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Here are all punchlines submitted in the Sunday Cartoon Competition. Also check out the Sunday Punchlines of the Day and Funniest Sunday Punchlines. Sevnote - the average rating for this week's comp is 2.69. To improve your punchlines' ratings, avoid rehashing previous punchlines.


Rating Punchline

Ronald 4.3 Something snappy, something snappy...think, man, THINK!

WooHoo 4.3 ...and they wonder how the Domino find out their military secrets...

Nazgul 4.2 What was my line again?

EvilDevil 4.0 I should start charging for this consultations...

pilot3001 4.0 Oh, I thought everyone was talking to the guy sitting next to me.....

Nazgul 4.0 Must get translator fixed...

Gustavo 4.0 Must not laugh, must not laugh....

MindMelda 4.0 Its hard to have a good comeback when you've never been anywhere.

Delta Flyer 4.0 ...2 + 2 =... rats I had it a minute ago!

Andy 4.0 hmm, A little makeup and some new clothes...

MindMelda 4.0 Will these fools ever learn to read my hand signals?

RealmMan 4.0 One of these days, I'm going to have to get some hearing aids...

Ann E Nichols 4.0 I'm going to heaven when I die because I've already put my time in hell.

MindMelda 4.0 I wonder what it means when their lips move?

MindMelda 4.0 My mother taught me to never talk to strangers, and you're stranger than most.

+PsychoPat+ 4.0 Hope this place gets a counselor soon

The Great Wizzard 4.0 Shut up and kiss me. Anyone of you!

Allronix 4.0 And they wonder why I drink so much...

Khalas 4.0 I should've chosen the jail sentence.

origin 4.0 Is there a sign on my back that says "Bore Me!"

Eric 4.0 Then why does my wife say I never listen to her?

Mark 4.0 So long as I can see the TV, I don't care.

Kane Slasher 3.8 (Leave it blank)

Kane Slasher 3.8 I would say something if I wasn't laughing so hard.

Shlamko 3.8 Seven years, and they still didn't figure out I have no ears!

Allronix 3.7 Certain death or stay here...Certain death or stay here...Certain death,

Buckwheat 3.7 So this is what it feel like where everyone knows your name...

Ann E Nichols 3.7 Up side: I'm popular! Down side: I'm terminally bored.

FCC 3.7 Wait until you find out about the recorder...

Lorn 3.7 Who are you all people?

Joona Palaste 3.7 Quack could put a big lump of rock here and they'd still say it was a good person to talk to.

Gul Teral 3.7 Oh, great! She's a spitter.

EvilDevil 3.7 And my meter is still running...

EvilDevil 3.7 I guess I make another $500 with this sesion...

Twelve 3.7 I think I need a hug.

Ronald 3.7 Should I blink yet?

pilot3001 3.7 Thank goodness this is the final episode!

Leander 3.7 Just let me know when you need my opinion too.

Ronald 3.7 Oh, don't mind me, I'm just waiting for that perfect straight line...

+PsychoPat+ 3.7 If Garage walks up next I'm gonna scream!

Leander 3.7 Don't I get a say in that?

Leander 3.7 Just wait until the glue wears out.

Nazgul 3.6 Still waiting for the dialogue to get better...

Kane Slasher 3.6 I get paid for listening, thats all !

Kane Slasher 3.6 I wonder when they figure out I'm deaf ?

Kane Slasher 3.6 Talk is cheap, buy me a drink !

Kane Slasher 3.6 Forcefield weakening, almost free.

Nazgul 3.6 Words escape me...

Shlamko 3.5 Join D§9, they said... Have a continuing role, they said...

Shlamko 3.5 Still waiting for the ultimate comback.

erik 3.5 I hear a faint buzzing.

Mark 3.5 One more drink and today ends.

Ide Cyan 3.5 I miss cable. Reality shows are so much more fun when the annoying ones are voted off the space station.

Shlamko 3.5 I'm gonna need a bigger drink!

3.5 She's looking at me and moving her lips, do you think she's trying to attract my attention?

Mark 3.5 Dear diary, nothing happened again today...

--mfh-- 3.5 I really should learn their language.

WooHoo 3.5 Yeah... now if you could only say something worth commenting...

The Great Wizzard 3.3 Funny, I always thought "talk" involves two...

3.3 They can't take a hint can they?

RealmMan 3.3 Did I leave the iron on?

