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Newsletters publishing Sev

Here is a list of the fan clubs currently publishing Sev Trek & Sci-Fi comic strips in their newsletter. Feel free to visit the web sites of fan clubs with hyperlinks.


(Melbourne, Australia)

Bullet1 Ballarat CCG Gamers Club
(Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)

Bullet1 Blackwood Science-Fiction Club
(Adelaide, Australia)

Bullet1 Enterprise Star Trek Club
(Melbourne, Australia)

Bullet1 Federation Intelligence | Intl. Star Trek Fan Org.
(Sydney, Australia)

Bullet1 Federation Intelligence | The Omega Sector
(Canberra, Australia)

Bullet1 Friends of Science Fiction
(Sydney, Australia)

Bullet1 Next Gen: The Australian National University SF Society
(Canberra, Australia)

Bullet1 Omega Intelligence
(Canberra, Australia)

Bullet1 Planet Fleet
(Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia)

Bullet1 Queensland Star Trekkers
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Bullet1 Sastrek Inc
(Adelaide, Australia)

Bullet1 Sci-Fi Club
(Melbourne, Australia)

Bullet1 Scitech Sciguides
(Perth, Australia)

Bullet1 United Federation of Planets South Australia
(Para Hills, South Australia, Australia)

Bullet1 USS Matrix NCC-24370
(Warwick, Queensland, Australia)

Bullet1 Warp Factor Nine Science Fiction Club
(Bundaberg, Australia)

Bullet1 Westrek - The West Australian Star Trek Club
(Perth, Australia)


Bullet1 Grazer Trekdinner
(Graz, Österreich)

Bullet1 The Ultimate Slayer


Bullet1 S.F. - Collective
(Brugge, Belgium)

Bullet1 The Belgian Voyage Club vzw
(Antwerp, Belgium)

Bullet1 USS Belgica
(Gent, Belgium)


Bullet1 Federacao da Frota Estelar de Sao Paulo - FFESP
(Belem and Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Bullet1 Frota Estelar Brasil
(Valinhos, Brazil)

Bullet1 Grupo Avançado
(Fortaleza-CE, Brazil)


Bullet1 Defiant Squad

Bullet1 Generations The Star Trek Club
(Winnipeg, Canada)

Bullet1 Official Martha Hackett Fan Club
(Oceanside, Canada)

Bullet1 Parkland Star Fleet Battles Association
(Oceanside, Canada)

Bullet1 The §evloiders
(Duneville, Canada)

Bullet1 USS Banting
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

Bullet1 USS Bounty Fan Club
(Barrie, ON, Canada)

Bullet1 USS Destiny, a kid's ship
(St-Romuald, Québec, Canada)

Bullet1 USS Hudson Bay
(Toronto, Canada)


Bullet1 Star Trek Fan Association "U.S.S. Croatia"
(Zagreb, Croatia)


Bullet1 Turku Science Fiction Society
(Turku, Finland)


Bullet1 Star Trek Unification
(Paris, France)


Bullet1 Future´s Voice
(Hameln, Germany)

Bullet1 Hohlspiegel
(Muenster, Germany)

Bullet1 Jarod1 Club

Bullet1 Smiley's Star-Trek Fan-Club
(HX, Germany)

Bullet1 Star Trek Forum

Bullet1 Trekdinner Ettlingen
(Ettlingen, Germany)

Bullet1 UFSTF - United Federation of Star Trek Fans
(Hamburg, Germany)

Bullet1 United Federation of Planets - The RPG


Bullet1 weeniemen


Bullet1 U.S.S Saga


Bullet1 ISN - Federation Fleet One
(Kfar-Saba, Israel)

Bullet1 Starbase972


Bullet1 Italian Trill Society
(Roma, Italy)


Bullet1 Compiler
(Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Bullet1 The Federation
(Bennekom, The Netherlands)

Bullet1 The Flying Dutch
(Utrecht, The Netherlands)

New Zealand

Bullet1 Starship Tauranga
(Tauranga,New Zealand)

Bullet1 The Tauranga Star Trek Fan club
(Tauranga,New Zealand)


Bullet1 Lima-Peru


Bullet1 U.S.S. Bon Accord
(Aberdeen, Scotland)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Intrepid
(Dundee, Scotland)


Bullet1 Club Star Trek Malacca
(Malaga, Spain)


Bullet1 Trekkers Södra Sverige
(Karlskrona, Sweden)


Bullet1 European Starfleet Center
(Allschwil, Switzerland)

United Kingdom

Bullet1 The Alpha Quadrant Monthly - The Young Trekkies Association

Bullet1 CRGS
(Colchester, England)

Bullet1 Deep Space Dykes

Bullet1 Freeserve Orange Team Newsletter
(Nottingham, UK)

Bullet1 Fully Functional (Part of the USS Victoria Star Trek Fan Club)
(Wolverhampton, UK)

Bullet1 Genesis Sci-Fi Club
(Tadley, Hants, England)

Bullet1 Helston School Kids - Newsletter
(Helston, Cornwall, England)

Bullet1 Holodeck Six

Bullet1 Ipswich Starfleet
(Ipswich, England)

Bullet1 LD magazine

Bullet1 Kronos 1 [SS Michigan] SFC
(Dinas Powys, Wales)

Bullet1 Leicester Starfleet

Bullet1 Lonas
(Wolverhampton, UK)

Bullet1 Online
(Milton Keynes, England)

Bullet1 Space Station Pegasus
(Hemel Hempstead, England)

Bullet1 Star Trekking
(Bampton (Oxfordshire), England)

Bullet1 Star Trek The X Federation
(BanBridge, England)

Bullet1 Starbase Bacchus
(Birmingham, England)

Bullet1 Starfleet Command (Quadrant Two)
(Banbury, England)

