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Dr Chris Media Blitz!

We all wondered who would be the rising star from the Sev Trek Movie. Would it be Andrew Simpson with his herculean singlehanded animation effort? Or Wally Fields with his talented and versatile voice impersonations? No! It was our "Medical Consultant" boffin, Dr Chris Kovacs! As well as a slew of Canadian newspaper and magazine articles, he even featured on national Canadian TV (see at the bottom of the page for more TV details).

Article in TV Guide (click here to see larger version of article)

Articles in the Gazette (Uni medical rag) and The Telegram

Article in Express

Dr Chris on Canadian TV
Thanx to EofS and Dr Chris for this transcript of a piece on Canadian national TV:

And beam him up, Scotty, this St. Johnís doctor gets tapped to put his Star Trek knowledge to good use.

To his patients and colleagues, Dr Chris Kovacs, of Memorial University, is an expert on osteoporosis. But wait, there's another side to this doctor, a side that boldly goes where no-one's gone before. Azzo Rizzori explains.

It doesn't take much detective work in Chris Kovacs' house to figure out that the good doctor is a fan of science fiction. One in particular.

"I started watching Star Trek in the early days of reruns, I guess in the early-mid 70's and then I like science fiction and fantasy reading and that was the main thing I liked on TV."

Yes he's got them all, every episode of Star Trek there's ever been. Pictures, autographs. Four years ago he discovered this internet comic strip from Australia, spoofing Star Trek. There'd be a comment in one of the speech bubbles and you, the web user, were encouraged to come up with a clever reply in the other bubble. Kovacs obliged, and it wasn't long before he caught the attention of the author.

"He found out that I was a physician and that many of my responses were insightful either because I knew a lot about Star Trek history, like what had happened in a particular episode and suggestions of what to parody. And also because I'm a physician there were aspects of medical knowledge and other knowledge that I've been able to contribute to him in the projects he's developing."

And that's how Doctor Kovacs ended up medical consultant to the producers of a 45 minute movie.

*Snatch of trailer "In the 24th century, skin problems had been eradicated. 'Forgive me for noticing Number One, but that's one heck of a zit you have there!'"*

In this cartoon, the starship Enterforaprize is invaded by a pimple. Kovacs provided the medical technobabble and suggested the final Star Trek solution.

"Well, a common medication used to treat acne is accutane and the generic name for that is isotretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A so isotretinoin became xeno (xeno meaning alien) so xenotretinoin and we came up with xenotretinoin particles that are blasted at the end to help to destroy the aliens."

So how many people will see the good doctor's contribution? Well, an average one million web users click on the Star Trek comic strip each month.

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