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Web Links

If you have your own web site featuring web publishing material, Add Your URL to Web Links.

Welcome to Web Links, a list of online resources for Web publishers, programmers and marketers. Anyone who publishes or is looking to publish a web site will find links to all the online resources they need. Here are the various categories you'll find links to:

HTML HTML resources for the beginner and experienced programmer. Includes links to HTML tutorials, support, tips and more links.

CGI CGI resources for programmers, including info on Perl.


Java and Javascript resources for programmers.

Programming Other general programming web sites, featuring heaps of resources on HTML, Java, CGI and other programming languages.

Design Planning and design is a crucial step in designing a great site. These sites will help you design an attractive and user-friendly site.

Free Web Services Check out some of the amazing free services on the web! There's sites that check your HTML, reduce your GIF sizes or even create your own custom buttons!

Free Web Space A list of servers that offer you free web space or free email services. Ideal if you want to publish on the web but don't have anywhere to do it.

Marketing Creating a great site is not enough to attract visitors. There are a surprisingly large number of ways you can promote your site over the Internet. Here are some sites that offer marketing strategies and techniques.

Software Software that will help you create your web site and graphics.

Web Publishing Services There are many companies that can help you create your web site. If you need assistance, here are a number of resources. If you're a web publisher yourself, add yourself to the list.

Newsgroups There are Usenet discussion groups on all the various aspects of Web Publishing.

Miscellaneous Here are sites that have nothing to do with web publishing, but I didn't have the heart to say no to (I'm just a softy!)

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