Session Start: Sat Sep 18 01:12:50 1999 * Logging #sevtrek to '#sevtrek.log' *** Joins: strtok ( Sorry, crashed... can anyone kill Cinga please? <_TomServo_> Man, this is a full house tonight... Shlamko: I'm all for it. I've been planning to do a catalogue for convention dealers but just haven't got around to it hullo, mayell this morning... If you guys are interested in doing it, that'll be the motivation for me to do it quicker. You could have nickserv do it...  Now in ELIMINATE mode.  SevMan requested the shortlist:  BESIDES [0%, 1] "Nominated."  COLOGNE [0%, 1] "Nominated."  LEAPS [0%, 1] "Nominated."  MINTY [0%, 1] "Nominated."  SCUM [0%, 1] "Nominated."  SMELT [0%, 1] "Nominated."  STYLE [0%, 1] "Nominated."  SWEET [0%, 1] "Nominated."  WINDOW [0%, 1] "Nominated." The problem is we're in a 7 hours time differences  SevMan asks about BESIDES   "I'm surprised you can smell anything BESIDES hairspray!" How's that? Shlamko: email me at if you want to discuss it further cut cut I don't like killing myself. cut cut keep keep cut cut keep keep hmm... keep keep cut Somebody *please* kick Cinga before he shows up MUTE!! *** SevMan sets mode: +o Majel * Agent-D wonders how he's supposed to scratch an itchy arm when it's covered by the plaster cast <_TomServo_> cut Is cinga registered on nickserv? *** Cinga was kicked by GBA (GBA) Oh. <_TomServo_> A-D: Coat hanget. Thanx. <_TomServo_> Coat HANGER. Agent-D: long, thin objects =) That doesn't help, Guy  SevMan asks about BESIDES.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 7 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=================] Keep = 46 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [===================] Cut = 54 % sorry, where are we? ahh, tried tthat Oh, wait... Never mind doesn't always work <_TomServo_> Wrap the end in tape so as not to cut yourself open. Ack! It doesn't work! *** Joins: Gizmo ( Hi, Giz  SevMan asks about COLOGNE   "I've had it ever since the COLOGNE wars!" Good Sev Gizmo! Hi giz! little late hi Giz I've noticed judging session attendance has been on the rise again lately *hugs* ahh ,blood keep cut keep cut keep hi giz keep <_TomServo_> keep cut GONG! keep cut Cybion: cinga is dead. HGONG! Hi keep cut cut * Gizmo runs into the room yelling "Hallejuh!!" It says the name is in use... Hi everyone! Cinga is dead now. Missing it, missing it, missing it. hallejuh? Hallelujah? brb *** Quits: TLE (Quit: Leaving) ????? Giz? And it wasn't my fault I was late..blame my mom.  SevMan asks about COLOGNE.  ~~ keeps: 7 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 6 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [===================] Keep = 54 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=================] Cut = 46 % yes, BB? keep ok, we will *** Cybion is now known as Cinga  SevMan asks about LEAPS   "I'm not the one who LEAPS into garbage chutes." Happy? Shlamko, question in sevchat... Yeah! keep ok keep keep oh, cinga's back again, let's kill him again. keep >=] keep cut cut argh!! keep keep keep cur she hasn't done this yet * _TomServo_ 's cat is purring happily in his lap. Ahhh.... Kitty. keep cut bah cut <_TomServo_> keep yeah, Erin..the school week ius over! That's cause for celebration! leapt into a garbage shute hi gizmo Oh... but * Gizmo 's cat is out in the rain.. I guess cut so? it's funny Rain?? Our school term is over oooh, that's bad keep yay Lucky... <_TomServo_> Giz! Go let the poor wee beastie in! * Agent-D Agent-D's dog is curled up at his feet, keepign them nice and warm  SevMan asks about LEAPS.  ~~ keeps: 11 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 1 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [==========================] Keep = 73 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [==========] Cut = 27 % * DrJonasBashir shoots at anyone not chatting in #sevchat she *wants* to be out! agentd: yeah, I know... but whatchya gonna do?  SevMan asks about MINTY   "This is the Dud Star, princess. MINTY freshness is not a priority." cut cut cut cut Giz: You have rain? Cool! cut cut keep ahh, you got me in my head with htat shoot neutral cut This punchlines suck! keep cut cut True * NovaFlash grabs Cinga's throat and near-strangles him.... WHAAHAHAAA!!... hmm sorry, Cinga.....i shouldn't have done that! I'm too cruel! I'm so sorry, can you forgive me? I had a bad youth , my mommy always hit me, when I saw my neighbours' kid get a new bike, I always asked for one and I'd get his old one..WHAAH!....hmm shall I let go of your neck now?...cinga? =] cut cut <_TomServo_> cut * Gizmo hugs Jonas  SevMan asks about MINTY.  ~~ keeps: 2 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 12 ~~ mutes: 1 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=====] Keep = 13 %  [===] Neutral = 7 %  [=============================] Cut = 80 % =] DrJonas: yeah, this one is maybe dodgy. I just like the minty freshness bit...  SevMan asks about SCUM   "I prefer it to your reeking of Rebel SCUM." cut <_TomServo_> O_O Hmmm... cut cut <_TomServo_> cut cut cut cut ...Wendy couldn't do the culling with me this morning so a few dodgy ones might have got through cut keep cut keep cut cut Oh shut up, Nova :) keep how is wendy? I must say, JC, that today we have the largest number of finalist in months!  SevMan asks about SCUM.  ~~ keeps: 3 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 11 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [========] Keep = 21 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [============================] Cut = 79 % keep We do?  