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The Sevloid Guide to Web Publicity

The Sevloid Guide to Web Publicity is a step-by-step guide to Web site promotion, featuring over 18 strategies on building your site traffic. It is dedicated to the goal of generating maximum numbers of visitors to your site with minimum investment of time and money. I've divided the guide into three sections. Section 1, Blood from a Stone discusses ways of attracting visitors at the start of your venture. Section 2, Hits beget Hits shows how you can use current visitors to generate more visits. Section 3, Keeping your Visitors Regular looks at strategies for keeping your visitors coming back regularly.

Through all my ideas, you'll find the theme of "making the system work for you" rather than doing all the leg work yourself. I hope you find it useful. First time visitors are recommended to start at the Guide to the Guide.

Section 1:
Blood from a Stone
Section 2:
Hits Beget Hits
Section 3:
Keeping Your Visitors Regular

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