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Deep Sev 9 is part of the Sev Trek website, featuring the epic 6-part story, Deep Sleep 9 and selected DS9 comic strips from Sev Trek: The Comic Strip.

Single Episodes

The first Deep Sev 9 single episode, Outcast, looks at how just about anyone who's anyone on Deep Sev 9 is an outcast of some sort. I must confess this cartoon was inspired by an offhand comment from Tim Lynch in one of his DS9 Episode Reviews. You can also read a German translation of Outcast, very generously done by Malte Kirchner.

Deep Sleep 9

This story is based on the early seasons of Deep Sev 9, before the Defunct and the Domino were brought in to inject some life into their storylines. Be prepared for the twist ending that will have you gasping (or at least yawning). First time visitors start at Episode #1.

Deep Sev 9 Comic Strips

A number of the Sev Trek comic strips are based on DS9. While I recommend you go directly to the Sev Trek Comic Strip page and read them sequentially, you can pick out the DS9 strips directly from here if you like.

#4: The Klingoff forehead
#6: Dux's spots
#9: Why Mourn never speaks
#11: Schidzo's new hairdo
#13: Defunct away missions
#15: Barf getting his butt kicked
#19: Why Dux is called "Old Man"
#25: Why aliens look like humans
#27: Why Sev Fleet changed uniforms
#37: Tequila's unmilitary uniform
#43: Exploding consoles
#51: Constable Odour's weird face
#53: Pivotal historical moments
#61: Why Garage was exiled
#68: How Odour lost his shapeshifting
#72: Klingoffs & Trubbles
#77: Sevdates
#79: The Bjorn ear grabbing thingy
#81: What Gem'Hoarder do for fun
#85: Naked Fungi women
#88: What Leerta sees in Romp
#92: Why Sevships don't have seatbelts
#95: Barf's Sash
#99: Schidzo fighting Cue
#105: Barf's dying women
#112: Fungi Rules of Sevquisition
#115: Why Snog joined Sev Fleet
#117: Why Barf drinks Prune Juice
#118: Fungi head pieces
#128: Live gag
#131: Deep Sev Nine's mission
#132: Dux in Jurassic mini-skirt
#134: Edgy Dux's first appearance
#145: Shapeshifter recreation
#153: Cloning Wayout
#161: Counsellor Edgy Dux
#164: Barf hates Edgy
#165: Sev Fleet war cry
#168: Cute Edgy Dux
#176: Schidzo's baseball
#178: Breen refrigeration suit
#186: Barf's bruising relationships

Deep Sev 9 Crew

Here are caricatures and descriptions of the crew of Deep Sev 9. All the main crew as well as many of the recurring characters can be found here.

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