Gustavo 3.3 Just pay for the drink and leave

Ronald 3.3 Well, at least they serve green eggs and ham here.

aussietrekker 3.3 ....where are the mind readers when you want one!

Leander 3.3 Can't break the oath of silence or I'll be the laughing stock in the temple.

Mark 3.3 Blackmail is going to be very profitable this week!

RalmMan 3.3 Kill me. Somebody, please kill me.

Dacron 3.3 I'll bet the Gem'Hoarders aren't this whiny.

Nodrog_CRC 3.3 Stupid @#$%* vow of silence...

FCC 3.3 Where's that commercial break?!

Ronald 3.3 Being "where everybody knows your name" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Ronald 3.3 Isn't ANYBODY going to ask me what my sign is?

Jeffrey Stier 3.3 Have you thought about mental help, or using a phizzer on yourself?

Napaeläin 3.3 That's what even my shrink tells me!

Zathras 3.3 I wish someone would pull my string so I can talk

FCC 3.3 It's a good thing that none of you are Betazoids!

Ronald 3.3 Sometimes I really wish I'd gotten that job as the technobabble exposition guy. Oh well...

Michael Lewis 3.3 And you make me feel better about my own life.

Mark 3.3 Thank goodness for my new earplugs!

Dacron 3.3 *Sigh* But at least they don't use me as a dart board

ScottE Bemeup 3.3 Note to self. Get Universal Translator Repaired.

PsyWeedle 3.3 I really should have paid my tab.

CidtheKid 3.3 I shoulda cut my ears off instead of my tongue

Darmok 3.3 Everyday is a good day for Mourning.

Ronald 3.3 At least my back story is more interesting than theirs.

Ronald 3.3 If I was a super-hero who could fly AND be invisible, that would be the best!

chiefjawa 3.3 I'll pretend I didn't here that

Teki 3.3 Where's my food? Damn slow service!

The Penguin Weekly 3.3 The producers promised me the last word at the end of the series.

Kara 3.3 [singing]Star Treking across the universe...

Ensign Walkonpart 3.3 I'm sorry, I was in a coma.

Mark 3.3 Talk to, but not talk with.

Gul Teral 3.3 10 pints of Wrongulan ale, and I can still understand them. Damn!

Ronald 3.3 I wonder if I left the replicator on...

Cmdr. Solomon 3.3 When I get home, I'm going to kill the person who taught me to understand English.

juancornet 3.3 Tell your parners that they owe me 15 dollars for consult.

Puff 3.3 She'd better wrap it up, or I have to cancel my 5:00...

Slugger S. 3.3 I betcha if I died, they wouldn't notice...

bite 3.3 to think in some places people pay for this

The Hitch-hiking Wizzard 3.3 My theory: if they'd stop talking, their brains start working

3.3 I refuse to participate in this sick human trick of character building

dutchrheeren 3.3 When... does the hurting... stop...?

tez 3.3 So iof i carry the two, and multiply by the space/time transponder serial.....

The Penguin Weekly 3.3 Good . . . last time I tried to leave this barstool, I got killed.

Mr Blue Sky 3.3 And to think I only get an extra's wages...

Shlamko 3.3 So, let's go over it one more time: I take a phizzer, shoot everybody...

The Penguin Weekly 3.3 Who's Mourn? I'm just a stunt double.

David Roe 3.3 Don't they realise my species sleeps with its eyes open?

Gustavo 3.3 And I thought I had a problem

Lobster 3.3 At one sunny day, somewhere in the future, I will furiously jump out of my chair and cry: "SHUT UP!!!!!!! EVERYBODY!!!!!!!"

Shlamko 3.3 Of course I do. No talk, no fee, no reason to kill me off.

WooHoo 3.3 ...and you're all such an entertainment.

Nazgul 3.2 Expect a response in 2 to 3 business days.

Shlamko 3.2 Off course I am. They didn't leave a mouth in that costume!

Kane Slasher 3.2 I need a stunt double for this !

Kane Slasher 3.2 No speaky Englis ...

Kane Slasher 3.2 .. and then I put my pants over ... hey, aren't you hearing my thoughts !!

Nazgul 3.2 I can't get a word in edgewise!

Kara 3.0 I wonder how long i can go without scratching my nose

EvilDevil 3.0 Just nod and say something enlightening...

