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Episode 1: The Franchise Menace Cartoon Archives

Here is an archive of all Episode 1: The Franchise Menace comic strips.

s15: Anarchy & Mouldy-Bun
s24: Double lightsever
s33: Creepio & Sevships
s48: Bad feeling
s63: Clumsy Bar Bar Jinx
s81: Daft Mule's demise
s144: 2 Sift Lords
s177: Bar Bar Jinx exile
s183: Redeye audition
s189: Podracing
s204: Stormblooper aim
s222: Lube like Dad
s234: Anarchy's shadow
s285: Sev Wars shadows
s282: Tight lipped Daft Mule
s303: Disciplining Anarchy
s315: Blah Blah's tongue
s323: Dead Quaff-Down
s383: Anarchy pickup line
s463: Redeye Commandments
s471: Useless 'roids

If you wish to visit the old cartoon archives, they will stay online until I complete the cartoon database:
Sev Trek
The Pits

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