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X-Files Links

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Welcome to X-Files Links, a list of online X-Files resources. X-Files Links is updated regularly as new sites are registered, so check back to keep up with the latest and greatest X-Files sites!

Agent Xs XpiX

Agent Xs XpiX - This is a good X-Files photo Album I update a lot so come back.

AV's X-Files Site

AV's X-Files Site - An X-Files site tons of stuff to see and do.

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno - Flash animated cartoon featuring a three-part X-files satire called "The D-Files" (episodes 9, 10, 11).

De Nederlandse X-Files Page De Nederlandse X-Files Page - The largest Dutch X-Files site on the world wide web!! Episodes info, pictures, videos, biographies and many many more.

Die Wahrheit ist hier drinnen

Die Wahrheit ist hier drinnen! - A German X-files homepage with fanfic, quotes and a season 6 episode guide.

Diane's X-Files Site

Diane's X-Files Site - Growing page with sounds and stuff.

Dimension X

Dimension X - A huge site with a comprehensive episode guide, quotes, test your X-Q, the X-Philes Dictionary, hundreds of pics and sound wavs, fanfic & much more!

Eric's X Files Page

Eric's X Files Page - Contains 23 section of X-Files related things! Info, multimedia, profiles, quizzes and A LOT more!

For's X-files page For's X-files page - There are a lot of links and some jokes, a lot of pics. It is ever growing and will never be finished cuz i am alwase adding jokes and links and pics and will always take suggestions

HOF house of fanfic - X-Files page with XF fan fic reviews and challenges.

Los X-Files Los X-Files - Los Expedientes Secretos X, un intento de explicar lo inexplicable.

Mulder Mulder's X-File Office - A UK X-Files site with links to other great sites soon to develop into a very good site.

Noromo Values

Noromo Values - Tired of all the Shippers sites out there?? Come here for some welcome Noromo relief!


Ruth's Ruthless X-Fools page - "Ruthless" parody comic book about Muley's and Squeally's first adventure! :-P

Simon's X-File Page

Simon's X-File Page - A site with Bios,Episode guide, links and a quiz.

T'Paus fanfiction - A fanfiction site with some X-Files, Star trek and Futurama stories as well as create your own episode of the X-Files which is just a bit of fun.

The AnjulZine Movie Spoof and Parody dbase The AnjulZine Movie Spoof and Parody dbase - Your favorite movie spoofs of the X-Files, Blair Witch and more.

The Phile Cabinet - Fanfiction, photo gallery, quotes, song project, links, and Cool Chick's Guide to ::THUD::ing safely.

Apartment 42

The X-Files : Apartment 42 - Complete episode guide with photos,videos and script from each episode - news - poll - quiz - sounds - bios - and more...

X-Files European Society

The X-Files European Society Home Page - A home page for all the european x-philes, with a mailing list in english and a mailing list in Italian.


The X-files in Spanish! - A great X files site in Spanish! A link to Duchovnyphilia, the David Duchovny site in Spanish.

The X-Files Vote - Polls, Fan Opinion, Multimedia, News, Guides. Vote for the best episodes and much more!

X-Murders Comic

The X-Murders Comic - Two detectives are investigating paranormal murders with Scully's and Mulder's help.


The X-Net - X-Files episode updates, sounds, movie clips, pictures and news!

The X Philers Club

The X Philers Club - Fanfics, poetry, polls, mysteries, quotes, wavs, pictures, links, info on joining the club, and more! Updated weekly.

WendyKat's X-Files Page

WendyKat's X-Files Page - A message board, fanfiction, links, and more.

X-Files by Ash

X-Files by Ash - Neat site with wavs, & graphics. Links to spoofs and more. Always under construction.


X-TREME X-FILES - An X-Philes Source for X-Files News, Spoilers, Pics, Wavs and more. Updated regularly.

24 hrs X-Files X-Posed We have postcards, pictures, messageboards, voting polls, quizzes, fanart, fanfics and lots more.

A Rosary for Dana Scully Some real-life phenomena can be much like The X-Files...