Gul Teral 3.0 I wonder what balsa wood taste like.

Bobby 3.0 *Sigh* This is what happens when you are the tall dark and silent type

Mezoti 3.0 It's not like I have a choice.

Gul Teral 3.0 If I had a penny for everytime somebody told me that....I'd buy a one-way ticket out of this hell-hole!

Gul Teral 3.0 I think it's time to find a new bar to frequent.

Gul Teral 3.0 I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life....

The Penguin Weekly 3.0 Excellent . . . now to put my evil plan into action . . .

The Penguin Weekly 3.0 I could make a bundle selling these secrets . . .

Kane Slasher 3.0 Did I leave the gas on this morning ?

Ronald 3.0 Still not my line, do not act...

Ronald 3.0 I wonder what I do for a living.

Nazgul 3.0 Can't let them know I'm really a female!

Slugger S. 3.0 I'm GLAD that I learned to sleep with my eyes open...

Ronald 3.0 I wonder if I get paid for this.

webkilla 3.0 Please... Kill... Me...

jo 3.0 Do I look like someone who cares?

Kane Slasher 3.0 Strange vibrations they are expelling !

WooHoo 3.0 Yeah, I'm performing psychiatry -at its best.

Napaeläin 3.0 Good they made this force field soundproof.

T'Porthos 3.0 Today is a good day to die.

Mammakins 3.0 I never should have listened to mom when she said "bite your tongue!"

Timo Röhling 3.0 Who is Mourn?

Khalas 3.0 One day I really have to learn their language.

Khalas 3.0 No comment.

scoobydumb 3.0 Mom wanted me to be a mailman, but noooo, I had to go to DS9

aussietrekker 3.0 ...this is what I get for telling the head writer that his hair piece wasn't on straight.....

Muffy 3.0 If I spoke they'd have to pay me more.

Latin From Manhattan 3.0 Smile, nod, look interested--smile, nod, look interested--the things I do to earn my free drinks!

MindMelda 3.0 I wonder what would happen if I threw a stick?

3.0 .....if everyone is so unhappy why don't they tell the script writers of this show!!!!

The Penguin Weekly 3.0 I'm not Mourn. I'm Odour. And now I know all your secrets.

Miri 3.0 You try to talk unde six layers of latex!

EvilDevil 3.0 Speak up! I have tiny ears!

FCC 3.0 [A picture of Morn on Risa.]

Latin From Manhattan 3.0 As long as they keep buying me drinks, I'll listen to anything!

Bond, Jan Bond 3.0 Congratulations! You are the 5,000,047th whiner to sit in that seat.

Mark 3.0 I wonder if I can transfer to the 'Simpsons.'

rabbit 3.0 Must... not... throw... up...

rabbit 3.0 If I could talk, I'd tell them that I'm deaf.

The Penguin Weekly 3.0 In the end, I will get the last word . . .

The Great Wizzard 3.0 Just smile and nod, just smile and nod...

Shlamko 3.0 Seven years, and my tranlator is still broken!

ScottE Bemeup 3.0 I see their lips move, but I can't hear a thing.

EvilDevil 3.0 I listen but I dont care

Reuseable Ensign 451 3.0 Is it only me, or is something babbling in here?

Angela Ehrlich 3.0 It's all about them, isn't it?

The Karate Kid 3.0 Oh! Which way to the bathroom!

Corsair 3.0 A shame then that I don't really listen.

Eric 3.0 And my friends said a degree in drama wouldn't take me anywhere.

flametop 3.0 ..then mince finely one small onion...

Rik 3.0 Easy it is not, being seen.

aussietrekker 3.0 You think after seven seasons they'd know that I am just an "extra"!

Mark 3.0 I'm beginning to feel aggressive tendencies!

Mark 3.0 Yeah, but why don't they talk to each other?!

Timo Röhling 3.0 I wonder if they believe I am talking to much?

Kane Slasher 3.0 This thinkspace for hire

CidtheKid 3.0 I just want some love..... *sniff*

Gustavo 3.0 (Mourn in the beach watching the sunset with sun glasses)

Timotheus 3.0 Pardon me?

pilot3001 3.0 Come on Jem hadar...Destroy the space station, PLEASE someone destroy the space station

pilot3001 3.0 Wait a minute.....she thinks I actually listen?!!?

