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Interview - Borgus

Borgus along with Jack Marshall produced the sound effects of the Sev Trek Movie - he has a talent for creating very gross sounds! Here, he answers several sevilian questions explaining the inventive techniques he uses to create his sounds...

Q: How did you get involved in Sev? And are there any other Sev activities you participate in?

A: A friend sent me an e-mail saying that this Sev Trek guy needed someone to do sound effects for a star trek parody, and I was immediately hooked. I had just finished a CD and had some leftover sci-fi beeps and buzzes for John to hear. When John heard the sounds he seemed impressed so he sent me a list of sounds to make for him (ship engines, door opening, torpedos). Some of those actually ended up in the movie.

John wanted sounds that were created from scratch, so he wouldn't face copyright issues with Paramount. So I had to re-create computer beeps, engine sounds, transporter beams, tricorder buzzes--all things that trek fans are familiar with.

For the next few months John sent me lists of sounds to create. He wanted me to also do the sound mixing, but my schedule was getting busy. So he found Jack Marshall which I think brought a tremendous amount of energy to the final mix.

Q: What are some of the major sound effects that you had to create yourself?

A: John says I'm known for the "grossest" sounds in the movie. There is a sequence where the zit begins to grow larger on Piker's forehead. It becomes so large that it flops around when he walks. I thought Andrews animation of this flopping zit was so hilarious--it looked like a balloon filled with water. So i thought the appropriate sound would be the rubber screeching sound of a balloon, but I couldn't find a balloon aroud the house. Instead I used a roll of packaging tape with the plastic wrapper still on. It works great with the scene! I also did the background bubbling of the "pus planet" by blowing through a straw into a pitcher of water, and then slowing it down to make it sound soupy.

Another really sickening sound is the Squeez-o-matic machine. I don't want to give away the plot, but the machine is hilarious, and its sound is almost purely processed vocals.

It was important to me to work in concert with the visuals, and not try to draw attention away from them. The sounds re-inforce the comedy that is already drawn into the scene, adding depth to the laughs!

Every sound that I made I had to create myself. Again, because we wanted to avoid stealing them from elsewhere. The most fun was just being creative trying to match Andrew's animation.

Q: Can you, after all this time of working on the Sev Trek Movie, still laugh at it yourselves when seeing it?

A: I haven't seen it yet! Tell John to hurry ;)

Learn more at Borgus' website. If you'd like to ask Borgus any more questions, post your question in the online form on the Interviews Page.

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