Aaron Loukonen's X-Files Page An X-Files page that has weekly commentary, an ongoing debate page about paranormal topics, and an X-Files picture gallery.

Adopt a X-File Here you can enter to recieve your very own X-Files Certificate with the X-Files Episode, Character, or Fight the Future scene of your own!

Alan's Home Page Alan's X-Files and Star Trek site. Links, news and more.

Aliens Ate My Corn Nuts An amalgam of X-Files goodies: humor, categorized links, a dream archive, and XF sightings. Home to the List of Signs Chris Carter is a Closet Duran Duran fan.

All Around X-Files Archive by MistressX It's currently under construction but it is an X-Files page for pictures, links, sounds and more.

All Lies Lead To The Truth.....THE X-FILES Spoilers, shippers, reviews, images, news and more on the xfiles!!!!

all things x files x files site with adoptions, links, pics, mythology explained, shipper sections and more

Agent Pendrell - Gone but not forgotten Agent Pendrell may be gone but he will not be forgotten.

Akte X Online! The truth is out there! Akte X Online! The truth is out there! Downloads, Bilder, Sounds, Videos, usw.

Amy & Katie's Shipper Basement Our site is shipper friendly! Still under construction, but contains: a gallery, bios, links to other sites, a moments section, news and more to come!

Angela's X-Files Page Contains everything from X-Files News, to my own Fanfic Stories.

Ashley's X-Files Site Your one stop shop for everything X-Files and Shipper.

Audi's Shipper Photo Gallery Calling all shippers! Come to my photo gallery.please be gentle its my first time.

Behnam`s x-files page Lot`s of Gillian Anderson pics and some other x-files related stuff like themes, videos, links and mp3`z coming.

BelleElle7's X-Files Aficianado Center Links, links and more links.

Beth Anne's X-Files page My site has Sounds, Pictures, Links, and a guestbook. The sounds & pictures are only of David Duchovny (A.K.A. Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (A.K.A. Dana Scully).

Bryn's Home Page Sci-fi (X-Files, Gillian Andersen, Star Trek, Terry Farrell) and Grease!

Cancerchick's Lair Has fan fic, character bios, poems, guestbook, etc...

Chibi Moon and X-Files

I have Pics in the working but do have my fanfiction page working.

Chronicle X

Fanfic recommendations, author interviews and links pages, WIP update page, novel discussions, and fanfic trivia

Chuck's X-Files Page

Contains excerpts from articles, pictures, and links.

Chut's Shipper Site

A Shipper site with pictures, collages, sounds, trivia, polls, episodes ads, fan fic, and lots more.

Coleen's X-Files Page

X-Files X-Files X-Files, pictures, the best links, info on what's happening and what is going to happen in season 6!!!! Baby Pics of Gillian and David, DON't MISS IT!!

Da X-Files Hideout

A Web page all about the x-files themes screen savers winamp skins mp3'z pictures videos and many more.

Dave's Gillian Anderson Home Page A site all about Gillian Anderson

Dave's Visit to my place This page is a joke, but x-files fans love it. It causes quite a stir and is not supposed to be true.

DavidDuchovnyArt Sketch Art of David Duchovny and photo collages with scenes from the X-files. Plus "A Statue of David" joke picture. All art by Claire Marshall.

Dr. Dana Scully's Enigmatic Homepage X-Files, X-Files, X-Files!!! Fanfic, Pics, and cool links. Still under construction. Top 100 XF site.

Edu and Helga's X-files home page Brazilian X-files home page. X-files links, fanfictions, episodes, photos and more!

Eureka's XPhile e-mail listing Want-need contact to any X-Phile near you- then this is the place to go with over 1000 e-mail addresses of XPhiles.


A site that attempts to explain the unexplanable.

First Official "The X-Files" Page in Latvia

This is the first official "X-files" page in Latvia. Contains information of the new movie, actor bios (as usual), a lot of links and a transcript of movie!

Fox Mulder

Fox Mulder's X-Files Homepage!!

Fox Mulder Pics

12 galleries of pictures of Fox Mulder ONLY!! You won't find any Scully here!

