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Lip Syncing

Hi. I’m Dan.

I’m the Lip sync guy.

Forget You! I'm
not doing it.
The thing about lip syncing is that if I do the best job possible; If I do so much work and put so much attention to detail; If I do an absolutely perfect job,…

No-one will notice.

That’s my goal. To ensure that no-one notices my effort.

Why did I say
I'd do this?
Okay sure, That’s what all the animators say on the making of ‘Shrek’TM.

‘Our goal’ they said ‘ is that people stop thinking about the technology and feel immersed in the story’. Did anyone not notice the brilliant animation effects in Shrek? I don’t think so.

Did anyone notice the lip syncing?
No? I didn’t think so. But I’ll bet you noticed the shoddy lip syncing in the Final FantasyTM film.

Now, the purpose of these ‘how-to’ passages that John’s providing on the site is of course to explain, ‘how-to’ but there are a thousand tutorials about lip syncing online that are probably a lot better than anything I can put together.
For instance
but here are some things that I noticed.

Oh NO! More
You don’t have to spell the words you just have to hit occasional phenomes (Lip shapes). I tend to put a phenome into every second frame if the diologue is really pacy. I never put two phenomes next to each other.

The last statement isn’t true. Some phenomes are vital. Sounds like ‘rrr’ or ‘nnn’ are non-vital phenomes. You can generally skip them and you often will to space out your mouth shapes. Never miss an ‘F’ or a ‘P’. These are shapes that the audience will pick up on. Other shapes are ‘M’ and ‘B’.

We're going to
need a Bigger
Each time I opened a new sound file it was with trepidation. Perhaps it would only be a second or two. Perhaps it would be a 14 second monologue.

Occasionally it would be one of the dreaded techno-babble statements. Now from what I gather John is very proud of the power of techno-babble. All well and good until you have to break the phrase ‘pathacenomic anti-cedant comadones’ into it’s 24 phenomes.

When we watched the pre-preview, each time techno babble came on I found I had to physically restrain myself from grabbing him by the 'ventricular, respiratory capuliter-orbital extension' and choking him to death.

Dan Beeston
(read Dan's own cartoons at

SEVNOTE - if you wish to ask any questions about the production process to Dan or any other crew member to answer in his online interview, post your question on the Interview Page.

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