Bullet1 Subspace
(Nottingham, UK)

Bullet1 The Intrepid Star Trek & SF Fan Club
(Dartford, UK)

Bullet1 The Oxford University Star Trek Society
(Oxford, England)

Bullet1 The Prep Star Trek Organization
(Sevenoaks (Nr. London), England)

Bullet1 The Trekker's Coffee Bar
(London, England)

Bullet1 The Ultimate Trekers
(United Kingdom)

Bullet1 To Boldly Go...
(Oxford, England)

Bullet1 USS ESSEX NCC 74197
(Canvey Island, Essex, England)

Bullet1 USS Hotspur
(Blyth, Northumberland, United Kingdom)

Bullet1 USS Lutonia Sci-Fi Fan Club
(Luton, UK)

Bullet1 USS Roddenberry
(Nottingham, UK)

Bullet1 USS Skywalker
(Wolverhampton, England)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Sovereign
(Wolverhampton, UK)

Bullet1 USS Tucana
(West Yorkshire, England)

Bullet1 USS Victoria (Engineering Department)
(Wolverhampton, United Kingdom)


Bullet1 Ad's unofficial international star trek club
(St. Louis, USA)

Bullet1 Assignment: Earth
(St. Louis, USA)

Bullet1 Babtrek
(Saint Joseph, MN, USA)

Bullet1 CARPE, the Central Alliance of Robert Picardo Enthusiasts
(Spring, USA)

Bullet1 Federation Legion
(Shawnee, KS, USA)

Bullet1 Holy Family Catholic Church CYO Newsletter
(Lawton, Oklahoma, USA)

Bullet1 House Valtev
(Denver, CO, USA)

Bullet1 IKV Warrior Spirit
(Dallas/Fort Worth Texas, USA)

Bullet1 Insurrection, The PADD newsletters
(Milaca, USA)

Bullet1 KIG (Klingon Impeiral Guard)
(Lawton, Oklahoma, USA)

Bullet1 Lubbock Police
(Lubbock, Tx, USA)

Bullet1 Lubbock Star Trek Fan Club
(Lubbock, Tx, USA)

Bullet1 Los Musicos
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

Bullet1 MFI/USS John F. Kennedy
(Meridian, ID, USA)

Bullet1 SFI chapter USS Jubilee, NCC-57299
(Mobile, AL, USA)

Bullet1 Shuttle Ark Angel
(Round Rock, TX, USA)

Bullet1 Shuttle Centurion - STARFLEET of Moreno Valley
(Moreno Valley, CA, USA)

Bullet1 SMI- USS Cunningham
(Gaithersburg, MD, USA)

Bullet1 SpaceShip Earth
(Metairie, USA)

Bullet1 Star Trek
(Wendell, U.S.A.)

Bullet1 Starbase Houston
(Houston, Texas U.S.A.)

Bullet1 Starfleet
(New Jersey, USA)

Bullet1 Starfleet Command
(Indianapolis, USA)

Bullet1 STARFLEET International Conference 2000
(Burlington, VT, USA)

Bullet1 Starfleet Officers Club
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

Bullet1 STARFLEET Int. (USS Draco)
(Cullman, AL, USA)

Bullet1 The Collective

Bullet1 The Link
(Deer River, Minnesota, USA)

Bullet1 The New Star trek Newsletter
(Denver, USA)

Bullet1 The PADD
(Denver, USA)

Bullet1 The Star Trek Galactic Newsletter
(North Branch, USA)

Bullet1 The Weekly Trek
(Stacy, USA)

Bullet1 Trek & TV Talk
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

Bullet1 UFP Galaxy
(Albuquerque, USA)

Bullet1 USS Adamant
(Hatfield, PA USA)

Bullet1 USS Agincourt
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Bullet1 USS Challenger
(Toms River, New Jersey, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Charleston NCC-71813
(North Charleston, USA)

Bullet1 USS Columbus
(Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Bullet1 USS Crockett
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

Bullet1 USS Darwin NCC-1166
(Brockton, USA)

Bullet1 USS Destiny NCC-17171
(Springfield, Missouri, USA)

Bullet1 USS Endeavor
(Connecticut, USA)

Bullet1 USS Endurance NCC-75010. Starfleet International
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Guadalcanal NCC-6021
(Pittsburgh, USA)

Bullet1 USS Intrepid
(Mansfield, USA)

Bullet1 USS Joshua
(Irving, Texas, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. John Henry "Doc" Holliday
(Wichita, KS, USA)

Bullet1 USS Kasimar
(Bangor ME, USA)

Bullet1 USS Marko Ramius
(Fayetteville, AR, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Maximillian
(Gahanna, Ohio, USA)

Bullet1 USS Mir; STARFLEET International
(Las Cruces, USA)

Bullet1 USS Nautilus
(Hartford, CT, USA)

Bullet1 USS Quo Vadis
(Rogers, Arkansas, USA)

Bullet1 USS Rendezvous
(Logan, UT, USA)

Bullet1 USS Renegade
(Ohio, USA)

Bullet1 USS Renegade Star (Star Trek Fan Organization)
(New York, NY, USA)

Bullet1 USS Rubicon-Star Trek Fan Club
(Richland, WA, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Sequoyah
(Stillwater, OK, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Sol N.C.C. 1733
(Fairbanks, Ak, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Solar Wind
(Saginaw, MI, USA)

Bullet1 USS SOVEREIGN NCC - 75000
(Philadelphia, USA)

Bullet1 U.S.S. Thagard
(Philadelphia, USA)

Bullet1 USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676
(Ogden, USA)

Bullet1 USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676
(Layton, UT, USA)

Bullet1 USS Vanguard
(Sandy, UT, USA)

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