SevMan asks about SMELT   "First that SMELT it dealt it" AgentD: good for 37 weeks into her pregnancy Reload the page! Shlamko: that's because Wendy didn't do the culling = she is a VERY harsh marker! :-)\ whew, when is she due now then? cut cut cut <_TomServo_> She's probably in labor. He probably skipped his baby's birth to be here in the judging. You know why? 'Cause JC's a _SEVILIAN_. <_TomServo_> cut cut cut cut :) cut cut AgentD - the due date is now October 4. I'm guessing Oct 7 I can't figure out the grammatical structure of that sentence :) cut lol Where's Taktaal? cut Tom: LOL but not likely :-) cut cut  SevMan asks about SMELT.  ~~ keeps: 0 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 13 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [] Keep = 0 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [====================================] Cut = 100 %  SevMan asks about STYLE   "You're lecturing me about STYLE, Mrs. Cinnimon Buns?" ooh, not a popular one keep but keep vut brb.. cut cut cut *** NovaFlash sets mode: +o jc *** Joins: Y2KShlamko (shlamko@213.8.3.***) neutral keep Maybe I should make that the 200th Sev Trek strip - you know you're a sevilian when you skip your baby's birth for a judging session :-) <_TomServo_> JC: Just watch out. They'll probably ask if you want to see the placenta. This is NOT a privilege. cut cut <_TomServo_> cut I can't spell cut today can I (just to be kind with any punchline) keep tom: you sound like you speak from experience neutral neutral As long as you draw me again :) keep *** Quits: lizzyc (Connection reset by peer) <_TomServo_> JC: Not really, thank God... I want no wife, no kids, no nothing. *I* have a *cat*.  SevMan asks about STYLE.  ~~ keeps: 5 ~~ neutrals: 3 ~~ cuts: 5 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep for now.".  [==============] Keep = 38 %  [========] Neutral = 23 %  [==============] Cut = 38 % Cool =) WWWOOWWW GBA: you're lucky - others are on the list to get drawn but I just haven't found the time to draw them yet laggy s--- here!...  SevMan asks about SWEET   "We'll see how SWEET you smell after a few days next to the garbage disposal." cut cut cut cut cut cut Thanks, John :) *** Joins: lizzyc ( <_TomServo_> JC: Yeah! Kevin wants to know when he gets to get drawn! cut <_TomServo_> cut cut neutral keep cut Guy Kill Shlamko Kevin? keep cut *** Shlamko was kicked by GBA (DIE) Tom: I'm hoping school holidays next week will allow me to catch up on this kind of stuff Guy can't kill <_TomServo_> Kevin was the winner waaaaaaaay back for the "Neelix as frog prince" comp. Oh I sure can... hey lizzyc! How's the HOFU project going? And why does he get drawn? I must ahve missed that comp  SevMan asks about SWEET.  ~~ keeps: 2 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 11 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=====] Keep = 14 %  [===] Neutral = 7 %  [============================] Cut = 79 % WEll, actually, Johan is working on letting me do that... Kevin Rudolph?  SevMan asks about WINDOW   "If you don't like it, open your cell WINDOW." <_TomServo_> Right! keep kep !!! keep keep hehe <_TomServo_> Remember, I had to send you his pic via Email? keep <_TomServo_> keep neutral cut keep keep cut keep no wait cut cut keep keep  SevMan asks about WINDOW.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 3 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [=========================] Keep = 69 %  [===] Neutral = 8 %  [========] Cut = 23 % Well?  SevMan requested the shortlist:  COLOGNE [54%, 1] "Keep it!"  LEAPS [73%, 1] "Keep it!"  STYLE [38%, 1] "Keep for now."  WINDOW [69%, 1] "Keep it!"  Now in FINAL mode. vote4 WINDOW vote4 window <_TomServo_> So John, when are you gonna do a Planet Of The Apes strip? erm? <_TomServo_> vote4 cologne vote4 window vote4 cologne hello? am I lagging here? vote4 window vote4 window vote4 window vote leaps vote4 leaps vote4 leaps vote4 cologne Yes neutral tom: actually, planet of the apes is one of my favourite movies - classic sci-fi Dave, you can't be neutral on votes! <_TomServo_> JC: I've never actually seen it, but I figured it was about time you got around to that one... He's lagging tom: no plans as yet but definitely one of these days. I was thinking of having an "Aliens month" one of these days where I do 4 weeks - each week on one of the movies He thinks we're on a punchline jc: any ideas on more close encounters strips? :) tom: it is a classic - brilliantly written - very clever and interesting Yeah, it's time for an Alien cartoon. <_TomServo_> JC: OooooOOOOoooOOOooooOOOooooooo A*L*I*E*N*S!!!!!!! BB, i'm lagging ,but not that bad Voting? ng: no actually. I have one up my sleeve but I think I taped over the movie :-( JC, I belive that now you should do a one week SevWars, one week Sevylon5, one week other sci-fi *** NovaFlash is now known as NovaHeadAche Umm... Shlamko, watch me then come on people, chat in #sevchat, vote here <_TomServo_> JC: Some advice: *DON'T* study any of H.R. Giger's art to get design concepts for the Alien. It is highly disturbing, technoerotic art that is really, really freaky. Yeah, just tally hte votes! see you later...time for some rest.....good sev! YOU HEARD THE SEVMAN, CHAT IN SEVCHAT!  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  COLOGNE scored 3 vote(s).  LEAPS scored 2 vote(s).  WINDOW scored 6 vote(s).  