Gabi's X-Files Fan Fiction

M/S fanfiction, fairly shippy

Geoff's TGFTXF A site with episode news images and hopfully some sound files soon!

Gillian Angel's X-Files Page

Some cool pics of the X peeps.

Gillian Anderson/X Files Website

This site has info on Gillian Anderson, Gillian pics, a mini biography on Gillian, links to Dean Haglund's (Langly) and Brian Thompson (Alien Bounty Hunter) websites, info on X Files, a list of all the episodes, upcoming episodes, news and rumors, and review of the first X Files feature film.

Haehn Saschas AkteX / X-Files Homepage Haehn Sascha's Akte X / X-Files Homepage: Pictures, Sounds, Videos, Links, Software, News, Episode-Guide and many more.

Helga's X-Files About X-Files - pictures, links, archive, news... (in Russian)

Iced Tea Shipper Page This page is for total shippers! I have tons of wavs, episode clips, pictures, fan fic links and all sorts of other stuff :)


Formatted episode transcripts of every episode in both HTML and Adobe PDF format. With more content being added all the time!

Jackie's X-File Page

Links to other X-Files Pages, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Sites. Photo Gallery

Jake's X-Files Page

The absolute best of the X-Files on the web.

Jane's Addiction

X-Philes page including pics, reviews, and visitor input.

JazMans X-Files Page

Good Information on the X-files and its main characters.

Josh's X-File Page

A group of X-Files Pictures,Links, and multimedia that I have compiled.

Kai's X-Files Information Files

X-Files site with pictures, collages, infos, polls, message-board, chat and much more!

KAK'S Keen World of X-Files

Links, Images, Webrings And lots more to come!

Kate's X-Files Page

Links, articles, humor and more.

Katherine's X-files Page

My site has pic's, bio's, link's,sounds, a guestbook and a movie site! Everything you could need!

Lauren and Briana's X-Files Insanity Pictures of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, awards, fan fiction, sounds, shipper stuff

Lili Blue's X-Files Fan Fiction Page Come browse through my X-Files stories, artwork, gallery, postcards and and so much more!

Lone Gungirl's Underground The feminist X-Files fansite of a riot grrrl. Contains a clique, a survey, fonts, fanfic, an XFU thesis, collages, and green goo.

Los Archivos Secretos X It's an Spanish site but it's great. It has great pictures, news updated and a complete episode guide (both in Spanish). It has a great design. I'm from Chile.

Mad About Mulder Illustrated Mulder moments e.g. Mulder Angst, Hunky Mulder, Mulder Guns etc

Melanie's KM x-files page This is a kewl page dedicated to the X-files!! It is pretty simple, but it has a cool quiz (It is under construction, but its cool).

Mike's X-Files Page A cool site with lots of pictures and links.

MULDER CENTRICITY Fanfiction centered around that lovely, lovely agent, Fox Mulder!

Mutato's X-Files Chamber A Shipper site w/ EVERYTHING! COme to this site and you will not want to leave. I have everything your little XPhiles heart desires!!

My Favorite Links These pages consists of some of the best X-Files sites on the net.

My Page! Info about myself and of course, a recap of what happened on the last episode of The X-Files.

Myrkr A sci-fi site with an X-files section featuring spoilers, opinions, and reviews.

Nery's X-Files Page Not much.......take a look around. It cannot be defined.

Nessy's and Cirglas X-Files Homepage Designed to post our fanfiction, our page now contains pictures, quotes and links. Something for everyone, so please visit.

Nicky's X files Site! The best X files Site ever.

O'Scullyvan's X-Files Site Multimedia, Latest News, Upcoming Episodes, Episode Guide.

Paranormal Obsession An absolute X-philes' haven! With articles, news, bios, links, pics... and lots more!

Phan Phiction X-Files shipper fanfic by members of's newsletter. Feel free to read anything and all stories up here but to submit, please suscribe to killthebee's FREE shipper newsletter! The Love Is Out There.

Phile Paradise This great site is devoted to the popular show The X-Files. There's a ton of links, info, etc.