Mark 3.0 I ignore them for seven years and the still keep bothering me!

johnnyb 3.0 Maybe Quack will release me when he sees I only attract non-paying customers.

pilot3001 3.0 You wouldn't say that if i spoke back

pilot3001 3.0 They still haven't noticed.I don't speak a word of english

Tony Q 3.0 I keep forgetting my bloody lines.

Pilot3001 3.0 I wonder if the writers have ever considered giving me any lines..

Angela Ehrlich 3.0 Should I be flattered or insulted?

david 3.0 That's because I lost voice box in a dabbo game

Paul 3.0 Did someone say something?

Christina 3.0 I wonder whats for lunch?

BFalcon 3.0 I wonder if they realize I work for Section 31...

MindMelda 3.0 I wonder if they can hear in the ultra sonic range?

Eric 3.0 Just call me "Counselor NoTryHard"

Khayman 3.0 These ear plugs seem to be paying of

Angela Ehrlich 3.0 Finally, someone who appreciates me....

Delta Flyer 3.0 Don't worry, my lips are sealed!

+PsychoPat+ 3.0 That 'll be one ale lady

rrfDave 3.0 (in uneven writing) Just keep buying my drinks, I'll keep listening.

b 3.0 Maybe I should try smiling less.

+PsychoPat+ 3.0 I miss the cardassians.

Leander 3.0 Don't spoil the make-up. Don't spoil the make-up. Don't sp...

MindMelda 3.0 No one ever notices that I'm dead drunk, do they?

Aragorn 3.0 Thank God, I've got no wife, no children...

Maria Moffett 3.0 if I could move, I'd eat the next person who sat there!

Leander 3.0 Speak for yourself!

Mark 3.0 Does anybody really watch this?!

Mark 3.0 Wow, being the ship's counselor is easy!

Mark 3.0 I can't believe I get paid to listen to this!

QoS 3.0 ...fortytwo bottles of beer on the wall, fortytwo bottles of beer...

juancornet 3.0 Ah? you were talking to me?

Griffin 3.0 If I could only write this down I'd start a T.V show.

Leander 3.0 I'll scream if there will be a season 8.

David Roe 3.0 Am I the only Domino spy who can't talk?

Chipper 3.0 Gotta get me some spotted pyjamas

Kane Slasher 2.8 I need my diapers changed, but to they care ?!

Nazgul 2.8 Can't you hear me? I'm thinking at the top of my lungs!

Kane Slasher 2.8 01100 10001010 11001001 101 ?

Corsair 2.8 I wish I were invisible....

Elvendaughter 2.8 Only because no-one ever gives me a chance to talk . . .

FCC 2.8 Zzz...

Vulky 2.8 Key word is "to."

daisy hornblower 2.8 Bet they won't notice if I die.

The Penguin Weekly 2.8 Don't worry . . . Quack will pay for this.

The Penguin Weekly 2.8 You could at least buy me a drink.

WooHoo 2.8 Sometimes I wonder if they realise I'm deaf as well as mute...

Corsair 2.8 At my pay scale, I don't get Lines.

--mfh-- 2.8 Thank god, my ears have fallen off.

carrot_mop 2.8 I'M sorry, Morn is not, Please leave a message...

FisBob 2.8 Out of office

pilot3001 2.7 Thank goodness this isnt the USS Voyager

Browney 2.7 When will this damn series get cancelled!?

Kara 2.7 Soon I will devour your soul

erik 2.7 Wish I could say the same for the lot of you...

Kaptain Keagan 2.7 I bet they'd be surprised if they knew I couldn't care less?

hannahw 2.7 my chin is swelling, don't any of you notice?!

Leander 2.7 This is telepathetic.

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.7 This idea with a spaced sitcom still makes me speechless

pilot3001 2.7 I can't remember why i signed on for seven years

lady_of_light 2.7 Too bad that forcefield is preventing me from hitting them...

The Penguin Weekly 2.7 Come to Quack's, Quack's is fun, come right now, don't walk, run! Come to Quack's . . .

chiefjawa 2.7 Do I look like the concerned type

jonpepsi 2.7 If only i listenned to my mom and did not try that crazy glue on my lips.

Pilot3001 2.7 I can't beleive I get paid to sit on chairs and make like I care!

Mark 2.7 They all need to get a life!

Duds 2.7 It's either this or actually watching the series

Mark 2.7 She would look good in a mohawk.

