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The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design is a collection of over 100 tips, tricks and techniques on every aspect of web design. The tips are sorted into the categories of page layout, navigation, content, graphics and more.

Learn how to implement these design tips in the Sevloid Guide to HTML.

A well designed site can be the difference between success and failure. The better designed a site, the easier it is for visitors to read, navigate, interact with and remember. So you see the importance of a guide such as this. First time visitors are recommended to start at the Guide to the Guide.

Planning Bullet Purpose
Bullet Audience

Content Bullet Interactivity
Bullet Regularity
Bullet Miscellaneous Tips

Page Layout Bullet Layout Grid
Bullet Consistency
Bullet Readability
Bullet Simplicity

Navigation Bullet Structure
Bullet Ease of Navigation
Bullet Navigation Bars
Bullet Miscellaneous Tips

Graphics Bullet Minimise
Bullet Engaging Tactics


Bullet Before Uploading
Bullet After Uploading

Maintenance Bullet Easier Maintenance
Bullet Miscellaneous Tips

Shameless Plug! Find out about Sevloid Artís custom graphics creation services! Shameless Plug! There are two main elements to a visually well designed web site - a structured layout grid and strong, eye-catching graphics. This guide helps you with the first option, but you have to create the graphics yourself. However, Sevloid Art can create custom web graphics for you that will enhance your site and make it stand out. Read our Graphics and Illustration Page for more details.

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