Planet LisMee! Some (alternative?) fan fiction, plus general nuttiness and a vendetta against the evil that is coleslaw. Plus - enter The X-Files Caption Competition!

Quinn's X-ual X-Phile Experience Home of over 600 wavs and 300 episodic images. Want to join a mailing list? Stop by for information. Don't forget to check out "The Mistress' Tribute To Sci-Fi Fantasy Men".

Red_Fox's X-Files Page

Just to check some pics...

Romans X-File page

German site, episode guide, news, pictures, sounds...

Rosie's X-files page

Everything X-files! Icons, animated gifs, backgrounds, photos,episode guide,meanings of tag lines, mythology & more! Also- 4 new & original screen savers! Duchovny/Mulder, Anderson/Scully, Shippers, & of course an X-files screensaver.

Ryan's X-Files Page

See X-files photos, information about the TV show, see the full movie script, and check out cool Roswell links!!!

sara-cat's homepage

my site is basically an xfiles linxs site with some of my friend's sites too, and it's totally dedicated to why I like the xfiles.

Sara's Fanfic Lair

X-Files and Voyager fanfic. Fanfic written by me, loved by me, and submitted to me.

Sarah's Dark and Atmospheric Homepage

Pics from the series, the movie and links to other sites.

Sarah's X-Files Site

Episode reviews, pointless information, links etc (I'm adding stuff all the time).


We are a group of relationshippers who wish to see Mulder and Scully together, buit thats not all we're here for. We have pictures, fanfic, and a special "Today in X-Files History" section.

Setika's MSR Page

Episode guide, Humour, Fanfic, Poetry and links.

Shipper's Inc.

My haven for shippers and anybody who wants to become one!

Siljas Fan Fiction Page

German Fan Fiction Archive with a lot of real good Fan Fiction, also english Fan Fiction (translated into German). Check it out!


The 'Just for Fun' X-Files site! Loads of humor and fun for all X-Files loving persons!

SpookeyCRB's X-Files Page

Includes pictures,bios,quotes,episode guide & is shipper and normo frindly.

Spooky's X-files Episode Guide

Everything X-files. Everything Spanish.

Spookyange's X-Files Site

Contains Australian news, as well as US news, multimedia, photos, fanfic and links

Starland Australia : X-Files

X-Files merchandise by Starland Australia


An updated synopsis of last Sunday's episode of The X-Files.

Syram and Neila parody the X-Files

Parody with photo montages. Best part is in French Section.

Talicca's X-Files Page

Heaps of cool X-Files stuff, like pics, fanfic, screensavers, WinAmp skins, icons, quotes, audio bloopers, episode guides and heaps more.

The @ § Check it out, have fun: icons, galleries, screen savers, faqs and netpicker's.

The Acacia Archive A NoRomo Safe X-Files fan fiction archive.

The Asylum for X-Philes X-Files for the illegally insane.

The Basement Episode Guide, Fanfiction, Images, Links and more!

The Best of the X-Files Fun fan site with plenty of links and two quiz/puzzle pages.

The BEST Russian site about X-Files All about x-files

The B-Files A parody of the X-Files that we ACTUALLY FILMED. Pictures from the film!

The Best X-Files page! Pics, sounds and info on the hottest t.v show in the galaxy!

The Cross Files A series of humorous sketches based on what might have happened if or intrepid heroes from the X-Files were actually Roman agents of the Imperial Bureau of Investigation in 1st century Israel.

The Essential X-Files Updated regularly, this is a nice collection of X-Files links and humor.

The Extremely Unofficial X-Files Colouring Book Print the gang out, and colour them in!

The Fantasy Child's The X-Files Fan Page Want to see my stuff, other peoples' and some cute little quips? Check out my homepage. Be gentle, it's my first time.

The Future Is Here A new X Files Message board. Come check it out!

The G-Files The G-Files is a cartoon parody of both The X-Files & the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

The Illegitimate X-File A WWW X-Files fanfic. Also includes episode guide, and related links.

The Lego Files A Lego spoof of the X-Files featuring David Legovny and Gillego Anderson, Also comedy fanfic and UK press articles.

