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Sunday Funniest Punchlines

Here are the Top 50 Funniest Punchlines for the Sunday Cartoon Competition. It only displays punchlines that received at least 3 ratings. Also check out the Sunday Punchlines of the Day and All submitted Sunday Punchlines. Sevnote - the average rating for this week's comp is 2.69. To improve your punchlines' ratings, avoid rehashing previous punchlines.


Rating Punchline

Ronald 4.3 Something snappy, something snappy...think, man, THINK!

WooHoo 4.3 ...and they wonder how the Domino find out their military secrets...

Nazgul 4.2 What was my line again?

RealmMan 4.0 One of these days, I'm going to have to get some hearing aids...

+PsychoPat+ 4.0 Hope this place gets a counselor soon

Eric 4.0 Then why does my wife say I never listen to her?

Allronix 4.0 And they wonder why I drink so much...

The Great Wizzard 4.0 Shut up and kiss me. Anyone of you!

MindMelda 4.0 Will these fools ever learn to read my hand signals?

Ann E Nichols 4.0 I'm going to heaven when I die because I've already put my time in hell.

Nazgul 4.0 Must get translator fixed...

EvilDevil 4.0 I should start charging for this consultations...

MindMelda 4.0 Its hard to have a good comeback when you've never been anywhere.

pilot3001 4.0 Oh, I thought everyone was talking to the guy sitting next to me.....

Gustavo 4.0 Must not laugh, must not laugh....

Kane Slasher 3.8 I would say something if I wasn't laughing so hard.

Kane Slasher 3.8 (Leave it blank)

Shlamko 3.8 Seven years, and they still didn't figure out I have no ears!

Ronald 3.7 Oh, don't mind me, I'm just waiting for that perfect straight line...

Leander 3.7 Don't I get a say in that?

pilot3001 3.7 Thank goodness this is the final episode!

Leander 3.7 Just let me know when you need my opinion too.

Joona Palaste 3.7 Quack could put a big lump of rock here and they'd still say it was a good person to talk to.

Buckwheat 3.7 So this is what it feel like where everyone knows your name...

Ronald 3.7 Should I blink yet?

Twelve 3.7 I think I need a hug.

Allronix 3.7 Certain death or stay here...Certain death or stay here...Certain death,

Gul Teral 3.7 Oh, great! She's a spitter.

Ann E Nichols 3.7 Up side: I'm popular! Down side: I'm terminally bored.

Leander 3.7 Just wait until the glue wears out.

Lorn 3.7 Who are you all people?

+PsychoPat+ 3.7 If Garage walks up next I'm gonna scream!

EvilDevil 3.7 And my meter is still running...

EvilDevil 3.7 I guess I make another $500 with this sesion...

FCC 3.7 Wait until you find out about the recorder...

Kane Slasher 3.6 Forcefield weakening, almost free.

Kane Slasher 3.6 I get paid for listening, thats all !

Nazgul 3.6 Still waiting for the dialogue to get better...

Kane Slasher 3.6 I wonder when they figure out I'm deaf ?

Kane Slasher 3.6 Talk is cheap, buy me a drink !

Nazgul 3.6 Words escape me...

Shlamko 3.5 Still waiting for the ultimate comback.

Shlamko 3.5 I'm gonna need a bigger drink!

Shlamko 3.5 Join D§9, they said... Have a continuing role, they said...

WooHoo 3.5 Yeah... now if you could only say something worth commenting...

--mfh-- 3.5 I really should learn their language.

Jeffrey Stier 3.3 Have you thought about mental help, or using a phizzer on yourself?

Ronald 3.3 Being "where everybody knows your name" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

chiefjawa 3.3 I'll pretend I didn't here that

Leander 3.3 Can't break the oath of silence or I'll be the laughing stock in the temple.

Darmok 3.3 Everyday is a good day for Mourning.

CidtheKid 3.3 I shoulda cut my ears off instead of my tongue

aussietrekker 3.3 ....where are the mind readers when you want one!

RealmMan 3.3 Did I leave the iron on?

RalmMan 3.3 Kill me. Somebody, please kill me.

ScottE Bemeup 3.3 Note to self. Get Universal Translator Repaired.

PsyWeedle 3.3 I really should have paid my tab.

Gustavo 3.3 Just pay for the drink and leave

Teki 3.3 Where's my food? Damn slow service!

FCC 3.3 Where's that commercial break?!

Ronald 3.3 Isn't ANYBODY going to ask me what my sign is?

3.3 They can't take a hint can they?

The Hitch-hiking Wizzard 3.3 My theory: if they'd stop talking, their brains start working

Ensign Walkonpart 3.3 I'm sorry, I was in a coma.

3.3 I refuse to participate in this sick human trick of character building

The Penguin Weekly 3.3 The producers promised me the last word at the end of the series.

The Great Wizzard 3.3 Funny, I always thought "talk" involves two...

Dacron 3.3 *Sigh* But at least they don't use me as a dart board

Dacron 3.3 I'll bet the Gem'Hoarders aren't this whiny.

Mark 3.3 Thank goodness for my new earplugs!

Slugger S. 3.3 I betcha if I died, they wouldn't notice...

Mark 3.3 Blackmail is going to be very profitable this week!

FCC 3.3 It's a good thing that none of you are Betazoids!

juancornet 3.3 Tell your parners that they owe me 15 dollars for consult.

Zathras 3.3 I wish someone would pull my string so I can talk

Puff 3.3 She'd better wrap it up, or I have to cancel my 5:00...

Napaeläin 3.3 That's what even my shrink tells me!

Mark 3.3 Talk to, but not talk with.

bite 3.3 to think in some places people pay for this

Michael Lewis 3.3 And you make me feel better about my own life.

Ronald 3.3 Well, at least they serve green eggs and ham here.

Nodrog_CRC 3.3 Stupid @#$%* vow of silence...

Ronald 3.3 I wonder if I left the replicator on...

Kara 3.3 [singing]Star Treking across the universe...

Ronald 3.3 If I was a super-hero who could fly AND be invisible, that would be the best!

Ronald 3.3 At least my back story is more interesting than theirs.

Ronald 3.3 Sometimes I really wish I'd gotten that job as the technobabble exposition guy. Oh well...

Cmdr. Solomon 3.3 When I get home, I'm going to kill the person who taught me to understand English.

dutchrheeren 3.3 When... does the hurting... stop...?

Gul Teral 3.3 10 pints of Wrongulan ale, and I can still understand them. Damn!

Eventually, I will add a link to the next 50 punchlines (and so on after that). I will also have a link to a Search Page where you can search for your own punchlines to see how they're rating. I welcome your suggestions, criticisms and additions on the Discussion Board. Many thanx!

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