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This page and the Sev Trek IRC Channel was created by Nick "Naraht" Frame
Sev Trek IRC Help Page

This is divided into Sections
Bullet1 Basic IRC help (Includes where to get software, simple commands)

Bullet1 the MagicStar Network specific help (Mainly Services Commands)

Bullet1 #SevTrek Channel Rules and Questions

Bullet1 Links to other helpful sites

You can visit the creator of the Sev Trek IRC Channel at Nick "Naraht" Frame's New Homepage.

If you have any specific questions, don't email Nick or John. Ask your question on the Sev Trek Discussion Board.
Basic IRC help

To start, you need IRC software commonly known as a Client.

For Windows 95, try the following sites:

Bullet1 mIRC:

Bullet1 ViRC:

Bullet1 pIRCh:

For UNIX, try:

Bullet1 IRCII: Email Me as I can tell you how to get it set up.

Bullet1 BitchX:

For Amiga, try the following site:

Bullet1 AmIRC:

and lastly for Apple:

Bullet1 IRCLE:

Bullet1 MacIRC:

Once you have the software installed, you will need to connect to a server. To get to #SevTrek, you will need to connect to a MagicStar Network server. It is recomended that you choose a server geographically close to you, but not necessary.


Bullet1 /server <servername> (optional) - connects you to the designated server. If you are online already, it disconnects you. - ex. /server (connects you to a random MagicStar Network server)

Bullet1 /join <#Channel> - joins specified channel - ex. /join #SevTrek

Bullet1 /me <action> - instead of the usual Text it instead puts *Nickname does something. - ex. /me likes SevTrek

Bullet1 /whois <NickName> - Displays information on a person including Name, IP, and the server they are connected to - ex. /whois SevMan

Bullet1 /ping <NickName> - Discovers how much time it take for infomation you type to reach the other person. Ping times over 15 seconds are bad, and ping times over a minute are very bad. If everyone is lagged (long ping times) you might try changeing servers. - ex. /ping Majel

Bullet1 /msg <NickName> - Sends the person a private msg - ex. /msg JohnCook Hello

Bullet1 /nick <NickName> - Changes your nickname to the nickname you entered. (Note: the MagicStar Network allows users to register NickNames, so if NickServ tells you that a nickname is owned, change to a new one. More on NickServ Later) - ex. /nick Naraht (although that's owned =] )

Bullet1 /sound <sound.wav> - Plays a sound (Note: this can be annoying because if the other people in the channel don't have the sound they get a message telling them so.) - ex. /sound tada.wav

Bullet1 /kick <#Channel> <NickName> - Ops only, Removes a person from the channel. - ex. /kick #SevTrek Naraht Quit Flooding.

Bullet1 /invite <nickname> <#Channel> - Invites Nickname to #Channel - ex. /invite Naraht #SevTrek

mIRC Special Commands
(These might work with other clients too)

Bullet1 Ctrl+b - Prints the text in bold Ctrl+b again to end bold.

Bullet1 Ctrl+u - Underlines text till another Ctrl+u.

Bullet1 Ctrl+k (0-15),(0-15) - Prints text in Color mIRC 5.3* pops up a dialouge box showing you the colors and coresponding color. Ctrl+k (no number) again to end color.

Bullet1 /ban <#Channel> <Nickname> <0-9> - Bans NickName from #Channel. The 0-9 tells mIRC which way to ban the person. I recommend 3.

This page and the Sev Trek IRC Channel was created by Nick "Naraht" Frame
the MagicStar Network commands
(ie Services commands)

the MagicStar Network utilizes services in order to allow users to own NickNames and Channels.

ChanServ is in charge of Channels. All Commands Start with /msg ChanServ

Bullet1 /msg Chanserv Register <#Channel> <password> <Description> - Registers #Channel with a Password of password and a description of Description (can be more than one word).

Bullet1 /msg ChanServ identify <#Channel> <Password> - Identifies you as the Channel's founder.

Bullet1 /msg ChanServ (a/s)op <#Channel> (add/del/list) <NickName> (if adding of Deleteing) - Adds/Deletes/lists the channels AOPs and SOPs.

Nickserv is in charge of NickNames (Makes sense huh =] )

Bullet1 /msg NickServ Register <Password> - Registers your current nickname to your current address, with your set password.

Bullet1 /msg NickServ Identify <password> - Identifies you to NickServ. (You only need to do this if you aren't using your computer, or change ISPs, or NickServ asks you to.)

There are alot more commands. Email me if you want more info.

This page and the Sev Trek IRC Channel was created by Nick "Naraht" Frame
#SevTrek Rules

Violation of rules : You will be warned once, then removed. Repeated offences will result in a ban for anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

Bullet1 No Profanity - Be Nice, this is a family channel.

Bullet1 No Flooding - Flooding is sending multiple lines of text rapidly with intent to disrupt normal chat.

Bullet1 No Fighting - Arguments are one thing, /me punches JohnDoe into a bloody pulp is another.

Bullet1 Don't use a script you don't understand - If you don't know what a script is, then don't worry about it.

Bullet1 Don't harrass others

Bullet1 Have a good time! =]

Bullet1 The Ops are always right... ;]

The IRC Hierachy

Bullet1 IRCops (Not IRC Cops, ops is short for Operators) - These are the ppl who run the servers. Their job is to maintain the network, help people with problems, and enforce the few rules of the servers... The following are Channel designations

Bullet1 AOPs (Automatic Ops) - These people have @ Next to their nicks in the NickList. They can enforce channel rules by Kicking and/or Banning People from the channel. They can also change the topic (The Text next to the Channel Name), change channel modes, and Help new users out.

Bullet1 SOPs (Super Ops) - They also have a @ next to their name. SOPs can do everything AOPs can, plus they can add/remove AOPs, and Put ppl on the AKick (AutoKick) list.

Bullet1 The Founder - Also has a @. The Founder, aside from being able to do everything SOPs can, can also add/remove SOPs, Change Channel settings, and is generaly responsible for the channel.

Bullet1 Voiced - These are ordinary users who have a + next to their nick. The only time this is generally used is in a moderated channel. #Sevtrek isn't Moderated, and hence there won't be any voiced ppl.

Bullet1 You, The User - You get to follow the rules, make suggestions, and keep the chat going. =]

#SevTrek Questions

Bullet1 How do I become an Op? - I think for now if all of the ops agree someone should be oped, we'll add them. Requirements include, Knowledge of the rules, friendly attitude, and of course, a love of Sev Trek. You also have to be a channel regular =], of course...I'm no longer an op..nor do I have a regged nick on MasgicStarNet...I can be found on both DALnet and EsperNet, just /whois Naraht

Bullet1 Why isn't anyone here? - It's a new channel, it will take time for it to become popular....Wow..old. Anyway, generally most of the people will be in there for the Judging sessions. General chat never caught on. =[

Bullet1 There are no ops, and JohnDoe is breaking the rules. What can I do? - Not much, if they are flooding, goto #OperHelp, and get an IRCop. Another thing is to send a log of the incident to me -

Bullet1 I have a question not on here, where do I ask it? - Post it on the Sev Trek discussion board. E-Mailing me questions will take longer for you to get a response. Also, if you have the question, chances are someone else does too.

This page compiled by Nick "Naraht" Frame. HTML by John Cook.

More links to come. If you have any IRC related links, feel free to email them to me.

Bullet1 the MagicStar Network

Bullet1 Nick's history of #SevTrek

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