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The Sev Trek Translation Page

Sev Trek has very generously been translated into a number of languages by volunteers. Amazingly, some of the languages are even out of this world, with Klingon and Vulcan translations! However, we welcome any offers to translate into other languages. Email me for more details.


Tirs Abril has translated Sev Trek into the Catalan language which is spoken in Catalonia, a nation at the Northeast of the Iberian peninsule and currently part of the Spanish state. Catalan language comes from Latin, as most South European languages, and its use was forbidden between 1939 and 1975; now Catalans are trying to recover their cultural assets. Here ends the history lesson :-)


The Danish translation of Sev Trek was done by Lene Ørtoft:
#1: The Klingoff Furroughed Brow
#2: Beta's personal question
#6: Dux's spots
#7: Gainweight's hair
#16: What Cuss sees in Kneelicks
#84: Destroying the Enterforaprize
#97: Bologna and Tomb kissing


Visit the comprehensive web site, Sev Trek: the Dutch Generation. Erwin de Jong has translated every single Sev Trek cartoon and created this duplicate Sev Trek web site where everything is in Dutch.


Faroese is the language spoken in the Faroe Islands, a small island group between Iceland, Norway and UK. Thanks to Chris Shields who translated a number of Sev Trek comic strips.


A number of Sev Trek comic strips have been translated in to Filipino by Francis Miranda (Sev Trek legend):
#4: The Klingoff Forehead Dilemma
#7: Captain Gainweight's Hair Dryer
#13: DS9 Defunct Away Missions
#20: Guano's Appalling Hats
#26: The Emotional Holographic Doctor
#39: Red Alert!
#40: Ensign Hairy's Bad Luck


Sev Trek in Finnish, kindly translated by Matthew Neo. My apologies for losing the link for so long! :-)


Everything you know on Sev Trek Forager is now translated in French on the site: comics strips, forager crew presentation, even a funny dictionnary explaining all the French sevnames. The stvoyager site is also a comprehensive encyclopaedia exclusively dedicated to Voyager, its complete crew, its missions, all the starships and the worlds they've visited, and the official translation of the voyager virtual 8th season fanfics, 26 new episodes situated just after the return of the Voyager.

Another French translation has been provided by Latin legend Gegge.

But wait, there's more! Trek Sans Frontières is a PBEM based on the universe of Star Trek. 8 Starbase, 14 vessels in 4 factions (Fédération, Romulien, Maquis, Klingon) and more to come ..."


Sev Trek in German, kindly translated by Malte Kirchner. You can have your own weekly German Sev Trek comic strip by using the new program offered by the Deutscher StarTrek-Index. You only have to insert a small HTML code which can be found on the program page.

You can also read a translation into the German dialect Hessisch by Pia Steinmann.


Here are some comic strips translated by Rotem Shuval into Hebrew. She went to a lot of trouble, having to flip all the comic strips around as Hebrew reads from right to left, yet still managed to not mess up the title, signature and web address. A wonderful effort! Read all her Hebrew translations at her web site.

Some more comic strips have been translated into Hebrew by Guy Ben-Ami, at his web site Dead Mole Hiding.


Here are some comic strips translated by Horvath Gabor into Hungarian. It's a very comprehensive and well designed site so check it out!


Read Sev Trek in Italian, kindly translated by Franco Giro, Fabrizio Morando and WEBTREK ITALIA.


These strips have been translated into Japanese by Genki Unno:
Guano's hat
A personal question for Beta
Bjorn Ear Pulling Thingy
Gainweight's Hair Dryer
Kneelicks commits suicide
Changing the Sev Trek uniform


Read Sev Trek in Klingon, translated by Alan Anderson. Alan has included comments on how he translated all the English into Klingon. Must read for Trekkers!


Scholars can read Sev Trek in Latin, classically translated and hosted by Gegge.


Read Sev Trek in Polish, translated and hosted by Robert Jaros. Note - if it's your first visit to this website, you are redirected to the homepage where you need to choose a resolution. Select 800x600 or 1024x768 then click on the "NAPRZOD" button.


Read Sev Trek in Portugese, kindly translated by Fabiano Souza.


A very clever translation of Sev Trek into Spanish has been programmed by Marco Funcke. He has a Javascript routine that allows you to select a comic strip with the translated text appearing below.

Another nifty Spanish translation has been done by MaGnUs Lehnsherr in the USS Artigas web site.

But wait, there's more! A fan club in Sevilla (of course) have posted a few Spanish translated strips by Juan Teruel Ramón. 

And just in case you're still not satisfied, William Castillo has created Sev Trek en Español.

As for Argentinians, Leandro Renedo has translated Sev Trek into 'Argentina Spanish' at her website La Pagina de la Federacion.

A well programmed, automated Spanish translation by Williams Castillo can be found at his Hispatrek website.


A number of comic strips have been translated into Swedish by Karin Olsson.

Swiss German

A number of full page cartoons and comic strips have been translated into Swiss German by Lorenz Ulrich.


Ben Maniwatana has created a whole web site devoted to a Thai translation of Sev Trek.


Thanks to Sufwan Ahmed who has translated Sev Trek into Urdu, the National language of Pakistan (Urdu is 98% similar to Hindi which is spoken in India).


A very impressive and interesting Vulcan Sev Trek site has been created by Saul Epstein and the Vulcan Academy Linguistics Department. Using the Sev Trek LCARS layout, it includes translations and notes on how the English was translated into Vulcan. A must read for Vulcan fans (although you may find it ironic considering most Vulcans would consider the humour of Sev Trek very "illogical"!)

Members of the Vulcan Academy Linguistics Department (Terran Office) study Vulcan language in an ongoing attempt to describe it for the benefit of Terrans who wish to learn Vulcan language, or who wish to learn from Vulcan through its language. For more information, consult the Vulcan Information Centre and the VALD Web Booklet.


Sev Trek has been translated into Welsh both by Worm and Suzie Q. Check them both out!

You can also read the Sev Files translated into Czech, Hungarian, German & Slovakian.

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