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The Sevloid Guide to HTML

The Sevloid Guide to HTML is written primarily for the beginner - someone with a dim understanding of HTML. Hence the term Sevloid. It is divided into sections each containing a beginner's tutorial on each aspect of the language. However, within each section, you'll find layers of more advanced features of HTML. In this way, the Guide is hoped to serve as an introduction tutorial for beginners, and as reference material for experienced programmers.

I recommend you read the Sev Guide to Web Design with this HTML guide.

There are probably a few features of HTML I've overlooked (for example, I intentionally omitted frames as they're not really a part of HTML). If there are features you'd like to see in the HTML Guide, feel free to email any suggestions. Similarly, if there are any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in any of my statements, let me know.

Bullet Preface: Why learn HTML?
Bullet Introduction
Bullet Elements and Tags
Bullet The Structure of a HTML document
Bullet Head Attributes
Bullet Body Attributes
Bullet RGB Hex Color Chart
Bullet Some Common Elements
Bullet P Attributes
Bullet BR Attributes
Bullet HR Attributes
Bullet Heading Attributes
Bullet Text Elements
Bullet Logical Style Attributes
Bullet Forced Style Attributes
Bullet Font Element
Bullet Images
Bullet Image Attributes
Bullet Anchors
Bullet URLs
Bullet Complete and Partial URLs
Bullet Using Anchors as a destination point
Bullet Lists
Bullet Regular Lists
Bullet Bullet Type for unordered lists
Bullet Numbering Type for ordered lists
Bullet Starting Number for ordered lists
Bullet Glossary Lists
Bullet Tables
Bullet Table Attributes
Bullet Fill-In Forms
Bullet Input Element
Bullet Select Element
Bullet Textarea Element
Bullet Isindex Element
Bullet Special Characters
Bullet Conclusion

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