The Millennium - X Files Pages Site dedicated to Chris Carter's hit shows. Contains pictures, sounds, regularly updated news, links, mailing list, chat room, etc.

The Necks Files Or, What Would Happen if Scully & Mulder Were Rednecks The truth is somewhere...Skoally and Mildew think it just might be in a rundown trailer on the edge of town, perhaps toting a shotgun while drinking a Budweiser and cheering the fights on "Jerry Springer..."

The Official X Files site Features Case Files (extensive episode guide), Fan Forum (feedback from X-Philes), video and audio promos and pictures of your favorite and not-so-favorite characters.

The Official Bee Slaying Page slaying..Xfiles and me and XFiles..oh oh oh..did I mention Xfiles?

The Official X-Files Site The X-Files is a popular T.v show. This Website has all cast photographs and even the main X-Files theme tune, Check it out!

The Scullywags Help Scully find shoes, sing along to "He's Alex Krycek," visit the Island of Dr. Scully, and more...

The Shipper's Academy A shipper site for all philes out there!! Its a great site- with fanfic, links, pictures, everything!! And I'm also starting a fanf scrapbook!! (everything is still being constructed)

The Shippy Zone X-Files Fan-Fiction, Poetry, Charecter Bio's, Interviews, Shippy Sounds, Top 10 lists, Twenty-Five Shippiest Episodes, Humor, and more is coming soon!

The Spiders Gate Cool pictures and dossiers of the fave show.

The Totally WACKED X-Phile's Page Just a fun little page that I set up with the help of my friends. Dedicated to the most wonderful thing on the planet besides God, The X-Files!!! hee hee! Has information on me, ISMS, polls, pics, sounds (sort of) a other stuff. Just fun!

The Truth Revealed So far, I've mostly pictures of M&S/GA&DD in there but I'll be adding some more things soon.

The Ultimate X-Files Experience Take the X-files test and see just how much you really know about the X-files...

The Ultimate X-Files Page The absolute best X-Files page on the web! Don't believe me? Come and see for yourself!

The Ultimate X-Files Site A comprehensive guide to the x-files and areas covered in the program!

The Ultimate list of X-Files links A lot of links from different x-files sites on the web.

The X Lots of Pictures, sounds of the x-files, and some paranormal activity.

The X-Files

Pictures, Links, Bios, Fanifc, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder.

The X-Files

Ep guides, pics, krycek, GA and DD, everything a devoted fan wants to know!

The X Files Academic Resource

Academic essays on The X Files.

The X-Files and UFO Page

This page contains material that will force you to believe in UFOs.It is a long known fact that "we are not alone". We all known that the government has been hiding evidence from us to pacify us.

The X-Files comics by Matt Kane

The X-Files fan fiction black and white comics.

The X-Files Compilation

Much information compiled from various places of the 'Net. Mulder- & Scullyisms, episode synopses, FAQs, and many, many more...

The X-Files Conspiracy Site

New site! Has Conspiracy Walkthrough, 6th Season episode guide, new fanfic, 24 hour X-Files news and lots of links!Also being added is Fight The Future guide,Collage and picture downloads, message board and a lot more! Always being updated.

The X-Files Cow

A complete X-Files site, with episode guide, character bios, "Punch Mulder", "Change Scully's do" and what would happen if Mulder and Scully procreated.

The X-Files for Normal People

You don't have to believe, you just have to watch... concise, informative, for TV fans - features SPOILER-FREE original episode guide.

The X-Files Homepage made by Rene Smits

The largest Dutch X-Files Homepage on the Internet. With many photos of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. With exclusive photo's.

The X-Files International Web Ring

A webring consisting of different web pages all dedicated to the out fave TV show, The X-Files! On this page you can visit a random X-Files site, or submit your web page for addition to the XFI Web Ring.

The X-Files Merchandise Web Site

THE X-FILES MERCHANDISE WEB SITE is devoted entirely to every item of X-Files merchandise which ha sever been released!

The X-Files Nook

Site dedicated to X-Files....and all the stars


The Complete site for the X-Files fan. Pictures, sounds, links, episode guide, faq, and more!