2.7 You know, I think I really like vanilla....

TiZ 2.7 Kevin Smith, eat your heart out!

flametop 2.7 My lips are glued shut.

Londo Moelarry 2.7 I have no tongue but I must scream.

chiefjawa 2.7 When this force field is lifted then there willm be problems

Nodrog_CRC 2.7 Must find way to become house-guest of Barf and Dax...

centurion014 2.7 ...but not to lisren to, since you NEVER LET ME GET A WORD IN!!!!

+PsychoPat+ 2.7 That Fungi is one mean bastard... I'll get him for this

+PsychoPat+ 2.7 Ow god, not about the rash on her bum again.

Delta Flyer 2.7 I'm glad she isn't a Betazoid!

Flippin L 2.7 Thats cuz I don't understand anything you people say

alex 2.7 Count to ten. One, two...

Jim S. 2.7 I'd tell them all to shutup if I could ever get a word in.

Psyman 2.7 I wonder if they realize I have no ears.

thegodfather 2.7 Only a few more weeks until the series finale...

juancornet 2.7 My life is so interesting.

Christy Pitchford 2.7 As if I had a choice.

Evans 2.7 I just wanted to use the bathroom

Gul Teral 2.7 I should return to a life of crime, at least there they only try to kill you.

flametop 2.7 Smile, you're on Candid Video!

WooHoo 2.7 Yeah, I'm a trained councellor but then I learnt how to do it best.

flametop 2.7 Always about you, never me.

Ensign Walkonpart 2.7 I'd like to give them *all* the Freudian slip.

dutchrheeren 2.7 I do hope my mommy comes to pick me up soon!

Homunculus 2.7 I would talk back to everyone, but It would be rude to inerupt them

Cmdr. Solomon 2.7 I wonder how that annoying doctor would taste with BBQ sauce.

Ronald 2.7 ~42 bottles of kanar on the wall, 42 bottles of kanar...~

Londo Moelarry 2.7 Note to self. Do not accept dinner invitations from Dux and Barf. And what is up with those pyjamas?

Red Ace 2.7 Ha! And they say Counselors are useless...

WooHoo 2.7 Some days I wish I was deaf as well as mute...

Lordy 2.7 Havent they ever wondered why I never answer them?

hannahw 2.7 god i hate the ability to care.

EvilDevil 2.7 [Pic of Mourn with a power rifle shooting every one]

aussietrekre 2.7 ..shame I can't say what I really think out aloud!

Jeffrey Stier 2.7 Just wait until you get my bill!

juancornet 2.7 Somebody ...SHOOT ME.

flametop 2.7 ...me go home now, drink movie, watch beer...

hannahw 2.7 ... and then the nun said, thats not my knickers!

Cmdr. Solomon 2.7 Must...not...eat...humans...

Dave Nieuwenburg 2.7 Damn forcefield, and I have to go to the little mourn's room.

Michael Lewis 2.7 Wish my universal translator worked.

DataDroid 2.7 That's probably because I'm not much to listen to

Tyrrogan 2.7 I'm laughing on the inside.

Tyrrogan 2.7 And sadly enough, this is what passes for my life.

Jakke Beyens 2.7 sjies, can't even have a vulcan expresso and a moment's rest here

dutchrheeren 2.7 Damn that Quack and his forcefield!

Cmdr. Solomon 2.7 Things to do today: 1. Get drink at Quark's Bar 2. kill everyone on station and invite friends over for barbeque 3. clean up mess and act innocent when Sev Fleet comes looking for them.

wisefool 2.7 What does "good person" mean?

Ronald 2.7 Man, I hope I get that "Farscape" call-back SOON!

PsyWeedle 2.7 If I don't talk, they can't kill me off...

Kane Slasher 2.6 They are assimilating me !

Nazgul 2.6 !$%# Cardies cut my vocal cords!

Kane Slasher 2.6 Forcefield weakening, deathgrip ready.

Napaeläin 2.5 Talk to the air 'cos the ears ain't listening.

jo 2.5 *Hic* *Burp*

Chipper 2.5 Gotta get me some vocal cords

Tony Q 2.5 If I just had a mouth that could open

jo 2.5 Well, so much for small talk.

assassin 2.5 (No-one ever asks how *I* feel....sob....sob)

David Roe 2.5 Mourn calling section 28, Mourn calling section 28

Agent-D 2.5 I don't ahve to sit for this, I could have been walking the boards as the title character in Hamlet

Ciaran 2.5 Please may the bored assivalat this station.

jo 2.5 Would somebody please pay my bar tab so that I can get out of here?

