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Send in the Clones!

Here are the 13 episodes of the Send in the Clones story:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

The highlight of The Sev Trek Collective is Send in the Clones, the longest and (I think) funniest Sev Trek story yet written. Without giving away too much, the entire Forager crew (well, the important crew members) are cloned in a transploder accident (you can't accuse me of originality on that plot line).

However, the clones differ from the originals in a very intriguing, plot forming and not-to-be-revealed way! This causes some interesting interaction between the clones and the originals, culminating in a plot-twisting climax that will shock, amaze and possibly annoy you!

Clones also answers some of the big questions of Forager (that we've attempted to explain in the comic strip but not really succeeded). You will finally receive explanations on why Hairy Chin has such bad luck, why the Doctor gets so emotional if he's just computer software and where Forager gets all their scuttlecraft from!

Having enjoyed doing this story so much, I decided to leave it open to a sequel and left some very subtle clues in the story that would suggest how it might happen. I'll be interested in seeing if anyone spots the clues (Wendy spotted one of the clues without me prompting her at all but then she's a nitpicking legend).

A section of the The Sev Trek Collective is devoted to how I write a Sev Trek story, and Clones is used as an example. Much of the writing process is described including sketches and raw ideas from my notebook. You'll find out how some of the visual humour is developed, how the cartoons are drawn and the digitising process that allows me to shade and refine my cartoons on the computer.

On a personal note, Clones is my favourite Sev Trek story so far (although Wendy favours Pus in Boots because of it's sheer gross out factor). Every other story I've written including Pus and Deep Sleep Nine were stories I basically made up from episode to episode. Clones is the first story I completely wrote before beginning drawing and consequently is a much more organised, structured and hence readable story. And the twist at the end is quite interesting (Wendy said she wasn't expecting it)! :-)

Click here to read Send in the Clones!

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