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Sevylon 5 Sevnames

Every Sevylon 5 character has their own sevilised name, different and well, sillier than the original Babylon 5 name. Here is a summary of all the Sevylon 5 names chosen so far. The names are not set in stone - if you think you have a better suggestion, post it on the Ideas Board.

Captain John Sheridan Captain John Charlatan
Garbaldi Garishbaldy
Londo Molari Lardo Mothballi
G'Kar Go'Kart
Satai Delenn Salty Dullend
Stephen Franklin Steppin Frank-and-beans
Marcus Mucus
Kosh Quash
Galen Gainwind
Talia Winters Toenail Whimpers
President Clarke President Cracked
Bester Bested
Draal Drool
Refa Reefer
Morden Maudlin
Na`toth No`tooth
Lennier Linear
Catherine Sakai Caterwaul Sulky
Vir Cotto Viral Coattails
Jeffrey Sinclair Jim Crinklier
Lyta Alexander Leerta I'llexamineya
Anna Sheridan Wanna Charlatan
Cartagia Contagian
Captain Lockear Captain Locklips
Susan Ivonava Snoozin Iwannabe

Minbari Minibar
Vorlon Velouron
Psi-Corp Psev-Corpse
Earthforce Earthfarce
Drazi Drowsy
Technomages Technobabblers
Narn Nerd
Pak'ma'ra Pack My Rags
Shadows Shudders
Centauri Centawry

Jumpgate Junkgate
Earthforce Earthfarce
Z'ha'dum Va'va'voom
Epsilon 3 Epsiloony 3
Starfury Sevflurry

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