungi doctor - they charge an arm AND a leg!

Snog: I though Starfleet was supposed to BUILD character.

Snog: Last time I rest my feet on a CONSOLE!

Quark - "You get the family DISCOUNT. Otherwise you'd be paying an arm and a leg for this."

Snog: Oh great, as if I wasn't short ENOUGH!

Snog: Uncle Quack, I'll SELL it to you for five bars of latenum. Quack: I'll give you ten if he cuts above the knee.

Snog: I changed my mind! I don't WANT any character development!!

Sev Trek Movie - Round 225

Those Velcron ears really DO hear well!

Nixon never had to EAT gag!

I think I PREFERRED your colourful metaphors.

Fine, we'll SEND him instead

And we humans have a saying about where VELCRONS can go, too.

Kind of like our saying... "Only ZAROO can go to Nooglia."

Sci-Fi Movies - Round 128

C: Whoops... forgot to ACTIVATE rubber floor.

C: BOGUS T: Totally

Cypher: At least That makes the CHALK outline easier.

Cypher: He's certainly making an IMPRESSION, Trinity: don't you mean "depression"?

Siphon: "Pothole?" Trilogy: "MANHOLE."

T: But he's the ONE! C: Looks more like a Zero to me!

Cypher: Did you add the PARACHUTE program? Trinity: Oops!

C: "I thought he was the one?" Trinity: "Well, he made a PERFECT hole in one"

Sci-Fi TV - Round 129

I'd call you a DOCTOR

You really need a HOBBY....

And I thought I had no LIFE.

You aren't very SHARP yourself

I think he'll like meeting "mister TOOTHY"

Tell me the truth, you never had many TOYS as a child, did you?

How cute! I bet the UNDEAD appreciate that personal touch.

The Pits - Round 207

50% of the BALLOTS are pre-filled-in.

I'm the only CHOICE on the ballot.

I switched LEVERS in the booths!

Oh, nothing they can PROVE.

RECOUNTS my friend, recounts...

That ballot-box is really a TRASHCAN!

Twist - Round 197

On second thought, let's not ABDUCT him.

On second thought, DONT take me to your leader.

I've been watching EARTH for centuries, and you know what i found, they just wont evolve!!!!!!!!!!!

I see our guy is FITTING in just fine

See, I told you NO intelligent life

Now there's a guy who could use a good PROBING.

I think we might want to WAIT a few years for this to clear up.

These punchlines are the finalists of The Pits, Twist, Sev Trek TV, Sev Trek Movie, Sci-Fi TV and Sci-Fi Movie Competitions. The winning punchline is decided on the #sevtrek IRC Channel. Make sure you read the IRC Judging Rules before the Judging Session.

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