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Sev Trek: Pus in Boots Animated Cartoon (NTSC)
Price: $26.95

Sev Trek: Pus in Boots is a hilarious parody of the classic sci-fi view of a utopian future. Commander Piker of the Sevship Enterforaprize is afflicted with a sentient pimple and faces the moral dilemma of whether to pop the zit or uphold their law of preserving new life. The plot and pus thickens when the zit detaches and the crew are forced to hunt it through the corridors of the ship to disastrous effect. Meanwhile, they are threatened by an enemy ship and the zit displays powers that make it difficult to hunt down. The story is squeezed with humour, action and even a gratuitious space battle for good measure

Written and directed by sci-fi parody cartoonist John Cook, Sev Trek: Pus in Boots features a computer animated feast for the eyes by animator Andrew Simpson, the amazing voice impersonations of comedian Wally Fields and a thrilling music score by Brazilian Marcos Kleine. There is also a music video clip by band BenHerd.

The tape format is VHS Video in NTSC format. Note - this is the format used in USA, Canada and many other countries.

Video Specs:
Duration: 41 minutes + 3 minute Ben Herd music video clip
Rating: G for General Exhibition
Video Format: NTSC

Customer Reviews

Christopher Kovacs, MD, 7/15/2002
"Chuckle-groan-laugh-a-minute feast!" Read full review

Jamieson Kovacs, age 6, 7/15/2002 (spoilers)
"Really funny!" Read full review

Caileigh Kovacs, age 8, 7/15/2002 (spoilers)
"Really cool!" Read full review

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Item Qty Unit Price
Sev Trek: Pus in Boots Animated Cartoon (NTSC) $26.95

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