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APRIL 2002!

Check out our earlier (and clunkier) Sev Wars animation and our very first (and even more clunkier) Sev Trek animation
About the Sev Trek Movie!

In 1995, Australian cartoonist John Cook created the cartoon Sev Trek, a parody of TV show Star Trek. The cartoon was published on the Internet and a large online following quickly grew. In 1998, comedian and voice impersonator WEIRD Wally Fields, who lives halfway between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, discovered the web site and suggested they pool their talents together in an animated parody.

Cook and Fields put out a request for help over the Internet and were answered by 3D computer animator, Andrew Simpson. Over the next few years, they produced several short animations released online. They were well received both on the Internet and at Sci-Fi conventions. In late 1999, they began production of a much larger, more ambitious project - an hour length Sev Trek movie to be released on video.

The movie specifically parodies "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and its utopian view of humanity's future. The story titled "Pus in Boots" suggests that mankind is not as noble as we would like to think, particularly when placed in socially embarrassing situations. One of the crew, Commander Piker is afflicted with a sentient pimple and grapples with the moral dilemma of whether to pop the zit or uphold their law of preserving new life. The plot thickens when the zit detaches and the crew track it through the corridors of the Enterforaprize. Meanwhile, they are threatened by an enemy ship and the zit displays powers that make it very difficult to hunt down. The story is packed with humour, action and even a gratuitious space battle for good measure!

The crew of the Sev Trek Movie comprises talented people from all over the world. Most of the voices are produced by the voice impersonator Wally Fields. Other characters are performed by voice artists from Australia and the USA. The music is created by Brazilian guitarist Marcos Kleine. The Sound FX are created by Jack Marshall with help from online radio play producer Borgus. The 3D modelling and animation are all produced by Australian Andrew Simpson.

The unique aspect of production is that it's all achieved over the Internet. All correspondence, discussion, scripts, sound and animation files are exchanged in cyberspace. The script is emailed to the voice artists who email back sound recordings of their lines. Storyboards are drawn by cartoonist John Cook and sent to Andrew Simpson who emails back the final animations. Most of the team have never met even though they collaborate together on the movie.

Since announcing production of the Sev Trek movie, there's been a great deal of interest both on the Internet and in the media. A number of newsletters and web sites have published interviews, enquiring about the movie. When a preliminary trailer was launched in May 2000, the Australian cable channel V aired the movie trailer several times as well as an interview with cartoonist John Cook.

The movie is due for release in April 2002. It will be sold on video from Sev Shop.

If you have any questions about the Sev Trek Movie, it is probably answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section. To be notified of new updates to this section, enter your email in the form below:

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