David Roe 2.5 I can't let them hear my high effemminate voice!

jo 2.5 Heyyyyyyy! My glass is empty.

origin 2.5 Are you lookin' at me? Are you talkin' to me?

The Penguin Weekly 2.5 Quiet, I'm sleeping.

Napaeläin 2.5 Too bad I'm not listening...

Mammakins 2.5 I just wish I could remember where the heck I put my false teeth!

daisy hornblower 2.5 She didn't realise I had earplugs on. (When I had ears)

Mammakins 2.5 This is what I get for having eaten that triple decker peanut butter sandwich

Mark 2.5 What did I do to deserve this?!

The Great Wizzard 2.5 Which of you pranksters glued me on the char and my mouth shut?!

Corsair 2.5 ..Only because I don't tell you all what Dolts you are...

Napaeläin 2.5 What? You were talking to me?

Mark 2.5 At least buy me a drink!

KnOcKoFf 2.5 ...

origin 2.5 If I had $2 every time someone said that...

The Penguin Weekly 2.5 Can't move . . . muscles have atrophied . . .

Manu 2.5 Just wait until a get my hand on a gun!!

Mammakins 2.5 ..that's cuz if I open up my mouth, I'll be nauseous for days on end

The Penguin Weekly 2.5 (Nothing . . . it's just a cardboard cutout)

Glorendil 2.5 Flattery won't get you a discount

Lobster 2.5 (Nearly finished plan for killing every humanoid liveform in Sev Fleet)

Angela Ehrlich 2.5 I've got to get a new job!

The Penguin Weekly 2.5 I have to pee . . .

Nazgul 2.4 A mohawk.

Kane Slasher 2.4 Take the combover captain.

Mark 2.3 Fine. I'll puke on her.

Mark 2.3 Stop me if you've heard this one before...

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.3 My babblefish used to belong to a psychiatrist, and his cat got my tongue trying to catch it, what do you expect?

bad hair day 2.3 After 5 years, didn't they notice that I have a twin?

Mark 2.3 I miss the Cardassians.

Pizman 2.3 OK, 10 seconds until the camera comes on, *then* I can talk.

Farnell 2.3 Ahhh! Wake up time. What did I miss?

daisy hornblower 2.3 I had more fun washing the dishes thanlistening to them!

Cmdr. Solomon 2.3 I am dead, but I imagined that Hades would be a lot hotter.

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.3 You´d be speechless to if you were the first mime in history to be popular

Mark 2.3 I wish they'd shut-up so I can relieve myself!

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.3 It´s a career move, I´m the only one that doesn´t have to do sf-cons when this series is over

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.3 As soon as Jerry Springer calls me you´ll get to know just how good

Farnell 2.3 Mourn's mind isn't in at the moment, please leave your gripes after the awkward silence, and Mourn will get back to you when he can be bothered...

hannahw 2.3 screw you. another ale!

FCC 2.3 Computer! End program!

Darmok 2.3 I wish someone would but me a drink.

James 2.3 A dislocated jaw, which has impared my speech for 7 years, unfortunatly hasn't had any effect on my hearing.

Jeffrey Stier 2.3 Must control fist of death!

The Penguin Weekly 2.3 I am potato. I am sitting quietly in the dirt. I am not talking to anyone. I am a potato . . .

Nodrog_CRC 2.3 Who needs beer when I've got all this whine?

Michael Lewis 2.3 You're boring as heck.

The Karate Kid 2.3 Huh? What? Damn I missed that one!

Cmdr. Solomon 2.3 I will rise up and enslave you all and then you won't come to me an whine all the time. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

David Cervera 2.3 Darmok and Jilad on Tinagra...

EvilDevil 2.3 Thank God I am deaf

Max Koch 2.3 Well, my budget has to be justified in any way...

Slugger S. 2.3 *milk spilling*

FCC 2.3 Like DS9, I am going nowhere...

C1ofUnknown 2.3 I don't even listen.

spocky_zero 2.3 I wish the Jem'Hadar were still here...

Leander 2.3 It takes 2 to tango.

