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This Hall of Fame isn't complete yet so please don't email me about any omissions until I've finished it. Thanx! :-)
The Sev Trek Hall of Fame

The Sev Trek web site is the product of many contributions from people all over the world. I am deeply appreciative to everyone who has helped to make this site richer and more interesting for everyone to enjoy. So I'm going to attempt to list everyone who has played a part in this Hall of Fame. Over time, I'll add section after section listing the various contributors. The sections will be:

Top 50 Sev Trek Book Orderers The first 50 orderers of the Sev Trek book, The Sev Trek Collective has been decided. As well as winning prizes such as signed original artwork, they're also immortalized by being listed in the Sev Trek Hall of Fame! :-)

Special Mention Devoted to those who've done exceptional things for Sev Trek, adding significantly to the Sevloid Universe.

Names Most of the Sev Trek alternative names are suggestions - we list all those who suggested a Sev Trek name.

Cartoon Ideas The comic strip used each week in the Sev Trek Competition is suggested on the Sev Trek Ideas Board.

Punchline Winners Over a thousand punchlines are submitted each week. To write that one punchline that is selected as the winner is not an easy task.

Translators Sev Trek has been translated into many languages, including Vulcan and Klingon!

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