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Sevgate Links

Welcome to Sevgate Links, a list of online Stargate resources. Sevgate Links is updated regularly as new sites are registered, so check back to keep up with the latest and greatest Stargate sites! This site is part of Sevgate, a cartoon parody of Stargate SG1.

Sevgate - A cartoon parody of Stargate SG1 with new comic strips added regularly.

Canadian Gate - Stargate site focused on the Canadian fans... Includes fan fiction, episode reviews and more! Created by KaraMeL.

OXBastetXO's DHD - Home of the Goa'uld of meant Moon goddess. Tons of fanfic! Short conversation pieces to novellas ranging from humor to action/adventure to drama. Home of the Golden Whipping Boy.

SG-13 NightOps - Team site Slightly humorous with Flash animation.

Sphinx Stargate - Episode Guides, Pictures, News, Inside Info, Games, Puzzles, Screensavers, Quizes and so much more. The Gate is only the beginning!

Stargate Command: RPG - A play-by-email Role Playing Game set in the current Stargate universe.

Talk Stargate - The place to discuss the top television show Stargate. Presently the site consists of an advanced bulletin board. Later chat rooms, fan site directories and more will be added.

The Gateway UK - Stargate SG1 - downloads, news, episode reviews, interactive sections, online store, sounds plus more. Also home to SGC Task Force (RPG).

Welcome to my insanity - This is a shipper page, chock full of Sam & Jack fanfiction, humorous bits, interesting info, and lots of lovely links.

Area 52

The usual stuff plus some fanfiction. We have pictures, downloads, webrings, library on planets and addresses and this site is always updating.

Beyond Level 28

Site containing all of DustDevil's Sam and Jack fanfic as well as media news, wallpapers etc.

Book of Gates

SG-1 fanfiction.

Chevron 26

Pictures, Info, Books, links to other sites and more!

Crazee 'N' Dan's Stargate Bit!

Stargate Basically a general introduction to the show's characters - with some fun stuff included (and more to come!)

Cue and Dave's Unofficial SGC

Fan-made page. Lot's of stuff, downloads, episode guide and stuff.

Gater Forums

Stargate Discussion Community.

Kernel Jack's Pad

A mixture of sensible and silly Stargate related stuff, rambling episode reviews, humorous fanfic, song parodies, jokes, a database etc.

Mali´s SG-1 page

For Stargate fans!

RDA Jumpgate

While mostly a Richard Dean Anderson fan site, the SG-1 Jumpgate section contains sound file downloads and screen captures, episode guide and more. The site as a whole is a little much to describe -- just stop on in and see for yourself!

Sarcastic SG-1

A humourous and sarcastic (obviously) look at Stargate SG-1. Includes episode reviews, episode riffs, song parodies, and fan fiction. But wait, there's more! Go now, and you can see SGC in Legoland absolutely free (while supplies last).


A simple but good site please sign the quest book and check out my great links.

SG: Pokéball Voyager

A "tribute" to Stargate.

Soapgate Y2K

Just my [static] cartoon tribute to Stargate SG-1.

Star Trek Zodiac

Are you a Klingon or a Tribble? Find out here at the Star Trek zodiac website! There's a link page & a guestbook.

Stargate Command Visual Archive

Packed with an episode guide, including Small Victories-the season 4 premiere. Loads galleries of the characters and from the episodes with more coming. Technology and ship guide plus a small wallpaper section with more coming soon.

Stargate par franck

Site de Stargate en Français avec beaucoup de photos et les résumé des épisodes.

Stargate SG-1: The Scottish Gate

It's another Stargate SG-1 fan site created by the fans for the fans... come see what is on offer!

Stargate SG-1 Unofficial

Up to date episode guide, fanfiction, pictures, scripts, downloads, links, greetings and much, much more.


A Star Gate site mainly focused on pictures of cast and screen shots and also episode reviews.

Stargate World

Stargate world is based on the hit TV sci-fi Stargate Sg-1 ive good episode guides, downloads, competitions and a whole lot more so come in take a look around.

STARGUIDE - A Stargate SG-1 Episode Guide

A complete reference guide to the episodes of Stargate SG-1! Read episode summaries, analysis, character development, notes, and unanswered questions from each episode, view photos, read reviews, post your own episode reviews and discuss the show in the STARGUIDE Forums!


This is a dutch stargate fan site with info, pictures and a lot of downloads.

The Great Link

If you want links to all your favorite Star trek, Sci-fi or Astrology links, then you're 1 click away from the right place! This site also includes links to Jurassic Trek, Generation X, Deep Sev 9 & Forager. Engage & enjoy!

The Place of Our Legacy

Fanfiction archive for Stargate SG-1. Close to 200 stories by many different authors in a variety of genres.


Stargate reference site including episode, character, and planet information; military and mythology information; links to other show and fanfic sites.


Stargate SG-1 information, news, missions, characters, books, Videos & DVD's, Message boards and more.

The Underground

A stargate site with WEIRD humour. A stargate soap , a truly bizarre episode guide , and a Dan-cam.

Touring Joe and the Far Gate

GI Joe, and his sidekicks, are trapped in virtual reality and find themselves defending the Far Gate from the Evil Goddess Havmor and the ever present Trolls.

Unauthorised Stargate Activation

(cant decided on British or American spelling) ANYWAY: Usual stuff, hopefully some unique features (not quite sure yet, well 2 years down the road!)

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