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Sev Trek TV - Round 206

It is illogical . . . but I don't CARE anymore!

I'm just demonstrating the EFFECT of your food

Your continued EXISTENCE is simply illogical.

To INCREASE crew's morale...

I'm Velcron, I don't need a morale OFFICER.

You're causing more morale PROBLEMS than you cure!

The captain did say "full THROTTLE ahead"!

Sev Trek Movie - Round 207

Whale: Man, not ANOTHER barnacle

Whale: You know, I use the BATHROOM in here.

Whale: That's the BIGGEST barnacle I've ever seen.

Spook: We're here from the FUTURE... Whale: Talk to the flipper, futureboy!

Whale: This GREENPEACE thing has gone too far!

Whale: a little HIGHER, to the left, down a bit, ahhh... Spook: This is not what I had in mind

Whale: I am with child Spook: Sorry, I'm MISTER Spook, not Doctor Spook

Whale: For the last time: my name is NOT Willy!

Sci-Fi Movies - Round 110

Quigon: That'll teach you to keep a CIVIL tongue in your head!

Quite-gone Gin: How many times must I tell you... use the FORKS!

Qui: Don't make me GET my lightsever!

Qui-Gon: Anarchy, hand me my LIGHTSEVER.

Anarchy: Whats the matter? REDEYE got your tongue?

Anarchy: YIPPEE! Qui-Gon: You're next.

Sci-Fi TV - Round 111

Yeah, and if I EVADE taxes, I'm 2 for 2.

Didn't want to be late to my own FUNERAL.

Would someone dead look this GOOD?

Drop dead GORGEOUS perhaps!

I am dead. Dead HUNKY!

You're obviously NEW to this sci-fi business!!

I am. But only for tax PURPOSES.

Well, one down. Next up... TAXES!

The Pits - Round 198

Well, I'm for a good party ANYTIME!

Truth, Justice and EASIEST Way.

My party has plenty of FREE food.

I always look out for number ONE!

I stand for the "party" in "party POLICY!"

Let's get back to the "party" QUESTION...

Women's equality-- I love them all the SAME!

When you look THIS good, you don't need policies.

Twist - Round 188


Change the CHANNEL Martha - you know I hate these cooking programs!

So much for these INFOMERCIALS!

The humans always LOOK so fake!

Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned PROBING?

I'm so sick of these "REALITY shows."

These Sci-Fi SHOWS always have aliens with pink skin. That's so clichéd.

These punchlines are the finalists of The Pits, Twist, Sev Trek TV, Sev Trek Movie, Sci-Fi TV and Sci-Fi Movie Competitions. The winning punchline is decided on the #sevtrek IRC Channel. Make sure you read the IRC Judging Rules before the Judging Session.

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