Casted votes: 11 Judges present: 16 High/Low: 6/0 y2K: hmm, maybe I will. I'm not sure how many B5 fans make up the readership though - whether it would be fair on all the readers who don't know B5 (sorry...) Bye! VOTE! JC, do with the alien design as they did in the movies, only show os much of it, and let our minds fill in the blanks *** Parts: NovaHeadAche ( (doenk..doenk..doenk... (in my head..ARGH!..THE VOICES! NGJJI)) What does that Hi/Lo mean anyway? Hi number of voting, low number of voting High Vote, people And what does that mean? *** Y2KShlamko is now known as Shlamko highest number of votes a punchline got, lowest number of votes a punchline got vote4 window Ah. AgentD: interesting thought but I'll probably want to do a sevilised design of the alien so I'll have to show it An aspirin, Johanesburg? What happened to judging? Don't ask me! I voted4 WINDOW JC, well, it's soemthing to consider. I think they ruined the idea by showing all of teh alien in the 4th movie  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  COLOGNE scored 3 vote(s).  LEAPS scored 1 vote(s).  WINDOW scored 7 vote(s).  Casted votes: 11 Judges present: 15 High/Low: 7/1 <_TomServo_> JC: *gotta* do the classic "Get Away From Her, You @Q#%$!" bit in the strip... =) aw forget it... WINDOW wins Okay Yeah, rippley in the robot wajamcallit who's SevMan? Erwin Tom: that is a classic moment from the second movie forklift? Never mind that, I'm callling in the Sevqui, a realll bad punchlin won.  Now in OFF mode.  Retrieving punch lines for Competition 132, please stand by.  Retrieval complete. I am the sevman, you are the sevman, Giz is the walrus, goo goo gajoob The whole second movie is a classic... the best of the series That was the best. <_TomServo_> JC: Oh, yeah. Easily the most recognizeable moment.  SevMan requested the shortlist:  CHANGED [0%, 1] "Nominated."  DAYS [0%, 1] "Nominated."  DIE [0%, 1] "Nominated."  LATE [0%, 1] "Nominated."  PERIOD [0%, 1] "Nominated."  SOMEHOW [0%, 1] "Nominated."  STARDATES [0%, 1] "Nominated."  STAYING [0%, 1] "Nominated."  UNDERSTAND [0%, 1] "Nominated." GBA: probably, certainly the most entertaining. And the Sevqi no longer exist  Now in NOMINATE mode. Maximum nominations per judge: 5.  Now in ELIMINATE mode. What's wrong with window, dave? Does the word "Gong" mean something in english too? The Sevquis do Compared to the third :-) Hey! There's a problem with the punchline names for Sev Trek! A duplicate REPUTATION no :)  SevMan asks about CHANGED   "Bashful: Tell me again why we CHANGED the uniforms?" BB, I said teh SEVQUI! Sorry, I know, chat window. cut keep keep cut cut One of the worst movies I've seen in my life, numero treize keep There's no suck thing as the Sevqui keep keep keep <_TomServo_> keep none of this lot seem hilarious BB ,yes there is, keep no suck thing? No cut IonaT you have to be in sexiest pig mode to appreciate it You took a perfectly good moment and put lousy punchlines to it! there is the Sevquis, BB...when did the Sevqi ever disband? That's not the waay I want my first idea to be remembered as... such you quit and the name changed, that's all I get them, I just think they're knid of obvious  SevMan asks about CHANGED.  ~~ keeps: 8 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [========================] Keep = 67 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [============] Cut = 33 %  SevMan asks about DAYS   "O'Blimey - So that's why they called them the "Good old DAYS"!!" The Sevqi stopped existing. There is no Sevquis. shlamko: I'm sorry I ruined your first idea :-( I agree keep Keep cut cut cut cut <_TomServo_> keep keep IonaT exactly, t's teh kind ofthing men say when we see soemthing liek that cut cut well, duh Not to worry, I', still glad you picked it! BB: Why are you denying everything? thats what happenes when I try to type with my right hand as it is now cut keep Not old man... definitly not old man... *** Joins: littlestar ( keep  SevMan asks about DAYS.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 7 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=================] Keep = 46 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [===================] Cut = 54 % Hullo! Butcause everything isn't true hi, ls LITTLESTAR!!!!!!!!  SevMan asks about DIE   "S: Now there's a red shirt to DIE for." Gizmo, shes in X-files mode keep keep <_TomServo_> keep * Gizmo jumps up and down and cheers keep !! keep keep keep cut keep keep <_TomServo_> These are ALL good... cut keep How is everybody? cut Judging keep not so good..I'm posutive I failed the physics test Shlamko: The reason I didn't choose punchlines like that was cos I wanted the joke to be about the TOS miniskirt, not Dux Oh! Hi Michelle! That would explian it! Oh. Oops. Cannae change the laws of physics, y'know... But I ment originally for the Dux... You do? Maybe you'd be surprised.... Dunno if that's so good, JC * Gizmo hugs Michelle  SevMan asks about DIE.  ~~ keeps: 11 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 3 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [============================] Keep = 79 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [========] Cut = 21 % Are you at home?  SevMan asks about LATE   "Bashful - I was born 100 years too LATE!!" Hi Giz (c: Yup * Shlamko wakesup Sevman... Good morning sunshine! cut cut keep Drjonas: oh well, cartoonist's perogative :-) cut keep cut neutral keep keep Where's Kylie? =] In bed cut *** Joins: TLE ( keep <_TomServo_> cut ls, do we need to knw that? hi Hi, TLE! hello littlestar! :) The purpose of this week's cartoon was to parody the Jurassic miniskirt lol TLE, your back Well, Giz did ask... LOL Impractical or not... they DID look good. (:P yeah and annyoed at this guy ls, you didn't ahve to put is like that, shes asleep mighta been better  SevMan asks about LATE.  ~~ keeps: 5 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 6 ~~ mutes: 5 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [===============] Keep = 42 %  [===] Neutral = 8 %  [==================] Cut = 50 % Bashir also hit on another woman aboard the enterprise... his great great grandmother... Uhura, AKA the hip  SevMan asks about PERIOD   "Bashful: Don't you just love this time PERIOD?" BRB Well, where do you think she goes when she sleeps? cut cut cut cut A Kennel? Nooooo cut keep cut keep most of these are unimaginative cut cut keep cut cut Bashir has something about women in miniskirts... Oh BTW, I've updated the Sev Wars comic strip... and corrected GOVERNOR Tarkin's name. just Bashir..:-) <_TomServo_> cut cut Don't you? ehhhhmmm... <_TomServo_> Isn't it Grand Moff Tarkin? ls ,but just sayign shes in bed like that. a bni blunt to be honest If you reload the finalist's page, you'll see the winning punchline there yes, it is grand moff that is Tom: yes, Grand Moff, but Leia calls him Governor in the movie (apparently, I have to check this) Not bad...  SevMan asks about PERIOD.  ~~ keeps: 3 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 12 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=======] Keep = 20 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=============================] Cut = 80 % Ack, wrong channel  SevMan asks about SOMEHOW   "Schidzo: SOMEHOW "old man" doesn't seem quite so appropriate" keep keep keep =) keep keep keep keep keep cut keep Okay, I will now refrain from mentioning where my relatives sleep. By the way, did I mention that I myself just terminated my nocturnal period of non-consciousness in a non-specific place? Even tohugh it's JC's punchline... keep John, isn't this yours? keep It NEVER seems appropriate LOL!!! Long live PC (c: ls, thats better And I always refrain form picking JC's punchlines *** Quits: IonaT (Connection reset by peer) It is pure good! <_TomServo_> cut what's wrong with mentioning where someone sleeps? Hmm, this is one of those few punchlines that DON'T address the miniskirt issue and *I* wrote it - I should practise what I preach! *** littlestar is now known as Spatially_challenged_star *** Joins: IonaT ( lol Welcome back Iona lol  SevMan asks about SOMEHOW.  ~~ keeps: 11 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 2 ~~ mutes: 4 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [===============================] Keep = 85 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=====] Cut = 15 % sevman ,well with my mind currently in wolf whistle mode, sayign someone is in bed is kinda....... well you know..... Hey! You're from New Zealand! Cool! how are you today littlestar?  SevMan asks about STARDATES   "Those were the!!" jc: It's funny =) <_TomServo_> cut neutral cut cut cut cut cut Why is that cool? keep cut keep cut cut keep who wrote that stinker? *** Spatially_challenged_star is now known as littlestar JC, the tarpit strip isn't changed! cut =] hit refresh yes it is Never meet many from NZ online...well, not in my experience Shlamko: Try holding down shift when you hit the reload button - you might be reloading the cached version <_TomServo_> Hey Star Wars fans, check out this auction... <_TomServo_>  SevMan asks about STARDATES.  ~~ keeps: 3 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 10 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [========] Keep = 21 %  [===] Neutral = 7 %  [==========================] Cut = 71 % Hey! My name was picked! I believe...  SevMan asks about STAYING   "Schidzo: Who's for STAYING in this century?" Huh? refresh ain't doing it .. stupid cache :/ keep keep keep cut keep keep cut cut Hold shift keep keep open it in another window <_TomServo_> cut Real working light saber?!?! keep Ooooo, cool! keep <_TomServo_> GBA: Wait for that pic, it'll floor ya. JC, what's with the starwars fanatics strip? (hehe) Weird! * Gizmo falls aslee[ How can they work? shlamko: that's one of those things I'll do over the school holidays  SevMan asks about STAYING.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 4 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [=========================] Keep = 69 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [===========] Cut = 31 % <_TomServo_> GBA: Too bad I don't 400 bucks to blow. Wow, I'm stunned, Tomservo!  SevMan asks about UNDERSTAND   "Schidzo: Suddenly I UNDERSTAND Quirk a lot better!" In fact, over the next 2 weeks, I'm going to try and draw about a dozen cartoons to get AHEAD so when the baby comes, I'll be prepared And what with the demise of daft maul's strip? neutral <_TomServo_> GBA: Actually, 800, so a friend and I could duel... =) <_TomServo_> keep Giz!! Not that word!! keep !! keep keep keep neutral keep keep That's ineffably beautiful. keep cut I could afford it... But wouldn't want to waste my money like that. No matter how cool it looks cut keep sorry I left for a moment 400 dollars.. that's a lot of army salaries... what word? cut <_TomServo_> BB: Yep, my thoughts too. =) Asle--- It would cut a large chunk out of my money I believe this JS is going toward the longest record (c:  SevMan asks about UNDERSTAND.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 3 ~~ mutes: 4 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [=========================] Keep = 69 %  [===] Neutral = 8 %  [========] Cut = 23 % ls, where are you from (apologies for memory!) shlamko: actually, I've lost the IRC transcript of the Daft Mall strip so I can't remember which punchlines won. Anyone got the old transcripts? Well, it's a lightsaber, it's meant to cut (c:  SevMan requested the shortlist:  CHANGED [67%, 1] "Keep it!"  DIE [79%, 1] "Keep it!"  SOMEHOW [85%, 1] "Keep it!"  STAYING [69%, 1] "Keep it!"  UNDERSTAND [69%, 1] "Keep it!"  