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Defeating Khant

If Khant is so genetically, physically and intellectually superior, how can an ordinary human or especially a quite flawed human like Captain Quirk routinely kick his butt.

This week's idea was suggested by TC Lin. The winning punchline was written by Nodrog_CRC. Read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winning punchline. Read the Finalist Punchlines that were judged at the IRC session. This cartoon was archived on 9/9/2002.

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Funniest Punchlines

Here are some of the funniest punchlines submitted for this cartoon.

Mr. Sprague

3.8 You're looking at the man who defeated GOD.


3.8 Heck, Moby Dick won but you keep quoting Ahab!

Ace King

3.6 Your aren't truely defeated until I sing.


3.4 Ah, the old "nature vs. nuture" argument!

Jack Hammerfist

3.3 SUPERIOR? You didn't know starships can go DOWN!

Lon Averole

3.3 The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Sometimes the stupid fat guy wins.

Dre D.

3.5 Simple, Spock will find your weakness, Scotty will find us a way to escape and I just sit there and say all the cool lines.

"The Nut"

2.3 I buy the script writers donuts.

Read many more funniest punchlines for this cartoon (maybe your punchlines are there). Many thanx to The Great Wizzard and Joeno for converting the punchline files.

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