8 of 12 2.3 kill me now

flametop 2.3 Help me, please, someone help me!

CidtheKid 2.3 If I could move, I would kill you all!

flametop 2.3 I want my Mommy!

Meg 2.3 Boy it's a good thing I don't have ears. Whatever their saying to me must be depressing.

Cmdr. Solomon 2.3 One day soon...one day soon!

webkilla 2.3 must... open... mouth...

Cmdr. Solomon 2.3 Why me?

Gul Teral 2.3 Mental note: remember to buy nuts on the way home.

Darth Annie 2.3 Its not as if I want to, Barf Super Glued me here.

Londo Moelarry 2.3 Mmmmmm.....beer!

Garlonuss 2.3 It's a good thing I've learned how to shut my ears too.

Farnell 2.3 I'm going to kill you all.

Rob 2.3 I wish the glue was put on my ears as well as the chair!

The Great Wizzard 2.3 I do everything for a free drink...

2.3 ...and dingo was his name-o

Delta Flyer 2.3 I should get my own talk show!

Griffin 2.3 Must bribe writers. Must aquire spin-off.

Browney 2.3 Don’t say or do anything, eventually they'll all go away!

§Sean§ 2.3 yak yak yak...that's all they ever do

David Roe 2.3 I wonder if they realise it's the other end that does all the talking

Shlamko 2.3 Da-da-da-dam, da-da-da-dam...

ChocJones 2.3 Mohawk or combover, hmm...

The Penguin Weekly 2.3 Talk, talk, talk . . . that's all you people ever do.

Nazgul 2.2 Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to ME?

8 of 12 2.0 Wish I could get a word in

Mark 2.0 Oh, do I need a phizzer!

Mark 2.0 That's because they never give me a chance to talk.

Mark 2.0 I now understand Marvin the android.

eric zuiderduin 2.0 I would leave if I hadn't drunk 8 of those pink cocktails

Jay H. 2.0 If only I had a phaser...set on KILL!!!

joey 2.0 This hangover just WON'T go away!

Jason Buffalo 2.0 You Pepole are Nuts

alex 2.0 Mmm...chocolate.

+PsychoPat+ 2.0 less talk... more ale!!!

Jeffrey Stier 2.0 (Mourn sitting there with Tequila just thinking about sitting there with Tequila)

Know 1 can hear you dream 2.0 If only these ears had walls

origin 2.0 23 green bottles sitting on a wall....

Mayonnaise 2.0 *Snore.*

Jeffrey Stier 2.0 Need more booze, need more booze, need...

rabies 2.0 whatever.

hannahw 2.0 they really are bad pajamas.

bob 2.0 I wish I still had my vocal cords.

TOFFEE 2.0 No problem. Just watch your back.

Veldar Mike 2.0 i think i hear my ship calling me.

S. Hunter-Wilson 2.0 What about my eyes?

Trip Trinneer 2.0 What's to say if I can hear.

Mark 2.0 Wait until they get my bill!

Mark 2.0 I don't get paid enough to listen to this!

The Great Wizzard 2.0 Good that I'm deaf and mute!

cic 2.0 yeah right, wish i could find someone like me

Angela Ehrlich 2.0 If I could scream, I would.

TuringTest 2.0 Beware! This is the worst kind...

Ace King 2.0 When will they learn, idiots.

Pizman 2.0 OK, 10 seconds until the camera shuts off, *then* I can talk.

Rik 2.0 I wished Frank Oz would remove his arm!

Mark 2.0 And they wonder why I drink.

Pilot3001 2.0 am not listening to any of you people, I.

EvilDevil 2.0 Non-alchololic beer sucks...

jo 2.0 30 bottles of ale on the wall, 30 bottles of ale. . .

Tyrrogan 2.0 No, I don't actually have a life.

jo 2.0 I need another drink.

Jason Buffalo 2.0 Because Quark pay's me....other wise i whud go amok

Emperor 2.0 sometimes i ask myself if they really know that i´m deaf

John Midgley 2.0 That's 'cause I can't get a word in edgeways!

Michael Lewis 2.0 5 more minutes till the're all dead.

Latin From Manhattan 2.0 Hope nobody ever finds out that I'm deaf!

Capt. Boo-YA! 2.0 Oh plz may the bored destroy this station.

EvilDevil 2.0 Note to self: Must stop drinking sintahol and start drinking alcoholic drinks...

