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Jack Marshall

Jack Marshall began his career as an actor at the ripe old age of 8 years old playing Huckleberry Finn for a run at The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Over the next few years he appeared in various local TV, radio shows, and theatre performances. Upon graduation from a small college in Indiana, Marshall fled to the relative safety of the North Hollywood hills.

No longer interested primarily in acting, Marshall devoted his time to working on as many studio lots as possible in an effort to "school" himself in the ways of TV/Film production (you didn't think an Indiana college would have a TV/film school did you?). Over the next several years, Marshall worked at Universal Studios, Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers in a variety of production capacities.

In 1998, Marshall changed course and moved to Washington D.C. Educational Television was the new focus as he accepted a position as Producer/Director/Writer for the local school districts dual broadcast cable channels. It is here that the digital revolution began in his career. The realization that the "movie studio at home" was becoming a reality spurred Marshall to try editing a full length motion picture on an average home computer. And so were born the controversial re-edited versions of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Now, at 35, Marshall is once again at a crossroads. Eager to get back to film, Marshall is working on his first independent film script in 10 years. His re-edited movies are being download by users across the net, and speaking appearances at various film festivals across the country have keep him very busy. In April of 2002, the Australian Sci-Fi parody film, "Sev Trek: Pus in Boots", in which Marshall participated as sound effects creator and editor, will be released. This was truly international effort with animation from Australia, an original sound track from Brazil, and sound creation and editing done in the US. And it was all done without the participants ever meeting during the 2 years it took to make the film.

By the summer of 2002, Marshall will be relocating to Orlando Florida, to begin working once again for the Disney company.

If you'd like to ask Jack a question, post your question in the online form on the Interviews Page.

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