The X-Files: The truth is out there Web Ring

This is a new webring in search of members, that is devoted to the x-files, ufos and sci-fi for more info visit the home site or contact me at VADER19@JUNO.COM.

The X-Files X-Treme

All about the X-Files, has cool links, pix and LOTS of FanFic!

The X-Page

Links to other X-Files related Webpages as well as a large Picture Gallery.

The X-Wives! UNAUTHORIZED live action video parody.

TK's X-Files Pages Want to learn about the X-Files show's unique universe? Want a good laugh, too? Come see for yourself!

Total X My fantastic thoughts on the X-Files and some other cool Sci-Fi shows!

Visions of Truth

All about The X-Files, with profiles, a forum with message boards and chat, voting for Top 5 X Guys, picture gallery & links


Images and sounds of X-Files.

XF Internet Cartoons - Welcome to GaDawg123

Are you a part of the XF Internet community? Well, pull up a chair and a modem for cartoons that are related to the internet world of the X-Files. Warning: These cartoons are pretty NOROMO-sided, so shippers beware! ;-)

X_fairy's X-files Page An interactive X-files Page with chat, polls, a message forum and a Diana Fowley haters page.

XFilerN's World of X UBB Message Board, many pics, fanfics, downloads, epiguide, trailers and many more multi media.

X-Files by Simon Morley. Has data on Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Past Episodes, pics and sound from the show and WWW links to other X-files sites.

X-Files Action Figure Archive This site is not only to help you enjoy the X-Files Action Figures (you can see them in action) but it is intended to be interactive. You can add X-Files pictures, thoughts, or anything you want for the world to see!

X-Files Addicts Anonymous Shipper friendly. A David Duchovny photo gallery and a shipper photo gallery. X-Files links.

X-files at Trekkers Anonymous A site for the no longer published X-Files Customizable Card Game.

X-Files of FBI Information, pictures, links and more!

X-Files Central Information Site Come and check out the best XF site on the net. A new expanded episode guide, thousands of bios of all your fav characters, over 4000 pics and more cool X stuff.

X-File Conspiracy Awesome Pictures, Lots and Lots of pictures!

X-Files Fanfic for the Totally Nuts!

Fanfic page with mostly humorous out-of-this-universe stories and pictures.

X-Files Homepage Through this page you can find a page dedicated to Gillian "IDDG"(Intellectually Drop-Dead Georgeous) Anderson, a page dedicated to David Duchovny, a complete episode guide, covering all four seasons and a page full of links to visit.

X-Files Italian X-Philes An italian site for all italian X-Philes
Il sito contiene anticipazioni sulla settima stagione, curiositā ed č aggiornato quasi ogni giorno! :)

X-files - Jason's Site A collection of X-files links and services

X-Files Page by Jeff Kwok With pics of Gillian Anderson and her partner...

X-files Parodies A collection of X-files parodies for those who just want to laugh and laugh and then laugh some more.

X - Files The Fanfilm (in GERMAN) A Homepage of a actually Fanfilm in Progress!

X-Filez Kewl new site with pics, sounds and more...

X-Phile's Dream The X-Phile's Dream website it intended to contain everything that ANY X-Phile could dream of! It is in the beginning stages right now, but it should prove to be pretty awesome!

X-Philes R Us X-Files links, fanfic, episode reviews, games. We share your addiction!

X-Philia: The Unofficial X-Files Website The best X-Files site on the net!

~X-Philin' Angel's BtVS and X-Files Page for the Slightly Obsessed~ Not much at the moment but will have a multimedia section - including vids (some of which are up), wavs, mp3s - fanfics, spoilers, hopefully episode transcripts.

X-treme X files Learn everything and more!

You Are The Only One I Trust An in-depth X-Files site with a shipper's touch

Zora J's Warped Web Site The Queequeg Memorial Page, Pictures & Sounds from the show Fanfic by Sarah "S\S" Kiley (me!!), And some of the best MSR fanfic out there.

The X-Files Bureau No description available.

X-Files Newsgroups alt.binaries.x-files

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