TEFII 2.0 I'm in hell.

yoyoyoyomojo 2.0 ay, hermano, ¿qué me dicen estos gringos?

TEFII 2.0 I like Jello.

Jeffrey Stier 2.0 Mourn dreaming about strangling Tequila

Manu 2.0 Gee! I just can help it! :(

2.0 After 20 drinks...

Bobby 2.0 If the scriptwriters don't give me some lines soon...

bulldog 2.0 little do they know i put a deaf clone in my place after the commander

Allronix 2.0 Maybe I could join the cast of Becker.

Delta Flyer 2.0 I guess I'm the Norm Peterson of Deep Sev Nine.

2.0 Give me a phaser and I will show you what fun this is.

killersnoopy 2.0 You will pay for this, Quack!!!

Bobby 2.0 Hmmm, I wonder if i can go beserk, hit someone over the head with a chair and run out screaming we're all doomed again, it seemed to work last time

Michael Lewis 2.0 HELP! I'm paralized, please help me!

Bobby 2.0 *Groan* Kill me now...

EvilDevil 2.0 Why me???

mark hennigan 2.0 I wonder if god could create a hotdog so big that even he couldn't eat it all


Speicies 8472 2.0 I wish I could talk back

Gul Teral 2.0 Urge to kill rising!

Andy 1.8 Go bug Chewbacca

DoggySpew 1.8 What do these guys allways want from me. Dont they know I'm mute ?

Gul Teral 1.7 (singing) 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer....

nfhbhfg 1.7 this force field is killing me

TEFII 1.7 Someone kill me.

Jason Buffalo 1.7 Are you talking to me?

Christina 1.7 Do do dodo do do do do do do (sees circus in his mind)

Delta Flyer 1.7 Yo no habla Ingles!

Jeffrey Stier 1.7 I am GLAD I can't understand a thing you are saying

FCC 1.7 Hehe. And they think they're talking to the real Morn. [The image of Morn flickers a bit.]

Angela Ehrlich 1.7 I need a another drink.

EvilDevil 1.7 If you were my friend you will shoot me now!!!

EvilDevil 1.7 If anyone feels pity, please shoot me now!!

Michael Lewis 1.7 Snevic Sev Karblick Upsognapk

Mike 1.7 The time of purification is at hand....wheres my gun

1.7 what was the name of that song again......................oh opps i didd it again

flametop 1.7 Well, paint me white and shoot me for a mime.

Mark 1.7 "Everybody's talking at me. I can't hear a word they're saying. Only the echos of my mind..." (This is part of the song from the movie "Midnight Cowboy")

Delta Flyer 1.7 Boy, I wish I hadn't had that breakfast burrito!

Diplomacia 1.7 urge to kill rising... rising...

Mark 1.7 Oh man, do I need to go!

Cmdr. Solomon 1.7 ( I wonder when they will realize that I cannot understand English.)

johnnyb 1.7 I should've left with the Hardassians.

Corsair 1.7 Don't get me Started....

Khayman 1.7 Good job i learned t sleep with my eyes open

Jeffrey Stier 1.7 Who are you?

Better Geek than Greek 1.7 I have to go to the bathroom

Mark 1.5 Mourn: Well... Lt.(reply): I've got to go!

orion 1.5 where is the nearst pizzer

Mark 1.5 Que?

Cmdr. Solomon 1.3 Beezle Dorgo Suuth Arkod (I'm glad I don't understand English)

Phil Price 1.3 Perhaps a mohawk...

Nodrog_CRC 1.3 Hmm, mohawk or comb-over, mohawk or comb-over...

juancornet 1.3 I'm mute stupids.

EvilDevil 1.3 @#$%^&*!!!!!! I am deaf and mute!!!! What is wrong with you people!!!!

Rel 1.3 Kill me now.

Mark 1.3 Thank God I have no ears!

killersnoopy 1.3 Where is that damn force field generator?

dutchrheeren 1.3 Zzz...

Mark 1.3 Zzzzzz...

Cmdr. Solomon 1.3 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

juancornet 1.0 Zzzz...

MrsTucker 1.0 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

sess 1.0 I'm deaf and mute, you twit.

killersnoopy 1.0 ...

EvilDevil 1.0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz....

Mark 1.0 [Insert witty retort here]

Napaeläin 1.0 Zzzzzz

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