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Interview - Jack Marshall

Jack Marshall is the skilled and talented sound fx guy who performed much of the sound fx of the movie (along with Borgus) and mixed the final soundtrack together. Here, he answers several sevilian questions...

Q: How did you get involved in Sev? And are there any other Sev activities you participate in?

A: One thing that drives me crazy is hearing about an actor, writer, or producer on a Trek show or movie who knows absolutely nothing about the franchise, or just consider it another job! In the case of Sev Trek, I would have to say I fall into the same catagory, and therefore drive myself crazy! Before I started working on the Sev Movie, I had never read and only just heard about it in passing. To this day I still use the wrong character names! I became involved when I had read an article about the Sev Team looking for help on the movie. That was over a year ago. I emailed John Cook, sent him some examples of my work, and the rest is, well, alot of hard work and being accused of having an accent whenever one of the guys calls me from Australia!

Besides helping develop the sound effects with another sound artist named "Borgus", I was also responsible for mixing the whole movie. This was at times harder than creating any effect. Basically, I would download the completed animation which included the voice over, drop the file into Adobe Premeire, and then begin to layer the sounds and music over the video. At times this could consist of over 150 effects added per act. Once that was done (which took a few months per act to finalize), I'd export a wav file from the timeline and send that back to the team. They would combine the wav file with the master animation, and then have the completed act.

Though I am not currently working on anything Sev related at the moment, I think all of us are willing to give it another go in the future (did I hear someone say sequel?).

Q: What are some of the major sound effects that you had to create yourself?

A: Just about every sound you hear was a major effect. An example of this was the development of the "ambiant" ship noises you hear. The Bridge background sound has about 20 layers including random beeps, engine hums, and more. To give the ship more realism, ambiant sound was created for 4 other locations on the ship. There's a unique Engineering, 10-Forward, Sickbay, and Corridor ambiant sound as well. Besides creating these ambiant sounds, I'd have to say adding sounds to the "Zit" as it moves, punches, and oozes about would have to rank as some of the most challenging work done on the movie. We had alot of help on many of the specialty sounds from "Borgus". He provided alot of the scanners, futuristic buttons, transporter, etc., and the absolutely amazing "Pus Planet" background noise.

Q: Are the sound fx everyday sounds, or did you use some kind of synthesizer?

A: For the most part all the sounds you hear can be found in nature. I don't use a synthesizer, but I do run most of the sounds through an audio program called GoldWave. With this program I can completely change and shape a sound. Take the sword fight for example. The sword sound you hear is processed from the original sound I recorded, then added to the movie. That original sound: 2 china plates hit together on their edges. As I recall this was the example I sent in to John originally when he was looking for help.

Q: Can you, after all this time of working on the Sev Trek Movie, still laugh at it yourselves when seeing it?

A: I think more than anyone involved, I laugh the most. Of course, I've only been working on this for a little over a year, while the rest of the team has worked twice as long. That means I've seen the whole movie about 100 times, while they have seen it many more times than that. I remember when the rest of the team heard the sound effects and music mix for the first time. They all reacted like they were seeing it for the first time. I think hearing the complete soundtrack really got everyone motivated for the final push towards the release.

Learn more at Jack Marshall's biography. If you'd like to ask Jack any more questions, post your question in the online form on the Interviews Page.

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