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Marcos Kleine

The band Kleine Project was born two years ago, devised by musician, guitar player, guitar teacher and producer Marcos Kleine. The band creates versions of well-known film and series themes: Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, 007, X Files, S.W.A.T., Batman, Flinstones, Pink Panther, 2001, Blade Runner, Green Beetle, Lost in Space, Back to the Future, The Godfather, Chariots of Fire, among others.

Marcos Kleine is a member and collaborator of the biggest science fiction fan club in Latin America, Frota Estelar Brasil (Starfleet Brazil) and has done over 10 shows at conventions held by the club, attended by an average of 800 fans. The shows at the conventions are done by only 2 musicians, due to the technical impossibility of a live show with the entire band, but the response from the audience is extremely positive, not only from Star Trek fans, but also from Star Wars and X Files fans. Marcos Kleine created a complete band, with highly competent musicians, for live shows, and the positive response to this work, unprecedented in Brazil, has been total.

The band consists of 6 musicians:

Marcos Kleine: Guitar

Paulo Machado: Bass
Mano: Keyboards
Mario Fabre: Drums
Caio Mancini: Percussion

The versions go from Funk to Blues, Jazz, Pop and Rock, because the objective of the band is to create alternative versions for well-known themes.

The promotional CD was entirely recorded by Marcos Kleine, who plays all the instruments. The songs are also available on the Internet, at Kleine Project's homepage, in Midi and MP3 formats. To access, go to

Our work has been recognized and praised by many people, including actor Tim Russ, who plays the part of Vulcan Tuvok, in Star Trek - Voyager. Tim Russ received the CD and liked it very much. Neil Norman, owner of Crescendo Records, responsible for the release of several film soundtracks and leader of the band Neil Norman and Cosmic Orchestra, received Kleine Project's CD and was impressed by the quality of the work and by the surprising versions. The program 620k, of Jovem Pan radio station (São Paulo) has used the CD themes several times. The work has been gaining recognition day after day.

Kleine Project's website, which has been online for 5 months, has received 5,000 visits. And the recognition has been coming not only from Brazil, but also from abroad, with several websites using the versions on theirs webpages. With the international recognition, the band has received their first invitation to play in the United States. Negotiations are under way.Kleine Project's shows have, in their repertoire, famous film and series themes, like Mission: Impossible, Star Wars, 007, X Files, S.W.A.T., Batman, Flinstones, Pink Panther, 2001, Blade Runner, Green Beetle, Lost in Space, Back to the Future, The Godfather, Chariots of Fire. All of them are played with different arrangements, going from jazz and funk to pop and rock. The show lasts 1 1/2 hours and cheers the audience with the quality of the musicians and with the new "wardrobe" given to such well-known themes.

The shows count on the support from USA channel, well known in Brazil for their "Saturday Sci-Fi", with all Star Trek series. USA channel always advertises the Kleine Project's shows on their website, which receives an average of 30,000 monthly visits, besides a mailing list with 15,000 names. On the shows, USA channels are always there to distribute free gifts, like pens and kits (with an execute pen, a USA T-shirt, a table clock and a diary).

Frota Estelar Brasil (Starfleet Brazil), the biggest Star Trek fan club in Latin America, supports our events, advertising the shows on their website, which receives an average of 2,000 monthly visits. Also, they have a mailing list and 2,500 paying members, and a news webpage, Frota Line, with which Marcos Kleine collaborates.

The recently released Sci-Fi magazine QUARK is also supporting the band.Other fan clubs support the band, like X Files fan club "Arquivo X Brasil", Star Wars fan club "Conselho Jedi" (Jedi Council), and several other Brazilian websites related to science fiction.

The band is composed by keyboardist Mano, who used to accompany singer Cauby Peixoto (a very famous singer in Brazil) on his shows; bass player Paulo Machado, bass teacher, drummer Mario Fabre, who organizes drums workshops; percussionist Caio, who played with André Cristovan (famous Brazilian singer and guitar player); and Marcos Kleine, guitar teacher, producer and arranger.

Acclaimed themes will be played in a way you have never heard

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