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Sev Wars Links

Welcome to Sev Wars Links, a list of online Star Wars resources. Sev Wars Links is updated regularly as new sites are registered, so check back to keep up with the latest and greatest Star Wars sites! This site is part of Sev Wars, a cartoon parody of Star Wars.

The PhanDom Menace - The PhanDom Menace is a documentary covering the story of Australia's Star Wars fan community around the launch of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  The site includes excerpts and MP3s of the soundtrack.

Australian Star Wars Prequels Episode 1, 2, 3 - An Australian Star Wars Prequel web site which has news/rumours regarding Episode 2 and 3. It has the box office results; a image gallery; discussion forums; mailing lists; online starwars store; reviews; star wars site banner links; starwars site text links; top 50 site ranking system; over 100 download trailer mirrors; and coming soon free web based email provisions.

banthafodder uk - too cool - check it out man!

Comkillserve - Not a specific star wars site, but it has a large starwars section with cool stuff like winamp skins. Also home of the Star Wars Bumpersticker association.

Darth Maul Jr's Star Wars Battle Royale - A star wars fan site featuring a unique Star Wars Battle Royale, info and pictures, history of Star Wars games and a whole lot more!

Droids The Website - Home of the Original Droid Encyclopedia. The definitive listing of droids. Scripts, Pics, Sounds, Gifs and more...

From Ackbar To Zuckuss - A Star Wars alien/creature database.

Forbidden Frontiers - The Collectors' Resource - Episode II rumours and news. Star Wars toys, action figures, prequel and other movie news. All the information that you will ever need or want for upcoming Episode 1 products and toys!

Imperial Outpost - Standing out amidst countless other Star Wars sites, this one isn't your usual pic/wav archive lackluster website that there are so many of these days. Features original humor, desktop themes, multimedia, reviews, editorials and more... check it out..

Journal of the Whills - Neat download site, with lots of quick time movies, wavs, picts and more... top 10 lists...

Pants of the Mind's Eye - A simple and seemingly inocuous concept gets horribly out of hand. Lines from Star Wars can be improved if you substitute the word "PANTS" for key words.

Role Playing Games.Net - Play Star Wars or AD&D online using message boards. You can create your character online and use the graphical dice roller to send rolls to your fellow players and GMs.

Sev Wars - A cartoon parody of Star Wars - new comic strips added fortnightly.

Stephan's Star Wars homepage - Star Wars pictures: Jedi Knight 2 clips, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and X-Wing. Unique Clinton parody pic!!

The Dark Ones - A Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith Gaming Clan! Members and opponents wanted!

The Humble Abode - Mara Jade, fanfiction, fanart, links, stormtrooper points, ewok voodoo and Mr. Bubble. Have fun and don't let the Jawas get you.

The Starfighter's Hangar - A Star Wars site with lots of info on the Spacecraft of the Old Republic, the Empire, and the Alliance.

TrekWars - This is a Star Trek/Star Wars cross over fan fiction site.

Anthony's Phantom Menace

Episode 1 and also episodes 4 5 6, along with videos, pics, and bio's.

Big Red's Dejarik Board

This is a site dedicated to getting Hasbro to make figures of the holochess creatures from ANH.

BodaSivraks StarWars Website: The Errant Venture

Your on board the Star Destroyer Errant Venture, here you can visit many exotic worlds from the star wars galaxy! You can buy, eat, and drink just about anythign you could think of in our Corporate Sector that is filled with shops and cantinas, you can download starwars mp3's, midi's, icons, cursors, XvT X-wing vs tie fighter missions created by bodasivrak, you can read fairy tales, short stories, and poems altered to fit the starwars universe.

Bounty Hunters

Full bios of all the bounty hunters present in the Star Wars movies as well as stats for use with SWRPG 2nd Edition.

BW's Star Trek Site

About Star Trek & Star Wars, with pictures, links and lots more stuff!

Chris' Star Wars Galaxy

Episode 2 news, Episode 1 Script. Video Game Cheats. Pictures. And Lots More.

Cool Jedi Knight stuff

An awesome sw/jk site worth seeing! Just make room and go to this site! The wickedst downloadz available.


Everything on the Star Wars Prequels.

Darth Maul site

Wonder who is the Phantom Menace? Here is he Darth Maul, this site has pictures, posters and other exclusive stuff.

Dustin's Star Wars Site

It is a Star Wars web page with pictures, from the movie pictures, soon will have pictures of the cards.


Episode-1 is the only website dedicated to the first installment of the New prequel trilogy. It is updated daily with news, rumours, and a lot more.

FanfiX: Star Wars Fan Fiction

The largest site on the 'net dedicated solely to Star Wars fan fiction!

Fett9025's Star Wars Prequels

The latest news, rumors, multimedia and more on the Star Wars prequels.

Han and Leia Fanatic

Images, fanfiction, and message board about your fav couple and friends.

Hyver's Star Wars Cartoons

Hyver's homemade Star Wars cartoons. Click thumbnails to view larger pictures.

IJJ's Star Wars Page

My page has a list of links, ships, books, a word search, and a rebel base training camp.

Jedi Girl's The Phantom Menace

A fan site with a message board to voice your opinions on the upcoming prequel and get responses!

JediKnight Roleplaying

A place to roleplay,using creative writing... Just for fun... Family atmosphere.

JediJimmie's Power of the Force 2 Page

News, pictures and information on Hasbro's latest POTF2 and Episode 1 toy offerings! Updated daily!

Jedi Web Links

On this site are links to Star wars site that have a little more realistic side to Star Wars.

Lando Calrissian's Personal Sabacc Table

A look into the life of Lado Calrissian, from his (humorous) point of view.