Now in FINAL mode. I have IRC log automatically <_TomServo_> BB: Matter of fact, the most I've ever spent on something in the way of collectible memorabilia is 200 bucks combined for my Tom Servo and Crow statues. "Rest in pieces" I could pull it out, if you want Ah... <_TomServo_> vote4 die vote4 DIE vote4 somehow vote4 somehow vote4 die vote4 changed <_TomServo_> BB: Which is actually fairly reasonable, if you know statues... vote4 staying *** Joins: Cybion ( vote4 somehow vote4 die vote4 staying vote4 somehow who is vote 4 staing in this century? vote4 changed crashed again... :( Oh, well, that's good vote4 staying I've payed 100 nis or so for a comic... not that much... nis? I CHANGED my vote wich is about 23 bucks vote4 die Wow! somebody kick Cinga again please 1 dollar- 2.25 nis <_TomServo_> 100 nis? That's a lot! <_TomServo_> What's a ni? *** Cinga was kicked by SevMan (SevMan) oops... 4.25 vote4 die Nis is your unit of currency? <_TomServo_> Tell us, or I shall say "Ni!" again! nis- new israeli shekel Thanx *** Cybion is now known as Cinga TS - My thoughts EXACTLY (c: That's corrency, yep Much better. <_TomServo_> Shekel sounds cooler. Ahhh, what happened to the old one? :-( serious lag 1 dolalrs is 4 nis, shalmko! littlestar, hi :) It got inflatain of 400% in one year...  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  CHANGED scored 2 vote(s).  DIE scored 6 vote(s).  SOMEHOW scored 4 vote(s).  STAYING scored 1 vote(s).  Casted votes: 13 Judges present: 17 High/Low: 6/1 Ok.... So I got it the wrong way, so what? Hi, Josh! How's life this morning? Hmm  UNDERSTAND now gets status "Cut by SevMan." There are still mutes... and it's a close call it's good stressed though I got too much work to do Hehe, yeah, same here vote, you mutes I feel the same way Ni! WE are the Sevilains that say ni. and I have to email someone! <_TomServo_> Nah, die's da winner. no, we are the sevilians who say GONG! *** Joins: TakTFC ( not neccesarily *** TakTFC is now known as Taktaal `%%,`%%,`%%, GONG! `%%`,%%`,%%` Cinga: why? ok, DIE wins, this is taking way too long Was about time, Tak... Ahi ata dafuuuk! DIE won Only 3 comps to go! hiya, Tak! I suggest to nomiante too ;-)  Now in OFF mode.  Retrieving punch lines for Competition 130, please stand by.  Retrieval complete. JC, tell us when you updated it. Hmm, seems I'm the only person who liked "staying"... 2 2 comps, actually  SevMan requested the shortlist:  CEREAL [0%, 1] "Nominated."  EVERYTHING [0%, 1] "Nominated."  HIBERNATING [0%, 1] "Nominated."  MODERN [0%, 1] "Nominated."  MONEY [0%, 1] "Nominated."  PREPARED [0%, 1] "Nominated."  PULP [0%, 1] "Nominated."  VERSION [0%, 1] "Nominated."  YOUTH [0%, 1] "Nominated."  Now in ELIMINATE mode.  SevMan asks about CEREAL   "The birth of a CEREAL killer..." You know, they're playing a promo for the X-files here and put a starwars music in it... cut cut cut cut Weird! Pfft! What?! cut keep They did? neutral Use the force, Fox! cut keep Move the chatting to #sevchat!! <_TomServo_> keep I don't get that stupid cartoon... Help me, Mulder, you're my only hope! <_TomServo_> lol... They also put it with the Jurassic Park promo... that makes more sense Heehee John Williams composed both Krychek the bastard...  SevMan asks about CEREAL.  ~~ keeps: 3 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 6 ~~ mutes: 8 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [===========] Keep = 30 %  [====] Neutral = 10 %  [======================] Cut = 60 % keep 8 mutes... Ok... 8 MUTES??? Umm... keep TOO MUCH CHATTING! Sevman, speed things up, we're having 10 punchlines to vote about... NOT ENOUGH VOTING! hey, that's "vocally challenged persons" <_TomServo_> I propose we give up onthis judging session, let JC put the punchlines on a dartboard and select them that way, and continue our chat in peace. All in favor? Shlamko, don't tell me, tell the mutes YES! Darts!! nay  SevMan asks about CEREAL.  ~~ keeps: 5 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 6 ~~ mutes: 6 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [===============] Keep = 42 %  [===] Neutral = 8 %  [==================] Cut = 50 % nay SEVCHAT!!!! ow Littlestar, you're about to become a totally cakanged. * Agent-D dodges teh darts ls is throwing Here, here, tom  SevMan asks about EVERYTHING   "Give me EVERYTHING that is 'just right.'" tom: how about we just let the Sevqueen choose the punchlines :-) errr...what? <_TomServo_> I didn't *ask* for the opposed yet, you ninnyhammers! keep keep <_TomServo_> cut cut neutral keep cut cut *** Joins: NovaHeadAche ( cut cut cut We're in the begining of Twist <_TomServo_> JC: I think she'd resent you dumping that on her... =) keep Riiiight...why is nothing quite making sense this morning...? *** NovaHeadAche sets mode: +o NovaHeadAche Yuo mean this night! neutral because we're tired Morning for me (c: Thanks, Shlamko. this afrternoon! tom: yes, I've already started dumping work on her since she went on maternity leave - she did the computerising and shading of this week's Pits and Twist cartoons morning cut This sev! Night  SevMan asks about EVERYTHING.  ~~ keeps: 4 ~~ neutrals: 2 ~~ cuts: 8 ~~ mutes: 5 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [==========] Keep = 29 %  [=====] Neutral = 14 %  [=====================] Cut = 57 % Sev  SevMan asks about HIBERNATING   "If I don't see some valuables, you'll all be HIBERNATING permanently!" This sev..hehehe cut cut What's the meaning of sev? keep <_TomServo_> **gasp**! Sevloid standard time keep cut cut cut keep cut cut <_TomServo_> JOHN! You fool! Now she's got that to hang over your head! neutral keep Sevloiud <_TomServo_> cut cut that's sst! Cinga - Sev means Sevloid (c: cut Sevloiud ARGH!!! SEVLOID keep Seh Floyd ? Sev Lloyd Lloyd Sevver? Sev means..well, SEV! li'l: Thanx a lot. Guess what my next question will be... Sev Lloyd Lord Sev? =]  SevMan asks about HIBERNATING.  ~~ keeps: 4 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 10 ~~ mutes: 4 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [==========] Keep = 27 %  [===] Neutral = 7 %  [========================] Cut = 67 % Hmmm....where did I put my lucky glow in the dark snorkel? (c:  SevMan asks about MODERN   "The classic Fairytale with a MODERN day twist." OK, cut it. Sorry, we shouldn't be chatting here... huh?? can we speed this up? cut cut <_TomServo_> keep ls, turn the lighrs out- oh, yeah ,heh keep cut cut keep cut keep keep cut cut We don't vote here, so chating is the only thing left to do... No, that's Cinga's next question... <_TomServo_> Whack fa-lal-de-rah! We should vote! Bye all * Cinga uses littlestar's head as a GONGGG... This session is going way too lomg You know, someone has to eliminate double letters from chats! *** Parts: IonaT ( cut <_TomServo_> Actually, this is the most fun I've had at a session in a long time... =) * Gizmo yells GONG! someone has to eliminate the chats from the judging sessions  SevMan asks about MODERN.  ~~ keeps: 5 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 7 ~~ mutes: 6 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [===============] Keep = 42 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=====================] Cut = 58 % This JS is going for the record of the longest session that didn't had nominations in it. Hehe, I love your Sev Forward picture, TS (c: Yeah, it's been a long time since i had so much "FUN" in a session... =[  SevMan asks about PREPARED   "Goldilocks came back better PREPARED." We've never had so many punchlines and so many judges... a lethal combination Someone has to eliminate the judging from the chats. :) cut long keep cut keep neutral keep keep keep keep keep keep Anotehr historic session <_TomServo_> keep cut Someone has to eliminate the little form the star! cut  SevMan asks about PREPARED.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 4 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [=======================] Keep = 64 %  [===] Neutral = 7 %  [==========] Cut = 29 % HarryKim is on the Web...  SevMan asks about PULP   "PULP Fairy Tales." Huh? he is? Someone's got to get rid of the "Shlam" from the "ko"...or just KO the Shlam... (c: The real one? You know, form something that had maybe 50 or 70 of it there are a lot of historic sessions... cut keep keep keep cut cut keep cut Yep keep <_TomServo_> cut keep All sessins are historic keep You ment histeric! cut hysteric  SevMan asks about PULP.  ~~ keeps: 7 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 6 ~~ mutes: 5 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [===================] Keep = 54 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=================] Cut = 46 % god damn it.  SevMan asks about VERSION   "The bears told a very different VERSION of the tale." sessions Hmm, I guess there's going to be Sev Trek 150 and Sci Fi 50 soon, too... <_TomServo_> Hey, watch the language, Shlamko. keep <_TomServo_> keep keep keep cut keep keep keep keep keep keep cut I am never going to get done keep Sorry... to many South park does dammage you're people skills... your Hehe too many south park? sounds skillful... * Gizmo hugs TLE TLE - everything okay over there? *** Shlamko is now known as Kenny VOTE!! <_TomServo_> ANY South Park damages your people skills... How many South PArks are there then? <_TomServo_> AH DID VOTE!!! Tally the votes They're making a spinoff now... North Park REspect mah authortah  SevMan asks about VERSION.  ~~ keeps: 11 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 2 ~~ mutes: 5 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [===============================] Keep = 85 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=====] Cut = 15 % Just keep moving fast  SevMan asks about YOUTH   "rewriting classic fairy tales for contemporary YOUTH" *** Kenny is now known as Shlamko With better grafics? hmm ,followed by East PArk, West Park, <_TomServo_> cut cut cut :) It can't get worse... keep Central Park... keep cut Central Park? keep cut <_TomServo_> lol central park... cut Upper park and Lower Park cut keep north park hehehe, it's 4:07 pm here! <_TomServo_> And a superhero cartoon... Park Rangers. Mars Park, Moon Park and Io PArk South Park 90210 Vote I don't see why it's funny! :) South Park 9  SevMan asks about YOUTH.  ~~ keeps: 4 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 7 ~~ mutes: 7 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [=============] Keep = 36 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [=======================] Cut = 64 % Star Park... keep  SevMan requested the shortlist:  MONEY [0%, 1] "Nominated."  PREPARED [64%, 1] "Keep it!"  PULP [54%, 1] "Keep it!"  VERSION [85%, 1] "Keep it!"  Now in FINAL mode. Sev Park South park, the next generation vote4 verision vote4 money vote4 pulp <_TomServo_> vote4 version vote4 version vote4 version vote4 version vote4 pulp vote4 money vote4 pulp vote4 version vote4 pulp vote4 pulp vote4 prepared vote4 pulp We never voted on money, did we? nope *** Quits: Krypto (Quit: Leaving) Hmm JC, have you updated the SevTrek strip yet? do we care? nope.. Oh, well shlamko: yes *** Quits: NovaHeadAche (Quit: +%%++%%++%%++%%+ I FEEL REALLY BAD..SO..GOODNIGHT SEVILIA! +%%++%%++%%++%%+) apparently not.... do we need to? it isn't voted for much sorry forgot to mention it - the Sev Trek strip has now been updated too :-) But you lefy my credit out! shlamko I think your running too much from your cache * _TomServo_ rubs his litty's belly. Nah, doesn't matter <_TomServo_> litty?  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  MONEY scored 1 vote(s).  