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Sev Trek launch party

Although the Sev Trek Movie was launched online, we had to have a real party to celebrate the event and show the movie to local crew, family and friends. Here is an account of the evening by animator Andrew Simpson...

After spending Friday night at John's house signing and packing videos, it wasn't until 2pm when I arrived. By that stage, it was already a busy place getting ready for the launch party. When I arrived, Wendy was finishing the last of the cooking (which she spent the last 2 days doing).

So we got down to the last of the setting up. The balloons and streamers were put up. We took some of the Sev Trek merchandise from the garage and placed it on the shelves in the projector room (I believe John calls it the dining room). Then Wendy's brother Chris arrived to complete the setup of the projector. Just before party time, Wendy's other brother Jon arrived to set up the sound system.

Everybody retired to the showers to get ready. The guests started arriving just after we second guessed what time we told everyone to arrive.

30 minutes later, the party was in full swing. Everyone was chatting, eating, drinking, swapping the cartoon that got away stories. At 7pm, Benherd began to play. Itís a pity we didn't record them as they were great! They had so much equipment, it took them longer to setup than they played. They played all the songs they have on the Sev Trek Soundtrack CD as well as a new song they tried out on us that will be on their web site soon.

At 8pm, the big event got underway. Everyone was looking for a good spot. Even though the cartoon had been finished, this was the first production copy of the cartoon that had been made. Dan Beeston had seen a cut of the movie in February. Jason (voice of Gaudy) had never seen the cartoon. Benherd had seen all but the last 8 minutes at my house last October. No one else had seen the cartoon. So you can imagine everyone wanted a good spot to see the cartoon.

I started things rolling with a quick intro and thanked everyone for coming. One of the reasons for the party was to show the cartoon to all our friends. Everyone on the crew had been talking about the cartoon and all of our friends had been asking when could they see it? To ensure we didn't have to watch it every time a friend came over, we invited them all to the party. Then I introduced John to intro the cartoon.

With such a large crowd, laughter can be infectious. I even saw John laugh at some of the funnier parts while using the time to quickly have something to eat (everyone kept him talking). Judging by the laughter and the applause at the end, everyone had a good time. We then opened the in-house Sev Shop.

More food came out and everyone had a good time talking about their fav part. Now was also a good time to grab Benherd and get them to sign CDís. I don't think any of the band had any idea how long it would take to sign all the CD covers. We only had one signing pen so they did it one at a time. At first each of them signed the cover and handed it to me. But after they had done the first fifty, they started signing them in the Tim Allen from Galaxy Quest way. Sign flick sign flick sign flick. Very funny to watch.

After this, I noticed the crowd was starting to thin out. So I grabbed some friends and got them to pack CD covers while we chatted about the night. We managed to get the entire shipment of CDís signed and packed.

The night ended about 12am. An excellent night was had by all.

The only Sev Trek crew members who could make it to the launch party (eg - live in Brisbane, Australia). Left to right: John Cook, Andrew Simpson, Dan Beeston, Jason Kempnich.

Thanx to Chris Garrett for taking the photos on the night.

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