Mario's Star Wars Page

Star Wars stories and music.

Merlin's Star Wars Wallpaper

Star wars only related wallpaper and chat. Also gives out awards and trades links with other star wars pages.

Mon Sith de Star Wars

This is a french Star Wars site whit lot's of things from the Star Wars movies...Hope you will like it :o) - more fun than a barrel of Ewoks

A Cool starwars news site. Primarily gaming but we report everything else too...

My Collection

Complete mint vintage Star Wars figure collection & authentic J-slot rocket firing Boba Fett prototype figure. I created this site to share my figure collection and rare figures with other collectors and Star Wars fans on the inter-net. It has all my vintage Star Wars figures on it, as well as my other vintage toys and recent toys.

Naboo Planet

A site about Naboo

Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy

Build your own lightsaber and Star Wars costumes!

Pants of the Mind's Eye

A simple and seemingly innocuous concept gets horribly out of hand. Lines from Star Wars can be improved if you substitute the word "PANTS" for key words.

!PJ_Homer's Jedi Knight Zone!

brilliant site filled with Jedi Knight and Star Wars needs. It has many cool downloads, (new force powerz) and many common levels found on the msn gaming zone!

Planet Hoth

See my Star Wars collection online! Many nice pictures of PALITOY boxed items and others. I also have a Thundercats collection to view as well!

RobotFan's Droid Page

The most comprehensive Star Wars droid page on the internet.

Sabers Plus

Make light saber replicas, costumes, weapons and droids.

Sabers UK

Sells accurate aluminium lightsaber replicas.

Shadow Knights Homepage

Own homepage with some starwars style and links

Shaven Wookie, Ltd.

You haven't shaved until you've shaved a wookie...

Star Bears; The Fandom Menace

Free, commercial-quality online Star Wars-spoof game by the makers of Tamagotchi vs. Godzilla.

Star Park

South Park meets Star Wars - Guaranteed a laugh or your money back.

Star Wars

The official Star Wars site - full of lots of fascinating behind-the-scenes information about the new prequels!

Star Wars, Anthropology and Myth

articles, pictures, banners, links; academic research on star wars and its cultural impact

Star Wars Action Figure Variations

Images of all your vintage action figure related items.

Star Wars Dimension

Pics and sounds from all four star wars episodes as well as scans of POTF action figures.

Star Wars: full force

The ultimate Star Wars Internet source.

Star Wars Galactic Newsletter

Site about and on the fastly growing FREE, monthly Star Wars newsletter! Includes message boards, trivia, archives on book/comic/toy/site reviews done by SWGN's columnists and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Star Wars Gamers

Star Wars gaming at its best! News, info, links, cheats, and more!

Star Wars News

This site gives you all the answers for the questions the real fan wants to have.

Star Wars, Star Trek etc...

Be sure to check this site, it has many things you would like!

Star Wars: The Jedi Website

This website has everything on Star Wars, including top ten lists, prequel info, sounds, pictures, a guestbook, message board, webrings, trivia, links and much more! It has been ranked number 1 on the TOP 100 Star Wars!

Star Wars Trading Cards

This website is a source of information about all things related to Star Wars cards. It is something of a big checklist of the hundreds of different sets of Star Wars cards / stickers / pogs / etc. that have been distributed both in America and other countries. Many scans are available and a Resource area helps collectors trade their cards and find other collecting info.


Gathering of Luke Skywalker freaks.

Starwars - The Fantum Menace

Go you must to CooperWeb's Starwars parody site "The Fantum Menace." Altered graphics from Starwars - Episode One. Funnier than a Wookie with a Flo-Bee cut. Makes great Windows backgrounds.


Roleplaying page for the Star Wars universum.

The 666th Tie Defender Squadron

This is a squadron site, in case you don't know, its like a team to have and play on the internet against other teams, but this one uses the Tie Defender.

The Best Star Wars Homepage in the Galaxy

This page describes characters and vehicles and give very up to date news.

The Carrie Fisher Page

This page has pictures and a mailing list devoted to Carrie Fisher. She is best known as Leia in Star Wars.

the Dune Sea

The Dune Sea: Your ultimate Star Wars resource.

ThE FoRcE Cantina at Mos Eisley

Lotsa pictures, character descriptions - have conversations with characters... visit different planets...the site is set up pretty much like a game... lots of stuff you can do while you're there.

The Galactic Empire

At last those of us who appreciate order and strength have a site dedicated to the greatest Empire ever to hold sway over the galaxy. This site has been created to show the Empire from the Empire's perspective.

The Jedi Smackdown!

A surfer friendly site with good info on the prequels and other cool stuff.

The Last Starfighter league

Internet gaming clan play different star wars games.

The Prequels

Spoiler Free Star Wars experience.

The search for an actor for Anakin is over

A page showing who i think should be the actor to play

The Smugglers Moon

Star Wars news, prequels, figures, books, humor, timeline, features, a Darth Maul costume how-to, and much more.

The Star Side

One panel comics using Star Wars figures.

The Star Wars Database

Your Star Wars news HQ with a variety of obscure things including the Star Wars Holiday Special Episode and basics like regular Prequel news, Game cheats, and everything you might every want.

The Ultimate Star Wars Personality Test

Answer a set of questions and fin out which Star Wars character you are most alike. Be compared with over fifty characters from Episode I, the Classic Trilogy, and the Expanded Universe.

The Unofficial EP 1: TPM Library

An ideal gateway for Star Wars EP 1-Rookies. Pictures, Story, Background Infos, Links.

Tribbles, Wookiees, and Ewoks

Has Prequel Rumours and other oddities.

Toy Wars

Here at Toy Wars, Star Wars action figures do and say just about anything they want to.

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