PULP scored 6 vote(s).  VERSION scored 5 vote(s).  Casted votes: 12 Judges present: 16 High/Low: 6/1 <_TomServo_> KITTY... <_TomServo_> augh... Poor Nova...weltrusten! vote4 pulp close it's welterusten what's your cat's name? li'l: what's that? <_TomServo_> vote4 version Wettrüsten? <_TomServo_> Her name is Tiger. Not by my choice. =( I prefer giving cats people names. Must be the Dutch version... "Goodnight" I think Not that, the unwritten SevTrek strip is a GIF and the written one is a JPG...  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  PULP scored 7 vote(s).  VERSION scored 5 vote(s).  Casted votes: 12 Judges present: 16 High/Low: 7/0 shall I fetch the Sevqueen? She just got home *** Quits: lizzyc (Connection reset by peer) vote4 version <_TomServo_> vote4 version vote4 version jc, either that or PULP wins or not What? err...  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  PULP scored 7 vote(s).  VERSION scored 5 vote(s).  Casted votes: 12 Judges present: 15 High/Low: 7/0 Oh People voted twice, I guess yeah, pulp wins Pulp wins JC, you draw Dux's spots, but she removed them... pulp sucks :( Before we move on, I have a question: <_TomServo_> waaaaaaahhhh.... Doesn't matter does everyone here get PULP? yes of course If he didn't draw the spots, people wouldn't recognize her Like PUlp fiction It's great... I'm back <_TomServo_> Like Pulp Fiction, rigjt? Shlamko: I know but it was a decision I made anyway to make it more obvious it's Dux Mais, bien sur Yuppers yes, but I hated the movie, so who cares? never seen Pulp fiction though Umm... But I preferred MONEY. It goes to the point. <_TomServo_> SM: Me neither... Didn't wanna. It's a movie people will remember in 20 years too, don;t worry, John :) I gotta go..I need food! Bye Gizmo! sevman: did you get the joke even though you haven't seen the movie Pulp Fiction? <_TomServo_> bye giz Bon appetit! Don't start with French. Please. NG, LOL You can never miss Dux... too "standing" out in the croud... I'm not even sure what it is see ya Giz sure VERSION is imaginitive, I like it bye Although I've heard of it Mais, pourquoi? :) I know what kinda movie it is... Gye, know what I mean (c: Bye... hope you come back I'll see you guys later! I like version Gye, Biz> PF is a terrible movie. hehe, typo I decided to leave in >:( Ma Kore, Zevel? PULP wins, let's move on * Gizmo hugs everyone can I go on now? <_TomServo_> Version is funnier... Good Sev! Taktaal likes it. I can't imagine why. Yes Cinga: I thought it was a classic movie. The first half hour was weird but by the end, we were sold And GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!! *** Quits: Gizmo (Quit: Leaving) HGONG Gonk! Go on * _TomServo_ 's jaw hurts... =( Pits  Now in OFF mode.  Retrieving punch lines for Competition 140, please stand by.  Retrieval complete. This is taking way too long The bonnie situation. Like in the old times...  SevMan requested the shortlist:  ABANDON [0%, 1] "Nominated."  FAMILY [0%, 1] "Nominated."  FRONT [0%, 1] "Nominated."  LISTEN [0%, 1] "Nominated."  MEAN [0%, 1] "Nominated."  MEMORIES [0%, 1] "Nominated."  SHHH [0%, 1] "Nominated."  YELLING [0%, 1] "Nominated."  Now in ELIMINATE mode. The movie PF revels in deliberate cruelty I liked the Wolf... The good old days (c:  SevMan asks about ABANDON   "And ABANDON my baby?!" cut cut cut cut cut Abandon is a word Wayne will never use cut cut cut <_TomServo_> cut cut It should be "leave" It's just not funny enough... <_TomServo_> If any of you like toys or Star Wars, read this... <_TomServo_> cut  SevMan asks about ABANDON.  ~~ keeps: 0 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 11 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "It's cut!".  [] Keep = 0 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [====================================] Cut = 100 %  SevMan asks about FAMILY   "But she's FAMILY!" keep keep keep keep Ouch. 100% cut. keep cut that's Wayne! better cut keep <_TomServo_> keep keep Hmm The she is the good part. Yeah. keep  SevMan asks about FAMILY.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 2 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [==============================] Keep = 82 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [======] Cut = 18 %  SevMan asks about FRONT   "How could you? In FRONT of her, too!" The best punchline though is Muffy's - stop screaming! You're scaring her! I love that one. <_TomServo_> Let's just declare this the winner. =) Here, TV set has a feminine article, so it's really funny for wayne, the TV is like the enterforaprize to pickhard Yeah :) I mean, in Spanish keep <_TomServo_> cut keep neutral keep cut LOL keep keep cut cut Or the Stargazer keep <_TomServo_> This is why I like English... All things are neutral. No feminine showerheads or something. In German, the TV is masculine Long live Ro Laren <_TomServo_> =) Der Duschkopf! <_TomServo_> Bleah... I hated Ro. lol I think that's why Spanish or German (for example) are richer.  SevMan asks about FRONT.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 1 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [====================] Keep = 55 %  [===] Neutral = 9 %  [=============] Cut = 36 %  SevMan asks about LISTEN   "Don't LISTEN to him. We could never replace you." I know, Cinga. <_TomServo_> German is a cool language. cut <_TomServo_> cut keep cut keep keep cut keep keep I like it French! I like French! Swiss German is even cooler... :) Me too cut This punchline should have an "I" instead of "We" keep <_TomServo_> I'd learn Japanese, too, if it didn't have multiple alphabets... De Tuschichopf! <_TomServo_> Whoa-ha! Shameless plug, Cinga... MAspik! ?  SevMan asks about LISTEN.