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The Meaning of Sev

It is possible to figure out the meaning of sev from the clues presented - a number of readers have already correctly guessed it.

A frequently asked question about the Sev Wide Web is ‘what does SEV mean?’ Well, in an attempt to appear enigmatic, mysterious (and downright annoying), I'm not going to tell you the meaning. Instead, I'm going to present a list of clues that will help you to figure it out yourself!

I ran this as a competition in March 1997 - the winner was Ticia Luengo. She won a bunch of free prizes including a caricatured guest appearance in the Sev Files cartoon Resurrection as Mary Magdalene.

List of Clues Read through the clues, gather the information and slowly piece together the enigma that is... sev!

Erroneous Guesses Here are some of the incorrect entries recieved. Accompanied with my comments, they're very helpful in narrowing down the answer.

Entry Form

If you think you've figured it out, submit your guess and I'll tell you if you got it right or not. But sorry, no more prizes left!
Meaning of Sev
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