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The Pits Cartoon Archives

Here is an archive of all The Pits comic strips.

ps1: Boogercise
ps2: Perilous Pushstart
ps3: Grossing out Herman
p321: Enlightenment
ps4: TV Sucks!
p322: Privacy at last
ps5: Caffeine fix
p323: Wayne's toilet humor
p324: Strangers watching
ps6: Dishes game
p325: Burger Girl on TV
p326: Building mood
p327: Kissing advice
ps7: Wayne in line
p328: Evicting Peep Show
p329: No more cameras
ps8: Shopping shenanigans
p330: Looking for valuables
p331: Wayne surprise
ps9: Wayne's alarm clock
p332: Wayne reacts to burglar
p333: Burglar's exit
ps10: Where's Wayne?
p334: Going out with Burger Girl
p335: Herman-less freedom
p336: Crashed dinner date
ps11: Channel Surfing
p337: Lance & Wayne's motive
p338: Herman gets tough
p339: Paying the bill
ps12: New Year Resolutions
p340: Hermie's question
p341: Breaking the news
p342: Where to live
ps13: Pretzel choking
p343: Living with in-laws
p344: Asking permission
ps14: Fly game
p345: Tenant-in-law
p346: Best man candidates
p347: Invitation list
ps15: Dirty dish cycle
p348: Suit hire
p349: Wayne and suits
p350: Outdoor wedding
ps16: Wayne buried alive
p351: Horrible Bachelor Party
p352: End of torture
ps17: Wayne cooking slop
p353: Nervous Herman
p354: Bride or Groom
p355: Approaching Bride
p356: Frozen Herman
ps18: Annoying phone
p357: Gobsmacked Herman
p358: The rings
p359: Raoul objection
p360: Kiss the bride
p361: Wedding night
p362: Life without Herman
ps19: Messy philosophy
p363: Layering mess
p364: Taking out the trash
p365: Phase Two
p366: Guiness Book of Records
ps20: Wayne's masterpieces
p367: Wayne's room
p368: World record mess
p369: Dad's show
p370: Shower stats
p371: Fatherly dislike
p372: Moving back to The Pits
ps21: Wedding photos
p373: Leaving In-Laws
p374: Homecoming

If you wish to visit the old cartoon archives, they will stay online until I complete the cartoon database:
Sev Trek
The Pits

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