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 5 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [====================] Keep = 55 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [================] Cut = 45 % Riiight brb *** Quits: TLE (Quit: Leaving) shlamko: I might change it to "I" if it wins  SevMan asks about MEAN   "He didn't MEAN it, Baby!" JB:What do you mean? Hakuna matata to you too (c: <_TomServo_> cut Promoting Swiss German =] keep cut keep cut cut keep keep cut Wieso au nöd? keep It sounds like "Come to Switzerland and speak our tongue!" keep Hehe, nobody would... Im atem rotzim lehatkhil ledaber besafot shwaf echad lo mevin ein li beaya im ze!  SevMan asks about MEAN.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 5 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [====================] Keep = 55 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [================] Cut = 45 %  SevMan asks about MEMORIES   "But we can't buy the MEMORIES" ???? cut cut Argh!!! keep cut Please, no Hebrew here... (I think?) Im Atem means "in the breath". The rest is crap. keep keep keep <_TomServo_> cut Errr...can we get some subtitles in here? No, it doesn't cut no Atem=you keep keep It was all comprehensible...  SevMan asks about MEMORIES.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 4 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [======================] Keep = 60 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [==============] Cut = 40 %  SevMan asks about SHHH   "SHHH!! She'll hear you!" I thought it was an attempt to create random german. =/ Oh, yeah... clear like water Sorry if I insulted someone. I worked on my pheonetics cut neutral <_TomServo_> cut keep keep cut cut And what does it mean? if you speak the language it's understandable, otherwise... cut keep keep otherwise cut? :-) keep keep I was delibratley trailign off Sevman  SevMan asks about SHHH.  ~~ keeps: 6 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 5 ~~ mutes: 2 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [====================] Keep = 55 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [================] Cut = 45 %  SevMan asks about YELLING   "Stop YELLING! You're scaring her!" this one is very wacky... the last one... Keep <_TomServo_> Who are the two mutes all the time?!!? keep KEEP ! If you want to start speaking in languages nobody understand I have no problem with it <_TomServo_> keep keep which is cool and this one is the best!!! Taktaal! cut keep Me must eat. We finish session soon or me destroy everything keep hmmm... niemand hier die dit begrijpt :-) keep keep Hehe. Od paam? SevMan: Dutch? yep begrijpt= begreift? seems so dunno understands? yep  SevMan asks about YELLING.  ~~ keeps: 9 ~~ neutrals: 0 ~~ cuts: 1 ~~ mutes: 3 ~~  It now gets status "Keep it!".  [================================] Keep = 90 %  [] Neutral = 0 %  [====] Cut = 10 % keep that's the past participle of what, Cinga?  SevMan requested the shortlist:  FAMILY [82%, 1] "Keep it!"  FRONT [55%, 1] "Keep it!"  LISTEN [55%, 1] "Keep it!"  MEAN [55%, 1] "Keep it!"  MEMORIES [60%, 1] "Keep it!"  SHHH [55%, 1] "Keep it!"  YELLING [91%, 1] "Keep it!" Only Dutch has "j"'s hanging in the middle of the sentence.  Now in FINAL mode. <_TomServo_> Dr. Jonas Bashir. Mild-manner sevilian... or secretly The Incredible Hulk? Only his speech patterns know for sure. begrijpen? <_TomServo_> vote4 family vote4 yelling vote4 yelling vote4 yelling me changing... me feeling huge and green. Oh, wait, purple. vote4 shhh <_TomServo_> No, green. you changeling? vote4 listen <_TomServo_> Or grey for awhile. *** Joins: TLE ( vote4 yelling vote4 yelling Hello again! vote4 yelling vote4 yelling Yipppppppe, it's winning. thank you, me not destroy you, _TomServo_ Muffy will be pleased Yeah, it's fun. don't make him angry Muffy, the sevilians slayer! Indeed, it's a briliant punchline, I loved it from the instant I saw i t * Blueberrie ........................... 4 votes so far... come on... me eat soon... me happy lol me sleeps sonn... me happier then you smart again? More than 4, SevMan 4 votes? methinks yousa laggsen * DrJonasBashir starts pounding the computer, and screaming "Food, food, me get food!" monkey eat, monkey happy. JB, is it me, or has your body mass increassed and your body turned green? err...gong? it looks like majel counts 4, but let's see...  Here is the final vote by the Sevilian jury:  FAMILY scored 1 vote(s).  LISTEN scored 1 vote(s).  SHHH scored 1 vote(s).  YELLING scored 7 vote(s).  Casted votes: 10 Judges present: 14 High/Low: 7/1 me need mirror to see that See? <_TomServo_> vote4 yelling Yelling wins <_TomServo_> What the heck, I'm a spineless follower... hmmm... Majel's monitoring window must be acting up... Me sleep need. me not destroy you. me eat now. bye! It is more than a sure winner... She's becoming sentient? anyway, it seems clear that YELLING is the winner * _TomServo_ chants JOHNNY JUMP-UP! JOHNNY JUMP-UP! me quit IRC Family was a close second imp, but yelling is just so funny and touching so finally this LONG session is over  Now in OFF mode. imo=imp Majel is leaving *** Quits: DrJonasBashir (Quit: Me eating now, good stuff... gggggg) yeah, this was too long a session By MAjel! we need to make these quicker Bye, Majel! "Until next week, Sevilians" finished! Could sevman please send me the transcript? Okay rush it a bit next time <_TomServo_> No, this was an awesome session! what was teh shortest seesion we've had? jc, willdo half an hour? Half an hour AgentD: maybe make the chat rule stricter? What does everyone think?  Now in OFF mode.  ===== The voting is now over! ===== Session Close: Sat Sep 18 02:35:01 1999